March 28, 2023

Dr. Karen Herbst presenting on 4 fat disorders, lipedema, Dercum’s, Madelung’s, and familial multiple lipomatosis

And these are the different types why am i telling you this well there’s a published case record of japanese women with ehlers-danlos type 2 and she had multiple tender nodules on both lateral vice in the box i kind of sounds like you’re comes to see scored with the demon and then there’s another publication showing multiple painless and non-tender for mobile

Subcutaneous nodules of various sizes on the upper extremities of a woman who had ehlers-danlos that sound familiar multiple implement assist so we r into fat disorders and this is the one i’m most interested in the hypermobility type or take formerly type 3 it’s autosomal dominant that sounds like lipedema order comes disease it can be very old clinically the

Skin is really soft or nobody does that sound like lipedema right i mean i love feeling what the name of women i spoon them i individual intolerance camels to seek medical care are female right and females dominate lipedema there’s chronic pain sounds like lipedema it sounds like dirt comes disease this pain is not it is distinct from that associated with the

Dislocation so they can dislocate your joints but this is the pain is different easy bruising is common is this starting to sound familiar brain fog right they suffer from reflux from gurdy i really miss my business is and this is on something that lauren’s been talking a lot studies have proven that lidocaine often works poorly or not long in heller’s danlos

Patients and i think dr. stokes uses something different than my pain on his big huge marking robic cookie pro bikini okay so i mean that’s something for the surgeons to take dota and it says this is from the other stainless national foundation when you have days when you need a nap to rest up from the effort of getting up out of the bed no morning you might do

We have i mean okay it all sounds good right and i’ve talked to the lawyer we need to go find one of these ehlers-danlos investigators we need to collect a lot of dna that would raise and send it to the buffet take a look at that gene you know one of the genes they don’t go all the genes but there’s one team that’s popped up in a small number of type of mobility

Type of be worth taking a look at so i’m sorry you can’t see that very well but okay hold like that see that’s why you getting the day but so this is where they injected some contrast medium into the screen so this blog means nothing but it’s gets taken up into these lymphatic so look how beautiful they are nice and thin straight f’s with a normal and fight or

Flight so they do the same thing and open a woman with lipedema so here’s the blog down here right what’s this let me splain like structures here eventually the die-cuts image normal lymphatics but you know what this stuff is here it’s because the tissue is so loose and expansive that the dye is just oozing out into the tissue and the tissue is letting the fluid

Moves into it there’s no elasticity there’s no push to drive it into the lymphatic you’re just taking it in hold on to it until it really becomes way too much heaven then andreina lymphatics i think this is consistent with a connective tissue type disorder so very low tissue resistance so why should you wear compression that’s one of the reasons why because you

Don’t have that normal elasticity and you’ve got to help that fluid get into the lymphatics faster and also maybe because a little bit of pressure on the fat can retrain that fat that it really shouldn’t be there now that’s going to take a long time for that fat changes mind but it’s worth starting because five years from now that fat will have learned over those

Five years that maybe it really doesn’t belong there and where you can put yourself advice so um this is my cartoon of differences between normal and looking tissue so here’s these normal fat cells close together normal size it got connective tissue holding them all instead nice little bundle and any fluid that comes through those writings that normal lymphatic

Here’s big fat salsa lymphedema it collects a lot of fluid because they wouldn’t happen they just let themselves be pushed apart from each other not as much normal tissue they also collect a lot of protein i also collect a lot of some waste so the possible pathophysiology of lymphedema is alterations in collagen elastin that changed the appt elasticity and a tissue

Requiring more fluid to fill the area before throwing the lymphatics economy sense now doesn’t it the connective tissue of the blood vessels is weak it’s dilated you guys probably all have low blood pressure for a long period of time right yes we’re all violating your week poppy nice and robots me like i dr. norton tulsa family and maybe this response estrogen is

An exaggerated response so i wanted to mention camp very apart flora because a lot of people are talking about it i started a lot of people on it it is in thank you it is a from thailand it’s a plant extract in it it’s kind of an alternative to dextroamphetamine it activates this hormone sensitive lipase and adipose tissue triglyceride lipase and that’s unconfirmed

In a publication this year so if increases the amount of fatty acid that leads to solve it also inhibits in your logan ii stimulate inflammation so every woman is from allergy so if any of you have allergies and with the name of this is maybe it’ll work maybe it will add notes it’s actually promoted for erectile dysfunction in men why you got now these women are buying

It and maybe but increases free fatty acid blood stem cells normalizes the fat cell that reduces inflammation so here’s dextro and funny i use dextroamphetamine a lot dextroamphetamine is part of adderall adderall is used for attention deficit disorder and enter only have impending and feta new songs and extra reading it last a little bit longer dextroamphetamine

Short acting so you can take in the morning and this pretty much so worn out kind of the other day so you can go to sleep it binds for the beta-adrenergic receptor here activate these two enzymes causes threadless or i can break down and you release free fatty acid lots of it get rid of it decrease the size of that petrol and it also binds to the bay adrenergic

Receptor on blood vessels and it normalizes back to a normal size so i really like dextroamphetamine because i feel like i’m i’m actually addressing the underlying pathophysiology of living tissue there is a risk for blood pressure evil a whole point good is a risk for heart rate to go up a couple of points you cannot take it if you have liver disease you can’t

I got y’all good so my last way treatment oh where is she who am i supposed to talk to you about information someone asked me about information and treating it in supplement there she is so it’s going to say um what i when i get up from having it i give you when i go up from the chair and i feel like every old under the restaurant people are looking at me right

That right so to me what you’re sitting down things are fully so your hero blood food is not something very well and you have the information to so i would think about camp area parviflora i might combine that with selenium which is a great anti-inflammatory and i might add by oven i’d like burstyn for a vial of an item of your choice green tea whatever wherever you

Want whatever bioflavonoid that works for you that you find that you like so a lot of flavonoids of selenium up to 500 micrograms a day was the average amount of a you’ve on marrying stuff this but they had yvonne knows this because the average amount in the published studies showing that group lymphedema was 500 micrograms and then i would maybe draw they can’t

Period hard before us as well but butcher’s broom also helps with paddocks come so butcher’s broom would also be something you can try do you try all at once you some people do some people are very careful because they have gi bugs because they have color sandals hypermobility type and the goddess a lot slower another sample so you might going to start with one

Supplement at a time if it doesn’t work reach its lock your door and then you can add on another and really don’t think they’ll let one of supplements going to do it all so you might need to combine a couple you want to change your eating pattern we talked about exercise we’ve talked about cdt we talked about supplements medication psychological support medical

Support social support and involvement and i ask each and every one i kind of harp on this and i apologize that i’m gonna heart you guys are all important we show how one patient made a difference you guys look at this room full of people we could all make a difference together we are at f rs or five people or five people had a lot of work don’t you want to join

Us don’t you want to be you know a part of our group every week you know you should be if you have one skill one little scale way i think really the headers on word document look at you stack won’t take it if you if you volunteer and give us your skills we will put you to work right she’s in i think that’s all i got yo

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