June 1, 2023

Hydrocodone, Oxycodone & Fentanyl (Retrospective Summary) “Fentanyl, The Drug That Changed My Life.” by Nigity:

Fentanyl the drug that changed my life you know what’s going on is someone that someone and welcome back to today’s report today’s report was sent in by nigidi when this happened right before corona hit the drugs used hydrocodone oxycodone and fentanyl the right administration orally and snorted gender male weight 220 pounds age 21 height 6-1 and his prior experience

Includes cannabis cocaine lsd shrooms adderall vyvanse oxycodone morphine hydrocodone xanax and etizolam okay so today we have a retrospective report of nigidis road to using fentanyl it all starts with a trial of hydros after a friend of his didn’t want them after a surgery and he ends up falling in love with them to the point of daily usage and the want for something

Stronger he turns to perk 30s a somewhat common street opioid where he soon finds it to be cut with fentanyl and gets pulled into addiction even further this story serves as a warning and an example of how opioid addiction can play out it can be a very dark path if it’s your thing and i think this is the first time introducing all of these substances we won’t break

Them down today but expect us to get into each one soon i’m sure you’ll enjoyed this report so without further ado let’s dive right into this and before we jump into today’s video i wanted to give a shout out to the youtuber glory he makes similar content as me trip reports but they are done with his style i would say and he has other things like stories like we do

He does things like topic videos and just general videos you would find on a commentary channel expect us two to be collaborating pretty soon and if you just want more content like this in general i highly recommend to go subscribe to him but let’s get into the report now this time zone takes place during the very early beginning months before corona was announced

I was really struggling mentally with depression along with a physical condition called ndph a rare neurological disorder in which i suffer from headaches 24 7 all day and all night this raw meets a heavy drug use and from then things went downhill i had quit my job after i had overdosed on fake xanax where i actually received etizolam a research chemical known to

Be used instead of xanax and has similar effects at low doses but that is a story for another day this event is what caused my spiral into addiction with the opiates i first saw my love for them when my roommate got prescribed a full script of hydrocodone that he got from a surgery he was not big on them so of course i bought them off of him through that script

I realized that i have been wasting my time and money with xanax and that the high off these hydros put me where i need it to be not only was i relieving my physical pain it also relieved my emotional pain allowing me to live and feel okay with my life from there it went from taking two pills a day instead of one then i went to four and so on until i had to find

Something stronger at this point i’m not taking them orally anymore i’m snorting by the time it got this bad i started buying fentanyl pressed oxy 30s are better known as perc 30s my first experience with this drug was the most intense as i lacked tolerance to it the first time i took fentanyl i snorted a fourth of the press 30. if anyone knows what that looks

Like it looks like almost nothing as the line is so small do not underestimate fentanyl this line would kill someone without tolerance i did have a tolerance at the time from doing hydros but it did not prepare me for that next level high that i was about to endure i crushed the fourth up and snorted it within one minute i felt that it was kicking in and i knew

I was going to have an interesting night as the high kept going up past my expectations the high is as if you got lifted into the clouds and your whole body is floating and having an orgasm when i say orgasm i mean my whole body vibrates in an orgasmic pleasure i fell in love with that as well as all the emotional and physical pain had instantly vanished making

Everything feel perfect at the time i knew that even though i could not move or feel my body i knew i was hooked from the first hit it felt so good but my body temperature was also lifted and really hot i was nighting out not because i wanted to but because i had to as to not feel nauseous it seemed anytime i would get up or move or try to i would feel super

Nauseous and sick when nodding i would almost trip and see visions or feel like i’m doing something in real time when in reality i was just nodding out for example i would see myself at some friend’s house doing something then open my eyes quickly to realize it was just a dream and then i would not back into that trans state i sat there for 30 minutes before i

Ended up running to the bathroom to vomit that is about what happened almost every time i took it it was a cycle of taking the drug feeling good for 30 minutes then it would get too intense and i would end up running to the toilet throwing up but i go right back and do another line and do it all over again the way the high is short but hits so hard it makes you

Go back for more now i’m up to doing four to five full pills a day as tolerance grows you start throwing up and your body starts to inspect and rely on the fentanyl like mine has if i don’t do a line when i wake up i will be sick beyond belief i would not wish this addiction on anyone it’s easier to fall into these footsteps than you think as a young 21 year old

Male i would have never thought i would be in this position if you told me i would be my life has just started but it’s really just ending for me this is a warning to anyone who wants to mess with lean pop perks and think it’s cool i started on that too it’s easy to get caught up in lose control it’s cool until you have to pop a perk to not feel sick or just to

Function i may not make it out of this alive but by sharing this story i hope many of you say no to that opportunity that comes along to try opiates

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Fentanyl, The Drug That Changed My Life. – Hydrocodone, Oxycodone & Fentanyl Experience Report #1 By Someone That’s NoOne