March 28, 2023

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You as a new agent probably think you need to know the in and out of products like the back your hand and that’s what i thought every agent thinks and it’s normal and here’s the answer you don’t we’re not selling hondas in the sense that you need to know all the ins and outs of that honda to sell it people are going to ask you questions about the honda how does

This button work how does this button work what we sell with life insurance does not have all these crazy features it’s really really simple okay as far as your upline your managers go they’re the ones that are gonna take on the heavy lifting as far as product knowledge goes reason being is that when you’re in the home especially when you’re new within your

First hundred appointments no matter what even if you’re confident you know where to go even if you’re confident that you know where to go you’re gonna call up your upline whoever that might be you get their financial inflow you get their mortgage info it’s a mortgage protection appointment you get their health info that’s the most important and then you call

Your damn upline if it makes you feel uncomfortable picking up the phone in the home which it shouldn’t but if it does do it anyway because it’s going to make you and save you a ton of money hey evan this is jared i’m here with joe i hear joe’s 69 years young he’s taking metformin for diabetes he had a heart attack four years ago he’s taking levothyroxine for a

Hyperactive thyroid and he’s on xanax for anxiety nonsmoker that’s right okay and then me on the other line i know all the products your upline your managers are going to know all the products they’re going to point you in the correct direction so we’re going to say all right go america and depending on the situation your upline will also tell you 5 10 15 grand

As option 1 2 and 3 or ten twenty and thirty as option one two and three and you’ll be able to quote that because you watch the video on how to quote and then you know how to write the ef because you watch the video on that too but they’ll they’ll punch you in the right direction oh you’re good on eagle okay so here’s the main thing with products okay call your

Upline first hundred appointments this is just a general online this video just a general outline of what you’re gonna be doing okay the go to final expense eagle premiere now eagle premiere automatically has double identity what that means is that if you write a face amount of 100 of 10 000 it’s going to double in the events of an accident so it automatically

Has a 10 000 base policy with a ten thousand dollar accidental rider on top of it you can’t subtract that you can’t eliminate this it automatically comes with that so eagle might be a little pricier than something that doesn’t have that accidental okay the other cool thing about eagle through americo is that it’s the only product on the market that will give

The insured who smokes a non-smoker rating the way that that works it automatically puts it in the way that works let’s say i’m sitting with joe he’s 69 years old we’re going to write him up with americo and he smokes for the first three years he will remain as a non-smoker in three three and a half years america is going to send him a mouth swab he has to do

That mouse swab and as long as he tests as non-nicotine when he sends it back he’ll keep that rate if he doesn’t complete the mount swab or he fails the test then he gets a tobacco rating that’s incredible it’s the only product in the market that does that the other cool thing about eagle is that it’s instant decision no matter what so you plug in the insured

Social you hit initiate underwriting after they give you authorization to check out their mib medical information bureau it’s a centralized database with all your medical records prescriptions many hospitalization surgeries has all that stuff in there your entire medical record is on there americo’s gonna ping that they’re gonna look they’re gonna see what you

Got they’ll give you a green light or a red light they’ll never give you a yellow light which is pretty cool some e-apps let’s just say cfg clement financial group they have an instant decision but sometimes it says further underwriting is needed it’s kind of a bummer especially when you’re with the middle of an appointment with a client you can’t tell if you

Got approved or denied yet okay so eagle no matter what green or red light and it’s midway through the application which is also really cool because if you need to pivot you haven’t taken up that much time you want to say pivot meaning that you give your upline a call and they say he’s probably good on eagle but if not go prosperity and it’s like okay let’s say

On eagle you’re midway through the app they’ll let you know if he’s good to go or not if he’s not you can pivot right in the middle of that and go prosperity it’s a really it’s a really user friendly e-app as well instant decision no questions asked you’re good to go so our first go-to is americo eagle it’s amazing it’s also got really good comp by the way and

Just so you know with whole life products whole life is like 5 or 10 points below your ffl comp so if you’re at a 100 with ffl you’re going to be 95 when you sell eagle reason being is that its whole life and it doesn’t matter what product it is all whole life policies don’t pay your top comp reason being is that you get renewals and it’s going to make up for it

In the end anyway on terms it’s usually your actual comp for a term with americo like hms or cbl 100 it’s going to be whatever your comp is so if you’re 100 with family first life this could be 100 before eagle that’s a whole life you’re going to get your renewals you don’t get renewals with the term you get into renewals month 13 14 for the life of the policy

They don’t give you the full 100 in the first year you might give you 95 just fyi so anyway you’re going to be writing final expense your go to number one eagle premier america number two is prosperity reason for prosperity is because it has a much more lenient underwriting the only reason that you won’t go ego is because the person’s health it’s really it unless

You have to replace a policy and you have to get a bare minimum you just have to slide in right underneath whatever they got then you’d go like much of omaha living promise or maybe even cfg elite depending on the age and the gender but let’s just say they’re pretty healthy and they get declined for eagle you’ve got to go prosperity for whatever reason prosperity

Has more lenient underwriting and if you need to go graded you can go greater with prosperity and get a full comp so just so you know most products that are graded let’s just say it’s american amicable or it’s cfg or it’s americo like americo eagle has a graded product it’s called eagle guaranteed and it’s a 30 comp we do not write that and it’s got a max death

Benefit of 10 000. we don’t write it we’ve got a maximum ten thousand doesn’t pay us prosperity max hath benefit for graded is thirty thousand it’s got full comp so whatever you’d write for a level like a normal policy you’re gonna get the same compensation for graded and modified with prosperity so it rewards you for that the other cool thing about prosperity is

With their underwriting you can i guess three words appeal certain medications so for example carvedilol is a high blood pressure medication but it can also be prescribed after you have a stroke so maybe with eagle if they see carbohydrate they’re fine with carbohydrates for example they’ll see that and they’ll say oh he probably had an angina or a stroke we’re

Going to deny him well with prosperity they’ll see that and then they’ll ask you hey has it proposed ensured that they taking carvetalo because they have chf which is congestive heart failure or they had a pacemaker put in like two days ago or did they have a stroke five months ago and you can hit yes or no if it’s no then you’re fine you’re good to go so you

Can kind of like appeal it does that make sense that’s the best word i could use for it and prosperity also takes direct express and debit cards so direct express is this green card that some people get for social security they don’t have a bank account and social security just gives them a debit card and they just load their money onto there every month that’s

Pretty cool so people don’t need a reason to have a bank account totally fine with me americo needs a bank account prosperity you can do it via direct express which is amazing before it’s just trans american aig that could only do it and that was kind of a pain in the ass so prosperity direct express good to go that’s why it’s number two and number three is aig

Aig accepts everybody now the name of their product is called the g-i-w-l the wl stands for whole life i mean gi stands for guaranteed issue so guaranteed issue whole life guaranteed issue means that they approve everybody the reason that they approve everybody because there’s no underwriting there’s no health questions there’s no felony questions i had a guy

That was in jail recently and even though he was healthy i couldn’t put him with ego or prosperity because they don’t want convicted felons in the past two years so i had to put him with aig so they don’t care they’ll approve everybody now the way that they do that is all their policies giwl has a two-year waiting period so it’s what’s called graded which means

That if you pass away in the first two years of the policies effective they return your premiums plus 10 10 percent but like they just return your premium so there’s no death benefit for the two first two years so what that means is that if you pass away they just return your premiums it’s not the 10 000 after the two years been paid so month 24 25 and onward

Then you get the face amount and the reason that they do it like that is because it’s less risk for aig to issue the policy that way because you’re not going to lose money within the first two years so it’s kind of like the client pays it’s almost like the client pays like a lump sum before they start the policy because they’re higher risk for whatever reason

Because there’s no death benefit within the first two years so that’s why aig can do it so that’s what’s called graded so aig’s third so you have eagle prosperity and aig that’s the basics eagle’s the one that has a really cool smoking thing prosperity has more lenient underwriting and aig approves everybody and eagle has some other stuff like really good e-app

And instant decision so does prosperity that’s instant decision as well really good e-app as well and aig takes everybody so the cool thing about aig even though it’s a little bit more expensive because you’re higher risk and it proves everybody and there’s no wait there’s no immediate death benefit there’s a two-year waiting period even though that you can walk

To a house knowing that no matter what the situation is you can insure them with aig worst case scenario worst case scenario and we have to do it a lot of the times because some people if somebody’s on the deathbed you can still get them insurance through aig and if they mast they last two years if they make it they’re good to go they got life insurance so drill

That into your head americo eagle prosperity and aig just as a guideline it’s just a guideline your upline might tell you to go xyz because sometimes you’ll be in a state for example connecticut they don’t have prosperity so you’re going to have to go maybe cfg or american amicable maybe even rural neighbors depending on the situation and there’s ways to pivot

But just as a general guideline americo ego prosperity aig big thing here guys you do not need to know all of the products before you make your first dial i didn’t know any of it until about my hundredth appointment i start studying the e-apps and stuff and i can get an understanding but your upline is going to know the medications that work with each product

And how to pivot for example much of omaha doesn’t like psych meds americo is pretty good with heart stuff just like that like royal neighbors doesn’t give a fine f about diabetes just stuff like that but as a general generalization americo should have been thinking those in your head all right hope this helps hope this provides some clarity and i hope it

Relieves you of some pressure of knowing all the products

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