June 4, 2023

Hi there i’m just doing another video on fibromyalgia as i haven’t done one in quite a long time i just wanted to talk about medication to doc satine and how it’s been affecting me i’ve been taking it for only about three months so i went straightening out 120 milligrams and i know a lot of people struggle on thirty milligrams so yeah a lot people shrug on 30

Milligrams going up to 60 i don’t know why i was straight on honking 20 i think it’s just because people will 5mm out of there when you care anymore you’re just given anything you take that you know see what that does to you i’m coming off of it now dropped down to 60 milligrams two days so um i’m not at the moment experiencing any side effects the side effects

Were the reason why i came off because i was having suicidal thoughts which i’ve had previously and that’s i have mental health issues and the end of fibromyalgia obviously is chicken and egg situation you know for you know which is triggered which yes so depression acrophobia social anxiety and this was touted again as many people thought some wonder drug i’m now

Planning to come off for medication as i think it does do more damage than good and obviously if i adhered my voice in my head or the i can only excuse the duloxetine voice by grabbing a knife and sticking in my stomach and slashing my arms and legs up which i have done before not this but yeah so it’s going okay so far this is day 2 so let’s see how it goes from

Here and i can only keep making videos hopefully to keep you updated um you don’t need this side effects on top of all of the crap that you’ve got to deal with anyway which as we all know you know the sickness shaking nausea feeling out you’ve got intense 4 do full body aches horrendous migraines i’ve now have a problem with my right leg and mike 1 going from my

Hip down which makes me worried obviously because you think to yourself not going to be in a wheelchair not that there’s anything like that but that’s not something i’m looking forward to i was once very very active so exercising 6 days a week four hours a day now i’ve turned into a big fat blob so trying to cut out sugar as i cut a glute in there because i have

Celiac disease so yeah i’m trying to now cut out sugar as well which is quite difficult but after christmases you kind of gorged yourself silly on it anyway yeah i just want to know you know how everyone else feels about this how they foot up they get treated it by the nhs yeah just any comments any kind of any input tool to help me with this video making as well

So feel free to comment and subscribe as they all seem to do on these things yes so that’s that for now

Transcribed from video
Fibromyalgia duloxetine medication what it feels like suicidal By MsCelia35