November 29, 2022

As you can see i’m also losing my hair here uh which is great you can see the shaking as well that’s great um yeah i’m just sick of all of this crap i’m now gonna just withdraw from uh this medication all together and not take any other antidepressants to treat uh a chronic pain disease uh it just seems stupid uh i feel like i feel like they just give up on you

And you’re you’re just a waste of space i’m not in a very positive frame of mind today i just feel like i can’t i don’t want to get up get dressed um and i’ve got a week of medical appointments to go today is being ill is a full-time job and each time i’m going to get the thing if you’re more than 10 minutes late which i’m never late but the thing that drives me

Mad if you’re more than 10 minutes late we won’t see you but yet they can make us wait over an hour and a half two hours sometimes for appointment boiling hot i hate this i hate this so much i’m sorry if you’re watching this you’ve only just been diagnosed the intense pain the frustration the doctors don’t believe you the family don’t believe me it’s just carry

On carry on carry on we’ll just dump more and more on her more and more more and more she can take it’s fine well no she can’t take it she’s had enough why why is this allowed it wasn’t how can it be approved for people with fibromyalgia if all the side effects mimic the actual disease i don’t understand look different today huh another thousand forms have

Just come through the door as well for you know for being ill he has to repeat the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again why i can’t why can’t someone just go to the doctors and get your references this is it’s just excruciating i do feel suicidal it just would it does feel easier sometimes to think to yourself work maybe

If i just end it it won’t be so much trouble to these people you’ve got to scrape around for a few pennies here and there they’re constantly focusing on the poor people in this country the poor people who are ill i was just here on the radio that now they’re cancelling cancer patient uh appointments not something to be right for at least i haven’t got cancer or

Ebola i’m so frustrated it took 10 years for them to diagnose this when all of the symptoms were clear as day on the records you’ve prescribed addictive medication and and told that it isn’t addictive and it completely destroys your life i’ve never been the same since once i start getting psychotic and i just don’t want to get arrested again i’ll end up in the

Loony bin again i hope i hang on to myself too please god i’m so awful last time hallucinations i mean just the constant diet diarrhea for three months now and the one day i go into the bloody doctors to get it checked out i didn’t have diary so i had to hand in a sample of non-diarrhoea and of course both those samples came back fine no problem they’d send me

Texts to tell me that there was no problem with the tests and then they send you a letter to say that you’ve got to ring the doctors to get a doctor to ring you back to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with the tests i’ve already spoken to the doctor about i knew it was diloxidine i knew it was just giving me the diarrhea and i haven’t lost any weight that’s

The most pissing or infuriating thing you just feel like you constantly got a solid rock up in your stomach pushing out underneath your ribs and it’s just the bloating oh my god at night time just like a puffer fish or something i feel like the tyre pressure has been attached to my gob i’m not having a good day i’m also not used to looking into a camera as well

So i do need to practice that please god don’t hurt anyone or hurt myself it’s too much stress all right hope everyone else is doing okay

Transcribed from video
Fibromyalgia duloxetine withdrawal 120mg to 60mg what it feels like By MsCelia35