February 8, 2023

I give a quick update on my fibromyalgia and the next steps I’ll be taking to try and reduce the side effects.

Hi everybody i’m daniel johnson welcome to my channel in today’s video i am back yet again with another fibromyalgia update i do fibromyalgia updates on this channel as a fibromyalgia sufferers so it’s been i think about four or five months since my last stop there i’m not entirely sure but before i get into this video i just want to quickly say a big thank you were

To those of you who are not only supporting me on my fibromyalgia videos but are supporting other people it’s really really great to see that on these videos usually there’s comments that are positive people trying to help each other out and that’s great to see so when i last updated you guys on my fibromyalgia i was doing an update on tablets that i was taking

And i was a month into taking these particular tablets and the tablets that i were taking were called gabapentin and like i said i didn’t update when i’d been taking them for approximately a month and in that video i basically said that i was a little bit on the fence about it they seemed to be working but on the other side i wasn’t really too sure on whether it

Was just my mind playing tricks on me or whether these tablets were genuinely helping my condition what i actually did i went back to my doctor about a month after i started taking the gabapentin and i said to her that maybe’s it’s worth upping the dosage but overall i was still very very uncertain as to whether it was just my body playing tricks on me or whether

These tablets were genuinely helping me we did have plans myself and my doctor to increase the dose and i got the prescription for it and everything like that and then i went back home had a good think about it and honestly i decided against increasing the dose of the gabapentin and that is mainly because i am somebody who doesn’t really enjoy taking tablets and

I really hate the feeling of once you’re taking something you could be on it for a very long time and sometimes when you take tablets for a long time they have long-term side effects just because you’re taking them following periods of time and that whole sort of aspect of medication really freaks me out so i try not to take them the only reason i really tried

The gabapentin was because that was pretty much the only tablet for fibromyalgia that could help fibromyalgia that i hadn’t tried you know i’ve taken so many different tablets for fibromyalgia now and i’m kind of just getting very tired of trying to find things that will help my condition but not really getting anywhere with it i always feel like i’m taking like

Two steps forward and then five steps back and that’s another reason why i’m very funny about taking medication as well and i actually stopped taking the government pens in about a month and a half after starting taking them and i actually very quickly realized that unfortunately it was just myself and my body playing tricks on me thinking and hoping that this

Is going to help the condition and then i stopped taking them and everything just it was a very very slight difference in my pen so actually i was thinking the gabapentin was helping me a lot more than it actually was and i feel like the reason why my body did that is just because i’m getting so tired of trying so many different tablets also trying hydrotherapy

Physiotherapy a few times as well i’ve tried counseling i feel like every single day i just get myself a little bit more frustrated with the condition it infuriates me greatly and honestly you guys i’m at a bit of a loose end as to what i should do and where i should go from here like i said i’ve tried numerous different medications i’ve tried hydrotherapy i’ve

Tried physiotherapy a few times i’m trying counselling things like hot baths i always have a really really hot bath every night and i just tend to like try to relax in it so obviously i just i don’t know what else today because when i try something it’s like nothing seems to be working for me so honestly you guys i hate going to the doctor’s about my fibromyalgia

As well mainly just because i i feel like my doctors are kind of shrugging me off a little bit and they’re not really working and supporting me well enough as in i could ask them questions for example it’s fibromyalgia a disability and they will look at me as if i’m stupid and they won’t really answer the question they’ll kind of scoot around the question and as

Well like all the really important questions that need answering they’re just not answering the questions another question i ask is how is this condition going to be 10 years on i’m only 22 so in another 10 years how is this condition going to develop with me getting older i feel like that’s a really important question i’m someone who kind of worries a little bit

About the future my future because of the conditions so i feel like that’s a question that need answering and the doctor just does not seem to be giving me the answers that i need and want so you know i’ve done research by myself but i feel like i need like a doctor’s import and a doctor’s view on things and i feel like i’m not really getting that i’m going to

Book another appointment with a different doctor and this doctor that i’m wanting to book an appointment with is actually someone that my mom sees saw my mom has recommended her to me so we’re going to give a different doctor a try and see if that helps and see if i get answers to questions that i’ve been trying to get answers to for years so that’s pretty much my

Update nothing massive has really happened other than i stopped taking the gabapentin so that’s really it i’m afraid i’m sorry i couldn’t give you any more any more kind of information someday i’ll have some kind of breakthrough i hope so thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to leave it a thumbs up if you’re new here

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