February 7, 2023

The items that you need to activate a new patch pump include metrum easy patch mobile application a pump base a packaged reservoir patch a vial of room temperature rapid acting insulin and alcohol wipes we also have users who use a skin barrier product or extra medical tape to make the wearing experience of the patch pump more comfortable wash your hands with

Soap and water and allow them to air dry open the package of the reservoir patch hold the reservoir patch on a clean flat surface with one hand hold the pump base with the other hand gently insert the pump base to the reservoir patch push down all the way until you hear a click the patch pump will beep four times clean the top of the insulin vial with an alcohol

Wipe screw the needle tightly onto the syringe and take off the cap slowly pull down the plunger to draw insulin into the syringe gently tap the side of the syringe to make air bubbles rise to the top slowly push up the plunger just enough to remove the air bubbles pull straight up the syringe needle from the vial the insulin fuel port is on the bottom of the

Patch insert the syringe needle perpendicularly into the insulin fill port keep the syringe vertically aligned with the patch pump and insert the needle into the fill port slowly pull back the plunger until it is fully retracted this will remove the residual air from the reservoir release the plunger and withdraw the needle from the fill port perpendicularly

Hold the syringe with the needle up and pull back some on the plunger gently tap the side of the syringe to make sure the air bubbles rise to the top gently press on the plunger to remove air bubbles until insulin fills the needle hub and you see a drop of insulin at the tip of the needle reinsert the needle into the fill port perpendicularly and slowly fill the

Reservoir with insulin remove the needle from the fill port place the protective cap back onto the needle safely dispose of the syringe before the priming starts keep the patch pump at least 30 centimeters away from any magnetic object such as mobile phones magnets or other patches go to the main menu select insulin delivery select new patch place the patch pump

On a clean surface hold the patch pump with one hand and with the other hand press the needle button vertically until it stops and the needle button is locked halfway down tap prime the priming process takes some time do not remove the safety lock before priming is completed once the priming process has completed an attach and insert screen will appear choose a

Flat and pinchable placement site clean it with an alcohol wipe and let it air dry completely push down and slide the safety lock horizontally away from the patch then peel off the two pieces of protective liners be careful not to press the needle button attach your patch pump to the selected infusion site run your finger around the edge of the adhesive tape

To secure the patch in place apply firm pressure to the pump for several seconds press the needle button with one quick motion to insert the needle below your skin you will feel the button lock in place tap continue if the needle is properly inserted now your new reservoir patch is activated

Transcribed from video
Fill + Activate Medtrum Nano Insulin Pump – using EasyPatch App Smartphone Control English (2021) By Medtrum Diabetes