November 29, 2022

I’ve never been to the ER for my self before but I guess there’s a first time for everything. This picture says it all. I went to the ER because of STEROIDS!!!! Really I did though. I am currently taking 80 milligrams of prednisone and am experiencing pretty much all and every side effect you could possible have with prednisone. Add on that the Pemphigus Vulgaris. You can see it all in this picture, the scabs, the loss of hair, the moon face, weight gain (double chin & hands) .

Hey guys welcome back to my channel this is gabby silveria um i am doing a sort of a vlog or a vlog thing today um as you can tell i am flaring up right now on um mostly my face a little bit around my neck but um it’s mostly flaring up pretty bad on my face i wanted to tell you guys this experience that i had uh yesterday and it was one of the single most

Scariest experiences of my life um because i kind of tend to live a little bit in denial with this disease and um i’m sure that a lot of people understand because it’s just uh it’s just a little bit easier to pretend that you’re not sick and also to pretend that you’re not that sick um but it can be dangerous and um and this is something that i struggle with

And i know that a lot of people not only with my autoimmune disease but other diseases probably struggle with and part of the reason why i make these videos is so that we can support each other and help each other and know that we are not alone in these struggles and so i wanted to talk to you guys about this experience i’ve been kind of hiding in my home a little

Bit um it’s a little bit you know it’s a little bit intimidating it’s a little bit um um you know a little bit embarrassing you don’t really want to be you don’t really want to be seen when you look like this you know and um and even though it’s out of your control and it’s not your fault i mean it is what it is it’s it’s your face it’s your uh identity and

You don’t want people to associate you all the time with just like this person who’s sick and his person who looks like this and and um and um it’s it’s really unreasonable you shouldn’t feel that way but i know we do and we can’t help it and so i really really wanted to make this video because um because really because of my experience yesterday and um i had um

Well let me start off by telling what i’m doing with my medication because i always try to do everything a little bit more natural and i’m even going to a um like a natural path or a functional practitioner um i guess there’s kind of a lot of names for them um more of like a natural path or whatever so anyways i’m trying to do everything more on the natural and

Actually trying to heal my body not just um not just uh uh mask the symptoms you know um which it’s just the whole thing i know there’s there’s um there’s procedures there’s treatments that i could do there’s treatments like immunosuppressants there’s treatments like infusions like ivig or retoxin or things like that that i could do that could keep me from

Going through all this pain and suffering and all this stuff i get it i understand and people who do it that’s a great i mean you do you whatever you think is best for you um everybody’s different everybody’s body is different and everybody’s body is going to react differently to the different treatments and so um i’m not saying that i’m never going to do

Retoxin and i’m not saying that i’m never going to do immune suppressants or that i’m never going to do all these things before the nap for the meantime i have chosen to not go that route and i have chosen because i’m young and i’m strong and i’m healthy and because i was able to try to figure it out more naturally i went that route and so um it’s been a year

Since i’ve been going through that route and i flared up really bad different parts like i flared up really bad on my legs and then those healed flared up really bad on my arms that heel flirt really bad on my back and then my chest my belly um i flared up in all these different areas really bad and then they all healed and now it kind of seems like i flared up

Like on my face and my scalp so that’s kind of an interesting thing i don’t really know what that is about but um anyways i’ve been going through this more natural process but because my because these symptoms are so severe because you get blisters you get scabs you you know lesions all the stuff um i had to start taking prednisone to help me heal enough for me

To keep going through these um anti-fungal treatments that i’ve been going through i’ve also been on a very strict diet although ever since i’ve been on the prednisone i’ve been snacking a little bit here and there stuff that i’m not supposed to but mostly my diet is really really strict and uh you couldn’t tell by the way that i look right now so i started off

Taking like 30 milligrams of prednisone i was able to go down but then when i went down i flared up really bad so i had to go back up and then i went up to like 60 milligrams of prednisone and i started to heal up and was fine but then i started to break out again so then i went up to 80 milligrams well excuse me just recently the 80 milligrams i went up to the

80 milligrams of prednisone and in two months in two months i gained like 35 pounds like 30 pounds like i gained 30 pounds i was at like 98 pounds i’ve always my whole life have weighed like 98 pounds when i uh was giving birth to my second son isaiah i weighed 127 pounds and he was 41 weeks i mean that was the biggest that i had ever been the most that i had

Ever weighed was when i gave birth to my son and i was 127 pounds right now i weigh 136 pounds with a very strict diet with my cheating being eating more white rice or eating more sweet potatoes eating more healthy carbs made me gain 35 38 36 pounds almost 40 pounds in two months so in those two months gaining all of this weight put these ridiculous stretch

Marks on my body painful stretch marks on my body they’re thick and purple and wide and painful and itchy um not only that i lost a lot of muscle strength you know with prednisone you lose a lot of muscle you lose a lot of muscle so not only did i lose a ton of muscle i gained a ton of weight so i am i literally like could not move could not get myself off

The couch couldn’t like i could literally do nothing like i have no muscle strength whatsoever and not only that but because i was so sick for so long i was also limited to the things that i could do my my physical was very limited everybody was kind of doing everything for me so i was already very weak from a whole year of being sick and then on top of that i

Had 80 milligrams of prednisone um and in two months immediately took all of my muscle strength and put on 36 pounds of fat weight so anyways yesterday i um was going to go have um i was gonna go have lunch and dinner at my family’s house and um i tripped i was going to take a picture of my son because i dressed him about q all sunday clothes and stuff we don’t

Really get dressed up and things like that anymore so he was dressed up all cute and i um got out of the car and was trying to take a picture of him and backed up and tripped backwards um on the sidewalk and there was like nothing i could do there like i could not put my arms down there was nothing i could do i fell straight back like a board on the concrete and

So i didn’t pass out but i kind of blacked out i hit my head pretty hard i did uh i didn’t get stitches or anything but i did get a concussion and i did bleed quite a bit but i have lesions on my scalp so i think that it just kind of always come together so um but i hurt my back really bad my intestines like my insides i literally i feel like i got hit by a car

Like i feel like i just got ran over it was like like i get like i got hit by like a slab of concrete just like straight across my back so i’m pretty sore i’m hurting a little bit my head hurts a little bit but i’m perfectly fine i went to um i went to the the doctor or the emergency room um my uncle who i love very much and and who was just everything there

Um he uh called the they called the they called the ambulance content one and um they came i mean i couldn’t get up off that floor i couldn’t like my back hurt so bad um like i couldn’t move it was just it’s crazy like even even without have having fallen here at home i’ve tried to like lay on the floor by myself like i can’t get up by myself off of the floor

Because i have no strength and i have the extra weight like that’s how bad it is that’s how bad i am and i didn’t want to see it i didn’t realize it i didn’t acknowledge it i was just in denial um so anyways they got me on the bed went to the emergency room they did a cat scan a chest x-ray just want to make sure that i didn’t like break anything and i was scared

That i that i maybe i did because prednisone um affects your bones as well and i didn’t i mean two months on that high dosage i didn’t know if it had done anything to my bones to make them like a lot more fragile so i was a little bit scared that i had maybe broken a bone on my back or something but um they did the cat scan they did x-ray everything’s perfectly

Fine everything’s fine i’m a healthy person really and um no internal bleeding no bleeding in the brain or anything like that everything’s perfectly fine so they discharged me i came home um i was just gonna be sore yesterday and today and so anyways after this whole experience whole thing i just like realized like look you’re not you’re sick i mean you are sick

You’re pretty healthy on the inside normally but prednisone side effects are could could be really bad they could pee really bad and right now my prednisone symptoms are pretty bad um as i i can i can read you a list man of all of the things that come that i have experienced with um prednisone right now and all of this swelling all of this weight gain all of

I mean it’s just it it it’s um it’s almost like a disability you know it does limit the things that you can do and you you you are sick and you have to be careful and you have to take precautions and you have to take care of yourself and so for me this is kind of a little reminder of um you are sick you have pam figures vulgaris you um have lesions you have stuff

That you need to take care of your body is not the same you know but it’s okay look as long as you’re trying because actually i think that so these last couple weeks i’ve been working a lot on my strength and i’ve been not working out but i got this like step um exercise machine and i work on it i do the steps on there um and i’ve been more active i’ve been trying

To do more stuff i’ve been forcing myself to i’ve been like sitting and kind of like rocking myself to like kind of build some of that uh core strength and it’s not exercise i mean it’s not like i’m going to the gym and working out but it’s it’s the little movements like movements um that you can do to activate those muscles at least to keep those muscles moving

And alive you know and um it helps tremendously it really really does so i’ve been doing that for a couple weeks before this happened um and so i’m going to continue to do that just little by little continue to activate those muscles move those muscles walk more actually actually push the card at the grocery store because i wasn’t even doing that i mean everybody

Was doing everything for me so now pushing the car at the grocery store you know and all of these things i encourage you please please just don’t give up just keep on doing even the slightest smallest things help um i’m gonna keep trying to update you guys on these videos um to show you how i’m doing i know my family and friends want to know i know that other people

Out there who have this disease or other kind of diseases similar to this one want to know um but let me know in the comments whatever you guys want to know whatever questions you guys have and i will keep you guys posted with these videos please like and share them and let me know what you think um i hope this helps you guys i’m glad to see you and i will see you next week for sure

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First ER Visit!!! Prednisone Moon Face | Pemphigus Vulgaris By GoodNGabby