January 26, 2023

Here’s my final video on my experience taking Lexapro so far. I’m wrapping up my first month on 10mg after starting with 5mg. I don’t plan on making any more update videos on this unless people are legitimately interested in that. Either way, thank you for taking the time to watch this and the others!

So um i did end up getting the upgraded dosage to 10 milligrams and um as i discussed in the last video so i’m currently on day four of taking 10 milligrams and i just got to say man huge huge difference in you know it only being four days in um yesterday it felt so good i think that was like the first true day i’ve ever had uh waking up with no anxiety and then

Waking up feeling great throughout the whole day and uh today felt great as well um only uh there are two two notable side effects that i’ve noticed one as of last week my appetite has come back so like on the fourth day of taking seven and a half milligrams my anxiety is back in full force and i’m just hungry all the time especially when i’m bored you know just

Trying to eat eat meat and um you know that’s good and bad bad in the sense that you know i don’t want to gain any weight so you gotta work extra hard physically but yeah my appetite is back in full force and i love food and thinking about food and uh it’s a great great thing um second is this medication makes me pretty drowsy um i’m an hour and a half in on

Today’s dose i’m super tired i had to force myself to get up to take this video and yeah i’m just i could i sitting on a rocking chair and i could have felt fallen asleep and taking a nap for an hour or so maybe but i’m gonna try to keep myself busy right now and um yeah but we’ll see how long this lasts uh this drowsiness but yeah today i’m super super drowsy

So day five and uh still feeling good still feeling super hungry all the time and um seems like every other day i’m feeling sleepy i don’t even know if it’s like yesterday i didn’t feel sleepy at all today i felt sleepy but i also didn’t work so i don’t know but a little drowsy right now but feeling relatively good even despite having something really stressful

Happen this morning i know that normally i would be so much more tense and stressed out but no panic attack no anxiety attack i do feel like a little anxiety but i think that due to the 10 milligrams i’m feeling fantastic right now you know in in comparison to before so discuss the last video so i’m currently on day four of taking 10 milligrams and i just got

To say man huge huge difference and you know it only being four days in um yesterday it felt so good i think that was like the first true day i’ve ever had uh waking up with no anxiety and then waking up feeling great throughout the whole day and super tired i just woke up from another nap and um yeah just been coat like every other day probably just really

Really tired and and having that urge to nap and then napping for like 30 45 minutes waking up feeling a little refreshed but then kind of just repeating a cycle and um you know my i have the amazon halo and uh it says that i’m only getting like four hours of sleep but the way that it measures all that is kind of weird so i i feel like i’m sleeping more than four

Hours i feel like i’m getting six to six to seven hours or five to seven hours but for whatever reason it thinks that i’m getting less i think that just has to do with where i’m sleeping right now and how much the arrangements are there’s kind of a lot of noise during the night and so even though i don’t wake up i think it might register that is me being up but

Whatever not a big deal to me i don’t feel like more physically tired during the day it’s just that like you know like my body isn’t tired but like i’m just sleeping and um this is technically week six i guess on the next pro second week on 10 milligrams but i i feel the side effects coming on a bit stronger than um i thought and then you know overall i mean like

Yeah i feel better i’m feeling much better and um the trade-off of these minor side effects to now waking up with morning anxiety to not having daily panic attacks and anxiety attacks is just so much more worth it like it’s probably just every other day that i’m feeling you know trouble or struggling or anxiety it’s just become a you know just a crappy part of

My life but it’s definitely a much lesser scale and i’m definitely seeing it just uh improving and just being better with time so i’m positive and happy to be where i am with therapy and with medication so we’ll see what happens these other days so it’s um saturday the day after yesterday’s uh check-in and just wanted to check in today at 5 00 p.m uh to report

Some things uh today i missed my dosage by about five hours and uh really feeling um surprisingly i didn’t think that you’d feel side effects from missing your dosage for five hours but i’ve had splitting headaches um for about 2-3 hours now just feeling super nauseous well not super nauseous like i’m gonna throw up but um slightly nauseous and yeah just having

Some pretty um heavy um headaches i don’t think i would classify them as migraines i don’t feel like i’ve ever had a migraine in my life but i’m not someone who typically gets headaches so any headache it’s just kind of like a nuisance to me but yeah um it’s 5 p.m i’m supposed to take my dose at 10 and i didn’t take uh today’s dose till three because i just forgot

Um but yeah feeling it now um all right well i think it’s about time to wrap up this little uh documentation that i did on the start started taking lexapro you know pretty much done with my first full month of 10 milligrams and i think you know more or less the side effects are starting to subside but even even the ones that aren’t it’s it’s not a big deal it’s

Not as difficult as i thought it would be yeah it doesn’t change the game too bad so still experiencing some sleepy days still having days where you know i’ll nap for half an hour to an hour and then i’ll be perfectly fine for the rest of the day but i think the overall uh thing that i want to talk about and the main point that i want to get to is basically

Does this work or not and for me um as somebody who has struggled with uh general anxiety disorder for i don’t know 17 years more or less i’m 28 and anxiety has just always been a part of my life and something that i did not know was abnormal um until i guess until i kind of self-destructed and did a lot of um really bad things or formed a lot of uh really

Just self-destructive habits over the last 10 years especially and um so yeah it kind of took the crashing of my world to finally say okay you know what i think i need to seek therapy and get help so i guess that’s the kind of the larger point that i want to get at is to not underestimate mental health to not underestimate um the power like the healing power of

These doctors and psychologists and therapists who have been in these fields for years and have the signs to back up chemical imbalances and all that is associated with mental health i know that i’m very thankful to have access to those things you know as an american even as you know a low-income uh person in los angeles as hard as it is to make a living here

When it came down to it i was able to prioritize things in my life so that i could afford therapy even though it’s not cheap and i could afford medication um and doctors and things like that and so and that’s without um you know that’s without like public health insurance this is all out of my own pocket the goal in the long run would be to obviously to apply

For those covered california obamacare whatever you want to call it but that’s just the place that i found myself the point i found myself in in life and i couldn’t wait any longer so a little unfortunate financially in that in that aspect but um again the main point is it took a lot of self-destructing to realize medication is something i need to look into

And after it was suggested by um by a doctor my my experience in these two months three months has been so overwhelmingly positive um especially with this 10 milligrams now i don’t have nausea i don’t have insomnia i don’t have a lot of the the i guess the harder side effects that some people have described just a little bit of fatigue a little bit of tiredness

Here and there but again i’m hoping that my body will adapt to that and those things will subside as the months go on but overall anxiety levels have just been so way down depression nearly non-existent it’s only really the triggering of events that make the days hard that’s good oh yeah thank you for watching and i hope that you’re able to gain some sort of

Insight in these you know these videos that i’ve posted these three videos i think so yeah thank you guys

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First Month On 10Mg of Lexapro (Escitalopram) By SoCal Explorer