December 8, 2022

Day 3 on Adderall. My symptoms and how it makes me feel.

Hi guys just nancy so i am gonna talk about my experience with taking adderall for the first time so to make long story short i was diagnosed with a dd about a month ago i was prescribed on wellbutrin for three weeks so my doctor wanted me to go on that thing for about yeah so to test it out for three weeks i believe i was on 150 milligrams and it was the extended

Extended release i believe i hated the medication wellbutrin i was taking appropriate which is that a generic version of wellbutrin and it sucked it made me very tired and sleepy i had to take it every morning and when i went to work as soon as i arrived to work i started falling asleep and this would happen every day for three weeks and everyone kept saying that

The medication was going to get better and that it was somehow magically kick in afterwards and that i was gonna be okay well turns out that i wasn’t i was still getting the same symptoms as i was getting them from the beginning which was feeling tired all the time sleepy not focused and yeah it was bad so i went back to my doctor and i told her that i did not like

The medication the reason why she prescribed me about butrint or appropriate i guess it’s because i also suffer from anxiety not a lot of anxiety but i do suffer from anxiety and my yeah so later on we found out that i have a td and she thought that wellbutrin was gonna help me because it does treat anxiety and a dd at the same time turns out that they’ll be tring

Wellbutrin i can’t pronounce it treats a lot more than just anxiety and a dd it was i looked it up and it treats what is it it treats people that have depression which i don’t have the person so i don’t know she just prescribed me that and i was just not myself the whole time i was on it so she then told me to start on the adderall so she prescribed me a dural on

Friday today is wednesday i was supposed to start taking it on saturday and i didn’t saturday was just very busy i completely forgot about it and then i went to a birthday party completely lost i completely forgot about the friggin adderall and then it comes sunday and his mother’s day and i’m spending all day with my family so the medication didn’t even came to

My mind so i decided to take it on monday first thing in the morning and i popped in my first a dural pill and immediately i just started feeling extremely weird okay now i’ve looked up at all before and it’s supposed to make you feel concentrated focused i guess feeling a low beam and i’ve watched so many videos on people who have taken adderall and they have

Said that their experience was just this amazing experience where they were able to somehow magically get this great adrenaline rush and that they were able to focus and they were able to do their work and not only to do their work but to do to do their work well and i was just ready for that and it turns out that it didn’t happen that way for me at least i felt

Extremely extremely just completely out of it i was zoned out all the time it became so much that i actually decided to call off work because i work at a place where attentive attention to detail is crucial so i knew that if i were to go to work that way i was not going to perform well and i decided to stay home and i completely regret not taking the medication on

Saturday because i’m off on the weekend so i think if i would have seen how the medication would have affected me on a saturday when i was home all day i would have kind of gotten the idea of okay is this medication for me but monday came how was at home all day doing absolutely nothing because that’s what the drug did to me i felt so unmotivated very distracted

In a way which is weird oh my god it’s so hot in here i’m in my car and i just had the windows closed because i don’t want the noise to come in but anyway yeah i was at home and yeah i decided to just stay home and see how the whole medication worked on me and it did the opposite of what i have read i was completely unfocused very distracted i’m very out of it

So i don’t know i feel like it somehow made me focus more on my distractions than not so that’s how i would describe it then yesterday tuesday i took it again and i just felt that weird feeling that i got the first day i took it where i just felt very quiet i felt like not talking at all i didn’t want to talk to anybody not that i was in a bad mood i just i felt

Extremely calm that’s the only way i can describe it extremely calm it has helped me with anxiety more than what it supposed to do with my you know not focusing and my and to help me concentrate so so far the only thing that add-ons helped me out with is not having anxiety i usually have anxieties anxiety attacks at work and says i’ve started the adderall i have

Not had any anxiety which is a good thing now i don’t know if i’m supposed to just keep waiting for the medicine that the admiral to kick in i don’t know if it works that way but my doctor wants me to take it for three weeks she wants me to do the same three week trial as i did with the appropriate so i’m gonna go ahead and see if anything changes today day three on

It i just feel all right i can’t describe it i everyone keeps asking me like what are you doing better at work like are you more focused at work honestly i don’t know if it’s because the medication has made me so quiet and has made me not want to talk to anybody that when i’m at work i’m literally at my desk just staring at my screen and doing what i’m supposed to do

I’m not even talking to anybody i’m not socialising with my coworkers at all which is very unlike me yeah so i think that’s the only reason why i’m actually doing my work and focusing on my work because the medication is making making me very very calm to the point where i don’t even feel like talking i feel like i don’t have the energy to like have a conversation

With anybody and i don’t know i just hope it’s not like this the whole time because honestly i’m starting to feel like i’m becoming depressed i go home for the past couple of days i have been in my room just laying down and so stay dreaming all the time and if i if that’s the case then i don’t know if a dural is for me let let me know in the comments below this

Is something that you guys have experienced as well if not then i just want to hear you guys stories so let me know how is or how it was taking your adderall for the first time alright thank you for watching

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First time on Wellbutrin/Bupropion and Adderall By NancyLuz