May 29, 2023

Stay High Stay Lifted!

What’s up guys my name is chaotic back at you guys with the lid one today hope you guys got someone roll up and you guys gonna smoke up with me and yeah we’re gonna stay high stay lit throughout the video man and i’ll come got you guys with another video another series with my first time taking a drug series and this video is going to be about oxycodone yo yeah

You know about this one so leave i kind of as you guys got an experience doing this and how it went man and uh yeah let’s get right into the video so this is a very interesting one because this drug i have on me right now usually i don’t you know and it’s pretty rare you know because it’s prescribed obviously you know and it’s very addictive and it’s also very

Habit like forming so i wanted to sh this just to give like a review about my first time doing it and this took place around two years ago actually a year and a half yeah almost two years ago so around january 2021 yeah so it’s been almost a year and a half since i first took my first pill and man dude that first time was a dank one so yeah when i first popped

That pill of the oxy man i took a 15 milligram i i split a 30 milligram with someone this friend i knew and i made sure you know he said it wasn’t cut and i mean i never knew i don’t know if it’s not cut or not but from my experience i didn’t experience any death you know i didn’t die so i was good so i was like shooting this guy i was like hey so he’s like hey

I’ll sell you i’ll sell you one for 20 man so i was like hey all right all right man hell yeah so i got a oxycodone for like 20 bucks down in new orleans and and i was like okay man this is gonna be lit because i’m about to pop this when i get home i just worked my ass off all day at a restaurant man i’m gonna be lit so i was lit man the whole rest of the day

And that night i yeah yeah once i popped it oh man so 30 minutes later i get this warm like fuzzy bumbly feeling and i’m like amen oh my god wait wait wait till i just lay down right so i laid down i start getting that nod you know the nod like you know you kind of you kind of have to keep your eyes closed and you’re just like oh my god this was so good yeah

That kind of a knot so i was going so hard with this nah man i was like oh my god i’m sauced right now and you know without any drunk feeling so it was more of like a euphoria i was getting kind of like a rush from the uh effects so i was like oh man this is lit and i was like a crackhead and that do i was like oh you know me nah dude i don’t know i’m lit right

Now but dude i for real was like really high off that off that pill and i was like dude okay i see how this could be addicting because the effects you know they’re so strong on your body that uh you know it’s just it beats everything every other opiate out of the water you know other than everyone but don’t be touching that it’s just nasty anyways so you’re

The effects lasted for around 46 hours i would say the initial effects are asked around lasts around two or three hours two or three hours of like nodding euphoria feeling and then like the rest is like kind of like the high you know but it just wears off you know so i was just i mean i was like smoking up my dabs i was getting high as a off that and just

Nodding it’s tomorrow man i i really didn’t give a about anything i was just going so like i only had to take one like half of that pill that’s the kind tolerance i had so i really didn’t have much for him and man i wish i had that again because right now i kind of racked up a little bit of one and i don’t do it that often so for me to be getting a tolerance

Really means something you know so yeah man oxycodone the tolerance kind of builds fast i would say you know if you’re doing it every day you’re going to notice tolerance very fast so don’t really do it every day you know do it every other day save every weekends don’t ever do it every day because you can be addicted and you don’t want to be addicted to that

Stuff the withdrawal is hell all right so yeah i was just i would say okay if i was going to rate this 0 out of ten i would rate it like a nine out of ten man and i would i would put 10 10 but it’s not without the side effects though i mean you get like itchiness it’s kind of comfortable that’s a little negative maybe too sleepy too drowsy uh that’s probably

Pretty much it maybe like some bowel movement changes but that’s just you know the side effects the the opi receptor you know so yeah this was just man this drug was dancing around my head in my brain just with euphoria and i was just on a lit one man i was naughty my ass off like i was sleepwalking and i was like just out of it man i couldn’t really talk

No more like i didn’t know what was going on and so like you know because i was like smoking so much i was just like i’m high oh like you know man like i just like i was like sweating a little bit i was getting warm as and then all of a sudden i was like getting itchy i was like dude what the hell it feels like it’s like things biting me but it’s not like

I’m just getting itchy as hell and i’m like man i just need to itch myself so i was just stuck to itching myself off that oxy man you know how the itch rolls in man i was gone but hey so first thing i mean i was chilling i was hot as if you’re gonna ask me man i look like a druggie but nah man i wasn’t that much strung out i was just you know enjoying myself

Off that little dose so like my advice if you’re going to do it to take it have you done it i would say take less of a dose that i mean unless it depends on your tolerance but like you don’t really need to take all at once you don’t need to take a big ass of those all at once you just need to take a half a dose and you’re good man like you only really need

To be taking more than that because if you take more than that you know it’s going to suck i’m sorry man i don’t know what the is in these pills anyways you gotta be careful too you gotta actually test these pills when you get them where you get them because you don’t want to ever get you don’t want to get that fan on there man because oxycodone is the is

Nice but i mean it’s definitely cut uh it depends but you know it could become hopefully it’s cut with some research chemical because usually if it is uh it’s going to be like some opiate but even then very bad risk don’t ever try this at home didn’t ever do this but hey man so i was just man i really wanted to take another one but that’s just because i like

The high though but not like that take it from me man from me saying that right now don’t ever do it because that will make you trace the dragon chase that dragon once you get that high you cannot get it again it’s kind of like molly you can’t really get the nod again like the one not i get god at the beginning when i first tried it i couldn’t i can’t get that

Same effect again you know i have to wait like a long time all right at least a month abstinence it’s all about abstinence drug abstinence you know so yeah i’m not really doing no more i did it a little bit this weekend you know just up just got up you know you know what it is man and yeah man the oxycodone it really comes in handy man like like it you know

I don’t know if it comes in handy for like it depends on kind of pain it comes in handy with because you don’t really know exactly if it’s going to kill that pain it takes a little while i know for like the pain effect to like kind of kick in from it i know the high kicks in first so it’s just kind of crazy what it does you know i guess he’s so hi and man

Dude talk about weed we do we’d mix with that it’s good man like no one ever told me that so yeah like i know i used to do hydros and but uh yeah man i had to get these oxis because they’re stronger so it man but i got a good deal on these you know so anyway so i was just around for the rest of the night you know i mean eventually wore off after six hours

I was just pretty much gonna go to bed you know right around six like probably seven hours after i first uh took the initial dose and i would just say you know i read the effects really good i got a good sleep the next day rolls around i had a little bit of hangover because i can still feel the effects you know my head i’m like damn and what i do i take another

Dose but uh yeah don’t try that at home i only did it for like four days straight and i stopped so i want to take something like if i’m ever doing drug rule of thumb if you’re doing anything take it around if you’re going to do it multiple days in a row do it around like four at least four days because at least for me you know i always take a break after like four

Or five days of taking a drug every day i take a break after four or five days because that’s like the initial time to do it because if you keep it going it’s gonna get bad man so yeah man take that advice and yeah for harm reduction and yeah man so hope you guys enjoyed this video and uh stay tuned for the next ones so yeah man stay high still lifting i’ll see

Y’all next one peace

Transcribed from video
First Time Taking Oxycodone By KhaoticK