March 22, 2023


Hello everyone and a big welcome to my channel today i’m going to be discussing my experience so far with medication called duloxetine which i had never actually heard of prior to it being recommended to me by a healthcare professional that i went to see a few weeks back now and basically duloxetine is used to treat mental health problems like anxiety and depression

But it is also said to help with chronic pain from disorders like fibromyalgia which is probably why i was recommended it so i’ve actually been on a very low dose the lowest dose of the medication for two weeks now and the dose that i have been taking and the dose that i started off with was 13 milligrams obviously though please bear in mind this is just my

Personal experience and everyone handles different medications differently everyone reacts very differently to different medications so actually prior to beginning taking duloxetine i was taking another antidepressant type drug called sertraline and i was on search for him for a very long time i’ve done quite a few videos on it the symptoms and side effects i

Was getting we’re getting worse and worse as time was going on and they weren’t really helping me and so basically it was like this unanimous decision between myself my doctor and another health care professional the one who actually recommended me that duloxetine that it was time to stop taking the search line’ and start taking something else but before i get any

Further into this video i just want to say that if you have taken duloxetine if you’re taking it now what kind of experience did you have with it were you experiencing a lot of side effects did you not experience any side effects at all did it help you in terms of you know chronic pain if you if you suffer from chronic pain like i do and also did it help in terms

Of the the mental health problems that you may have let me know in the comment section down below so obviously when you’re taking any kind of medication not just mental health medication there is a risk that you are going to receive side effects from said medication please just read the leaflets and stuff that come with the medication don’t just start taking them

It’s really important to understand the side effects the possible side effects and all the symptoms that you could be getting and all the things that may happen to you as a result of taking the medication so i’m going to start with the nausea side effect that i got and this was probably the biggest side effect that i started to notice immediately after taking the

Tablets for the first time i felt so sick there were times where i thought i was gonna throw up certain smells or tastes in my mouth made me want to vomit and there were days that would go by where i would eat very very little and to be honest even now a couple of weeks into taking this medication my stomach is still not properly gotten used to the duloxetine it

Is still a very it’s not as bad as what it was but it’s still very sensitive i had nausea when i was taking the search raeleen but never ever this but and like i said i’m only taking thirty milligrams a day so i dread to think what it would be like if i was ever to up the dose of this stuff other side effects that i got that i noticed was obviously that spaced-out

Feeling that most antidepressants if not on antidepressants tend to give you search raeleen and all the antidepressants that i’ve tried in the past they’ve given me that same spaced-out feeling where i don’t retaliate and react as quickly to things as what i would normally and to be honest sometimes i i don’t mind the feeling of being a bit spaced out but all the

Times when i’m trying to concentrate on something or someone’s trying to talk to me and it’s just like the lights are on but no one’s home that is how i’ve described it so often here on this channel the lights are on but nobody’s home if you know what i’m saying all the side effects that i have were a dry mouth fatigue also dizziness and very wobbly on my feet to be

Honest the fatigue the wobbliness and the dizziness they are all symptoms of my chronic however since i started taking the duloxetine a couple of weeks ago i found that all of those seem to have gotten worse i mean for example one day i was ironing and because of my chronic pain in my back pain and stuff like that i have to i in sat down and i was ironing and all

Of a sudden i got extremely wobbly and dizzy and very very very lightheaded this was out of nowhere i made no sudden movements or anything like that and i just got dizzy and wobbly and everything and it went completely after about five minutes and it was just the weirdest thing that i’d ever come across in my entire life all of these symptoms that i’m getting now

I actually had when i was on the search for lame but they seemed a lot worse with the duloxetine than they did with the search for lame and i don’t know if that’s because the duloxetine is perhaps a more powerful drug i don’t know and the dry mouth no matter how much i’m drinking at the moment this dry mouth just never ever ever seems to go away and i’m drinking

So much more than i would normally since beginning to take the duloxetine because my mouth it feels sometimes like sandpaper at the moment it is not helping the chronic pain side of things but saying that i do think that it is somewhat helping the regular back pain that i get every single day i’ve yet to see an improvement in my mental health as well so at the

Moment it’s not doing too much other than giving me horrible side effects to be honest i really do hope that the duloxetine will eventually start to help me maybe i just need to increase the dose who knows but i will be having a catch-up with my doctor very very soon over the next couple of days or so all about how the duloxetine has been going so i’m gonna have

A chat with her and we will discuss what is best to do next but that is it for me i’m gonna end today’s video on that note thank you so so much for listening to me if you’re new here make sure to click on that subscribe button and if you like this video make sure to leave it a big thumbs up thank you so so much for listening and i hope to see you in my next video

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