March 28, 2023

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All right fellers this is uh all the rage with you know your survivalists and outdoorsy types and the reason why is because it’s amoxicillin it’s the same pill that that i guess humans use is just for fish it just dissolves better in water because it’s for fish but they call it fish mox because it’s fish amoxicillin anyway the reason why i got this is because my

Fish has a wisdom tooth protruding in his mouth and through his nasal cavity and it’s kind of causing a little bit of infection so what i needed to do for my fish knowing that he has an infection is instead of instead of taking him to the fish hospital you know because hospitals are just bogged down with more important stuff and they don’t need me showing up with

A bad wisdom tooth that’s poking through the wrong way i went ahead to get some of this because it’s amoxicillin and if you know if you know you have an infection you know what it is and you know what to do why waste doctors time because a doctor would definitely amoxicillin i mean my fish for my fish not not for humans but anyway um it works great my fish has has

Actually been feeling a lot better lately you know a month or so ago my fish was having kind of a really rough rough time just getting out of bed in the morning then i was like okay little fishy something just got to change and i know what the problem was with with the fish and i was like you know maybe if i just give him some amoxicillin you know for his little

Fishy wisdom tooth you know then then things will work out and in it really has so i would totally recommend this a fish box and not not not for human consumption although it’s exactly that same thing you know not pretty uh you know i would i would suggest you know you you going to a doctor like you’re supposed to and and pay eighty a hundred dollars for one one

One tenth of the amount of pills that i got in here for ten bucks you do you anyway oh dear um so yeah that’s uh that’s what i got here and you know as far as product reviews go i’ll say yeah yeah it’s working i mean it’s amoxicillin that says does only it only does one thing right no so there’s that anyway thanks for watching if you have any questions or comments

About my fish let me know in a comment section below be nice to hear what you fellers on the interwebs have to say and you know it is what it is alright so there’s that anyway have a wonderful day if you like this video leave a like if you did not like this video you probably have a lot more moral fortitude than i do and thanks for watching nonetheless y’all have

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Fish Mox Amoxicillin Product Review By Llama Monster