March 28, 2023

In this video, Dr. Rowe shows how to fix ankle pain in 30 seconds with a BUTTER KNIFE.

In this video i’m going to show you how to fix ankle pain in 30 seconds using an everyday butter knife stay tuned hey everyone dr. o here at spine care in st. joseph michigan so this is going to be a great technique for treating ankle pain after running treating ankle pain after gym activities or if you’re an athlete or if you just have a lot of ankle pain from

Everyday activities a lot of stiffness don’t achiness things like that it’s going to help loosen up stiff ankles give you more range of motion and just help overall at getting quick pain relief so let’s get started with it so what we’re going to need in this video are two things as i mentioned earlier an everyday butter knife and when it comes to a butter knife

I like one that has a little bit more thickness to it you want it nice and smooth also try to find one that has a little bit of an arch a nice curve to it because that’s going to allow you to get in there and really tackle the soft tissue around the ankle a little bit easier also one that has a nice round edge and you’ll see why in a bit if you have one that

Has a lot of serrated sharpness to it take some tape and wrap it around there because you’re actually going to be grabbing the handle like this and you don’t want to irritate or cut yourself so make sure to wrap that up if it does feel like it’s going to end up cutting or if it is sharp last is a little bit of coconut oil you can use any massage for muscle it

Doesn’t matter you just want to have something that’s going to offer a little bit of lubrication so this technique is based off gua sha or muscles scraping what muscle scraping does is it helps bring blood flow into the area while also helping to break up ahijon so we have more range of motion into the ankle first things let’s put a whole bunch of oil around the

Ankle itself top part of the foot also make sure it hit the leg and the heel or any spot that you want to target during this procedure so what we’re going to do is with the round part of the butter knife right here obviously common sense we’re not going to be using the serrated is start on the inside of the ankle right here over the muscle i take my butter knife

And i go in about a 35 to 45 degree angle and start to do nice slow even strokes upwards and put just as much pressure in there that feels comfort whatever you do don’t go directly over the bone like the shin right here because it’s going to cause irritation and that’s the last thing that we want to do so when i do this i’m just using enough pressure to get in

There and start to scrape the muscles you’re gonna start to notice that you have certain spots that feel gritty those are adhesions that you’re going to want to then target just a little bit more i like to put about 15 seconds of just a dedicated muscle scrape in there and what you’re gonna notice too is that blood flow brings a lot of redness to the top of the

Muscles that’s a good thing that’s promoting healing at that point sure after i hit all those spots i’m going to then switch and go at it downwards or at different angles again i’m doing 35 to 45 degree angles but i’m gonna go downwards with it i’m gonna go ahead at sideways just really target those muscles at different angles because you’re going to find that it

Hits it a little bit differently and helps promote a little bit more about muscle scraping and blood flow into the area to promote healing so i’m going to repeat that procedure on the outside of the ankle i’m also going to do it on the top part of the foot right here i’m going to do it a little bit below the ankle i’m also going to hit the achilles back here with

The achilles you’re probably going to notice a lot of sensitivity but you’re gonna want to go up with it you’re gonna want to go down with it and just go over the spots that feel very very gritty so lastly what we’re going to do is then target the bumps on the inside and the outside so the medial malleolus right here i’m going to take the round part of the butter

Knife and i’m just gonna just dig right around there i’m gonna take it and i’m just gonna go around that bump around to the soft tissue and just try to get that loosened up a little bit more and target the spots of the feel like they just need a little bit more tension so you’re gonna do that on the outside too you’re going to want to also do this during different

Motions of the ankles so bring the foot up like this and do the same thing you’re going to find that certain movements like bringing the foot inwards outwards bringing it down like this are going to cause muscles to become debated and you’re going to be able to target that soreness that dull achy pain or whatever you have a lot more efficiently and also if you

Feel like you have a lot of restricted motion into the ankle kind of do a before and after like let’s say that you’re having trouble lifting the foot up like this you know if it’s stuck right there and you’re able to do all of this and then all of a sudden you have a lot more motions where you’re able to bring it up like that you know that this is working for you

And it’s going to help promote healing so if you liked the video and got a lot of relief please show us your support by giving this video like and maybe subscribing to our channel too if you have any comments or questions please leave them below and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can thank you for watching

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Fix Ankle Pain in 30 SECONDS With a Butter Knife By SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center