March 24, 2023

Taking prednisone for a flare

Hey everyone so i just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been happening with me and i also just wanted to quickly talk about something called prednisone and you’ll find out why in a little bit so in november i had a pretty bad ms flair that i needed some treatment for i haven’t had a flare so bad since being diagnosed five years ago that i’ve needed

Treatment this one was pretty bad it had happened over about two three days one morning i woke up and i noticed that my legs we’re starting to feel a bit weaker and then as another day or two went on my muscles in my legs did become very weak my nerve pain became very extreme my fatigue became extremely bad way worse than it is on a daily basis i was getting a lot of

Tingling in my legs almost to the point where they would start to be going numb i was also dealing with those symptoms in my arms so the weakness the bad pain how i knew that it was an ms flare i probably would need treatment for as i was dealing with a couple of symptoms in my face and that’s not something that i’ve ever had issues with so that tingling almost to

The point of numbness was happening in this lower part of my face and it was also starting to affect my vision so when i would try and focus on an object i would notice that my vision was almost vibrating so it looked like the object was shaking really fast and that’s not something that i’ve ever dealt with so i knew it was a flare that i needed to address luckily

I was able to get in to see my family doctor and she prescribed me five days of prednisone which is an oral steroid i’ve never needed to take in an oral steroid before but i was glad that i was able to rather than have to go through dealing with and iv steroid for five days so with prednisone taking it for the five days there was very min all symptoms it can cause

Basic symptoms like you know an upset stomach diarrhea it is a steroid so i found i had a huge appetite i was extremely hungry in those five days eating and that’s why they do say that if you are taking prednisone for a long-term weight gain can be a symptom because you feel that you’re constantly hungry and you’re constantly eating with prednisone if you’re taking

It for a long-term basis which some people need to there are more serious side effects but then again everybody is affected by medication differently luckily for me taking those five days of oral steroids was not too bad and i found that it did help calm things down with my ms so now i am doing better so that’s what’s been happening with me my family doctors sent

Me for an mri right away and within a week i received a letter from my ms specialist office saying i was going to be seeing him next month in january so i’m very curious to know if they want to see me so soon because of the results of my mri let’s not forget i’m only now on month six of obagi oh so it hasn’t been the best six months my ms has been not great but i

Also wonder if i need to be on it longer to really feel you know notice and effect as i said before i’ve never found obagi will helps with symptoms but maybe that i’ve had this flare because it’s not fully working i don’t know so this is something i have to discuss with him because i don’t really want to have to change medications so i will make sure to keep all

Of you posted when that happens to let you know what’s going on i hope that all of you are doing well and i want to wish you all happy holidays merry christmas and a very happy new year and we’ll see me again in january so that i can give you the update on what is happening with me thanks for watching

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Flare ups and prednisone By Let’s Talk MS Adria Yusuf