March 22, 2023

Hello, in this video i update you all on new side effects ive experienced from being on flexeril

Hello youtubers hitarya here welcome back to my channel so i wanted to post this new video a three month update on flexural i did expect flexural to work for me you know consistently throughout all this time but i do feel like i’ve gotten new side effects from the medication that i wanted to share with you just because the first video that i made might not be

All that accurate now that i’ve been on it for longer so i did want to go ahead and say that flexural is a really good medication for my pain that has not changed flexural helps me when i’m in severe pain like eight or nine i haven’t been at like a nine or ten usually but like seven and eight level pain it helps me and it’s really good um so the new side effects

That i have noticed though is that the more that i’m on it i notice that my brain kind of stops thinking i it’s like so it’s it’s really like weird to explain it i guess the best way that i can explain it is like a trance like things just kind of freeze in time like i feel like um i could just sit there for like an hour and do the same thing and it wouldn’t

Even feel like an hour went by um and so that’s that’s really like that’s a little bit strange and i didn’t have this before in the beginning i didn’t have this and i didn’t have exhaustion either now with flexural i feel like now when i’m tired and i take flexural it’s harder for me to be able to deal with that exhaustion and i think i think flexural makes me

A little bit tired but not too much but i just feel like generally i’m just really fatigued and tired especially with the nerve blocks so now it’s just harder for me to be alert when i take flexural so i don’t think it’s because i’m taking the medication i just think i am fatigued and now i can’t be like as energetic as i was in the beginning um and the other

Side effect is um well those two are the main ones and like dry mouth i do feel a little bit more thirsty um but but you know that’s that’s that’s okay that’s not like a major side effect for me uh flexural still does last a pretty long time for me so like um it can last up to 10-12 hours and like when i take it at night if i take it around i can still like stay

Awake but when i take it at 9 00 pm and i wake up the next day i find that i get pain relief until like 3 p.m the next day like it lasts such a long time for me and keep in mind i’m usually not doing so many things like with my hands i’m not running errands or like doing all this stuff usually i’m i’m home most of the time so um so you know it could be different

If i actually was working and running errands and like living like such a busy lifestyle you know um but for now like i find that the pain relief does last a long time so that hasn’t changed flexorol is still like a really really good medication my doctor has been okay with refilling it every time um usually he gives me a 15 day supply and i’m not sure why

This is oh wait actually what i read on a website it’s called and usually i go on that website to check everything about like medications and what i read is that flexural is supposed to be used short term only in a lot of cases so um so you know i definitely asked my doctor if it was one of the medications i could continue long-term and he said that

Yeah that it was okay so i’m not really you know too sure why it’s prescribed in the short term only um but i know for me like when i have my nerve blocks which i’ve been doing a series um so for me when i have my nerve blocks the pain relief lasts a couple of days um and then the days that i started getting paid i start taking a flex roll and most of the time

It’s been for my leg not too much for my arm but like today my arm has been really um bothering me so i might i’m not sure about if i’ll take flexural i think i might take a xanaflex instead just because my leg is okay and xanaflex is shorter acting so usually with xanaflex i get three to four hours of pain relief um and it does usually make me take a nap but

Then i’m awake and i’m alert and everything i do save uh flexural for when my pain levels are super high and like you know and i know it’s gonna be like an all-day issue um so yeah the other the other thing i did want to mention is that we’re expecting a snow storm today and i’m really worried about that because usually the weather flares up my pain so i try to

Stay inside um so far i have not had any pain today i had my nerve block on wednesday so i’ve been okay but i am really worried about the weather anyways that was a side note so um just to wrap this video up um flexural has just been a really good medication for me with few side effects i do notice that i get a little bit more thirsty um also but like it doesn’t

Make me go to the bathroom like xanaflex does and it’s been working for my cr ps pain because i’ve tried so many other medications like antidepressants i’ve tried um well like lyrica i’ve tried gabapentin i’ve tried pain medication and like to find a medication that is you know is like like this one it works so well is pretty pretty cool and amazing so yeah i’m

Happy about that anyways i hope you guys found this review helpful and um if you have not subscribed to my channel please go ahead and subscribe to my channel and i will go ahead and see you see you i don’t know i’m having so many like so much congestion i kind of just woke up like this but my nose is like running but yeah anyways uh yeah if you enjoyed this

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Flexeril-Cyclobenzaprine 3 month UPDATE- NEW side effects By Utopi Aria