February 1, 2023

The spice saffron has traditionally been considered an aphrodisiac outweigh the pros for men that don’t like drugs there’s always surgery the implantation of penile prosthetics unbelievably penile implant usage evidently dates back to the 16th century early experiments involved transplanting a guy’s rib cartilage or their actual rib into their penis thankfully

Space-age technologies in the 60s allowed men to keep their rib cages intact originally the implants left men in a permanently erect state but then the flexor rod was invented with a hinge in the middle so the guy could like bend it down in half for improved concealment of course proper sizing is important if the implants are too small there can be drooping at

The tip leading to what’s called a supersonic transport deformity why because its resemblance to the nose of the concorde jet whereas over long prosthesis can also be a problem with the semi rigid rods eroding out of the penis although they generally perforate into the urethra the rods can also extrude through the tip or the shaft ouch now there are inflatable

Devices and perhaps one day there will be expandable phones that respond to external magnetic fields or metal mesh technology that could expand and retract in a cage like fashion and you thought it was hard to get through airport security now there’s got to be a better way 20 men with erectile dysfunction were fall for 10 days taking 200 milligrams of saffron a

Day that’s about a quarter teaspoon but first they were bought into the ridges scan room where they were hooked up to a computer-controlled battery-powered system for recording of penile tumescence meaning swelling and rigidity you can hook men up and have them watch a vhs videotape though use of the device is controversial described as an expensive complicated and

Time-consuming effort but after the 10 days of taking saffron they did appear to be a significant improvement in tip and base rigidity and tumescence whether it’s possible to replace viagra type drugs with this gold implant will require further research with a bigger sample size but it’s not just size that matters they didn’t use a control so this could have all

Just been one big placebo effect finally though a head-to-head challenge saffron versus a viagra now normally there’s a third group a placebo group as well but evidently they felt it’d be unethical to let men go 12 weeks without an effective treatment the saffron appeared safer significantly fewer side-effects like severe headaches hot flushes nasal congestion and

Nausea but not effective at all so that’s why i never did a video on the subject it just doesn’t seem to help but maybe it’s because they made the mistake of taking the saffron orally as opposed to rubbing it on their penis the effects of topical saffron on erectile dysfunction about half of middle-aged men appear to suffer so how about a randomized double-blind

Placebo-controlled study a gel containing 1% saffron or instead of saffron kjell containing a little golden yellow food coloring so they looked the same though presumably half the pieces smelled like pee i guess they didn’t control for that both groups were trained to rub a pea-sized amount of the gel on their penis half an hour before sexual intercourse and

Then were reassessed a month later and compared to the food coloring gel the saffron did lead to significant improvements in function and desire and overall satisfaction they attribute the effects to a compound in saffron that evidently enhances nitric oxide production in the arteries but if that’s the case then probably better to treat the cause and prevent

The vascular dysfunction in the first place you

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