February 8, 2023

Fluoxetina: para que serve? [Prozac®]

Hi! today you will be updating on fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drug that represents much more than a simple antidepressant. come here… are you already subscribed here on my channel? so enjoy this video or subscribe! returning to today’s topic, this drug is prescribed in various conditions, such as major depression in people over 8 years of age, ocd

In people over 7, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, bulimia nervosa, panic disorder, depression bipolar, in this case combined with olanzapine, and also in resistant depression, also combined with olanzapine. perhaps this drug still represents benefits in social anxiety disorders and also in post-traumatic stress disorder. motivation and interest; anxiety (although it may

Transiently increase anxiety that fluoxetine can even cause a little insomnia at the beginning of the treatment. this drug takes effect between 2 and 4 weeks after starting use and can take up to 8 weeks. note that if the dose increase does not lead to improvement, it can be replaced. when it works it can be used for several years while offering benefits. it is important

To remember that the goal of the treatment is the remission of symptoms and also the prevention of relapses, but we must emphasize that it is not a curative treatment and that it should continue to be used for at least one year after the remission of depressive symptoms. in anxiety and bulimia it may need to be kept indefinitely. when the response to treatment is partial,

It is very some cases it may even happen that there is a good initial response, however, over time there may be an effect called poop-out, that is, the body will stop responding and a reassessment will also be necessary , where you can increase the dose or even i’m even going to change the drug. another alternative in these cases is the potentiation of the drug with other

Medications. usually when it does not work well, psychotherapy is recommended and in some cases it may even be necessary to reassess the diagnosis itself. its prolonged use does not develop independence, tolerance or risk of abuse. in menopausal women it works best if boosted by the use of estrogens. an interesting aspect is that for bipolar patients there is already a

Combined presentation of fluoxetine with olanzapine in the same pill, which favors treatment adherence. it should not be used by people who are using thioridazine, mao inhibitors, tamoxifen, nor by people who are allergic to this drug. among its main advantages, we highlight that it can work in people with atypical depression, that it reduces that fatigue and low energy,

That it can help in some (not all) eating disorders and also in affective disorders that are in comorbidity with depression. also, it has a very cheap and accessible generic presentation. it is noteworthy that it can be used in some children with touch or depression under strict medical care. among its disadvantages, we must highlight that its use is limited in patients with

Anorexia, as it reduces appetite (albeit transiently) and can be complicated in the beginning of the treatment of anxious and agitated patients and also in the beginning of the treatment of people with insomnia. serious. among its side sweating and even insomnia. in children and adolescents, the doctor will carefully assess the pros and cons before prescribing and he will

Carry out weekly monitoring in the adaptation phase, he will also guide the family about typical particularities of the use of this drug for this age group. it should be noted that teenagers will use a dose very similar to that of adults, but younger children use lower doses. there are no studies on pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is not recommended. this drug can lead

To gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and even increased bleeding during childbirth. it can also promote transient irritation or sedation in the newborn, requiring in some cases even respiratory support and a nutritional probe, among other precautions. it is important to assess the newborn in the postpartum period to decide whether or not he can breastfeed . elderly

People can even use it, with lower doses and monitoring, the doctor will carefully evaluate before deciding. do you use or know someone who uses fluoxetine? leave your like, subscribe here on the channel and activate the bell! a big hug and see you soon… bye, bye!

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