March 24, 2023

Review fluoxetine 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg tablets and capsules, Discuss side effects, weight loss and withdrawal associated with the popular antidepressant

This is josh in the pharmacist reforms tips comm i’m gonna talk to you about the medication fluoxetine we’re gonna cover some of the uses the dosage as well as the side effects associated with this popular medication specific topics we’ll cover in this video include what specifically is fluoxetine the uses for fluoxetine common dosages the most common side effects

With this medication we’ll talk about its effect on weight and other side effects as well potential drug interactions and then we’ll discuss withdrawal from the medication first off as with all my videos this is informational purposes only i always talk to your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medications or lifestyle what is fluoxetine it’s

A medicine in class called ssris or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors what they basically it makes more serotonin available between the nerves at the neural sent out so that works under the theory that many forms of depression are related to a lack of serotonin and the u.s. is sold under the brand name prozac although widely used uses there fluoxetine has

Been around a long time and there are a lot of uses for it including depression bulimia ocd obsessive-compulsive disorder panic disorder premenstrual dysphoric disorder binge eating body dysmorphic fibromyalgia anxiety ptsd premature ejaculation social anxieties and there are many other conditions as well those are the most common so the dulcich it’s available in

The us and tablets and capsules in typically the 10 20 or 40 milligram dosage usually we see that start around 20 milligrams a day for most adults now the max dose is 80 milligrams a day rarely do people exceed 40 milligrams a day very very rare that we see that high dose lower doses and those that have some poor liver function it’s usually taken in the morning

With or without food a lot of people do take it first thing in the morning very most common side effect see you know 2 in 10 or 1 out of 5 get a headache insomnia can occur in it is dose dependent and many of these side effects improve after you so just because these occur doesn’t mean you won’t be able to continue the medication nausea can occur up to the 30%

Of people again dose dependent tremor anywhere from 3 to 13 percent dry mouth 9 9 to 12 percent of people report that occurring loss of appetite can occur anywhere between 4 to 17 percent of people about weight loss at weight gain weight loss is more likely a modest weight loss is reported about 2 percent of people who take the medication as most the ssris don’t

Seem to have a lot of weight gain paroxetine seems the most likely to cause weight gain fluoxetine generally known for causing large weight loss for that matter weight gainers reported in less than 1% so weight loss is more likely with this medication other side effects that can occur we’re talking you know less than 10 percent of people so 1 in 10 or less anxiety

Weakness low-energy bleeding excessive sweating sexual dysfunction rash or itchiness stomach upset constipation cold or flu-like symptoms rash weight change chest pain increase in blood pressure dizziness changing dreams chills visual changes ringing in the ears and so if any of those are occurring of course you’d want to contact the health care provider see if the

Something that you should continue because a lot of times side effects do improve the longer you’re taking the medication but if it’s inhibiting your life or bothersome be sure you contact your health care provider other warnings and rare side effects include suicidal thinking that’s a warning on all antidepressants that it can occur it’s extremely rare but serotonin

Syndrome again really rare where you can get just media changes and how you feel your muscles can change you can start sweating it’s something that requires immediate medical attention bleeding risk we’ll talk about that just a little bit more coming up heart rhythm changes not very common but it can occur if that does occur you want to be sure that you see your

Healthcare healthcare providers advice seizures more common and people who’ve had seizures before or people who have abused alcohol that does put one at higher risk of seizures and low sodium so drug interactions the two biggest ones i’m going to talk about increased risk of bleeding so antiplatelet drugs warfarin people who are put on medications to quote-unquote

Thin their blood or to prevent blood clots the fluoxetine can also increase the risk of bleeding so using the two together can increase the risk of bleeding even more and it also includes nsaids that would be like ibuprofen naproxen and leave meloxicam now they we do see these use together so you can you can use them together with your providers approval however

You need to have to be aware it increases the risk of bleeding so it’s not an absolute that you can’t use them together but you need to be cautious you need to watch for signs of bleeding and just check in with your health care provider time to time so they can monitor serotonin syndrome we touched on briefly that’s where you have the abrupt change you feel just

Terrible and you would want to seek medical attention right away trip downs are used to treat headaches dextroamphetamine disorder tram it all for pain tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline nortriptyline now again it’s not a absolute contraindication these are sometimes used together you just have to be aware if you’re using these along with fluoxetine it does

Put one at higher risk of problems or interactions and if that does occur you want to seek medical attention withdrawal so stopping this medication most people do best tapering it usually over one to four weeks if you’ve been on it years you sometimes it does have a long half-life in the body and some people are able just to stop quit cold-turkey however in my

Experience most people after a week or so they’re like i just don’t feel right i think i need a lower dose for a while so most people seem to do better tapering off this medication slowly again that’s a conversation you can have with your healthcare provider alright i thank you for watching please like this video if you like this kind of information subscribe to

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Fluoxetine 10 mg 20 mg 40 mg Review 💊 Including Side Effects Weight Loss and Withdrawal By Pharmacist Tips