February 8, 2023

What is Fluoxetine (Prozac)? How does it work? What are the side effects? I’ll be answering these questions and more, right here, right now!

Fluoxetine how does it work and what are the side effects in today’s video i’m going to be looking at the scientific research behind fluoxetine also known as prozac and i’m going to discuss the pharmacology and the toxicology of it so by the end of this video you’ll know whether or not you should be taking fluoxetine g’day there i’m jessie crowe the travelling

Scientist and after spending years studying pharmacology i’m here to help you live smarter happier and healthier lives now i’ve created a cheat sheet with all the quick need to know information about fluoxetine that’s totally free for you guys you can download that at any time it’s just in the description down below so what is fluoxetine fluoxetine or prozac is

An antidepressant that’s used to treat depression obviously but also obsessive compulsive disorder bulimia nervosa and panic attacks it’s an ssri which i explained in my video how do antidepressants work and here’s a little clip for you your basic antidepressants are called ssris or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors see when your neurons release serotonin

It acts on the neighboring neurons to pass on that happiness signal and then the serotonin is recycled back into the previous cell and it does this by binding to serotonin reuptake receptors when you take ssris they inhibit these serotonin reuptake receptors keeping serotonin out in the synapse where it continues to reinforce those happiness signals that was

That was me two years ago and that was me another two years ago cool huh in general fluoxetine is supposed to make you feel calm confident positive and productive treating many psychological symptoms and it’s usually taken once daily in a dosage of 20 to 40 milligrams some people take just 10 milligrams a day or other people might need 60 or 80 milligrams and it

Really depends on the individual so it’s definitely something you want to discuss with your doctor before taking this drug but what about the side effects of fluoxetine a study in 2009 looked at 700 patients taking an ssri like fluoxetine or something similar and they concluded that of those 700 patients 38 experience some side effects 38 one of the main issues

With prozac is sleep because prozac is considered one of the more stimulating ssris and as a result it can interrupt your sleeping pattern which can be super frustrating but not as frustrating as sexual dysfunction loss of libido lack of vaginal lubrication and erectile dysfunction are common problems amongst patients taking fluoxetine and it’s believed this is

Because although serotonin makes us happy it can also dampen our sexual desire so we just don’t want to do the sex oh man finally antidepressant discontinuation syndrome is a fancy way of saying that prozac is addictive and doctors will tell you that it’s not but if you try taking prozac for a while and then you decide to stop you’ll feel headachy and nauseous and

Irritated and fatigued and depressed this is your body trying to get back to normal without the drug and it’s going to be really challenging but if you feel like you’ve become addicted to floccitine and you want to get off this antidepressant talk to your doctor about it and try and work out a plan of reducing your dosage over several weeks and months until you no

Longer need it in conclusion fluoxetine or prozac is a popularly prescribed antidepressant which works by increasing your serotonin levels to make you feel more positive unfortunately it can also make sleep and sex really challenging which is going to make you less happy and also fluoxetine can be addictive so if you don’t want to be stuck taking antidepressants

For the rest of your life try not to take fluoxetine unless you absolutely have to and try and wean yourself off it when you think you no longer need it anyway that’s all for today guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video click the like button down below and let me know if you’re on floccitine and your experiences in the comment section down

Below finally next week’s video is going to be all about valium or diazepam so make sure you’re prescribed prescribed subscribe for more traveling science every single week i’ll see you guys next time sunday cheers

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Fluoxetine By The Travelling Scientist