June 1, 2023

Hey how are you i’m okay um i don’t know everything seems like it’s just weird lately what do you mean what’s going on i just everything that i used to do that was like easy and fun just feels so much harder like just getting out of bed feels harder like doing housework feels harder i don’t know what’s going on yeah have you noticed any changes in your

Lifestyle or no everything’s the same i i’ve been doing the same things i’ve been interacting with the same people i just been trying to do things that i used to enjoy but everything just kind of gets like planned well i’ve had a similar experience and i’m actually taking slow off routine right now i decided to reach out to my doctor and they recommended me this

Medication and it’s really helping me out oh yeah what does it do like in what ways does it help you out well it just helps me to feel better and come out of my depressive moments whenever i’m feeling down and it just has really helped me to recognize the wife and everything again all right i’ll have to ask my doctor thank you all right what brings you today well

I’ve been feeling kind of dumb lately um things that i used to do that were really fun like playing with my dog i just like don’t have any interest in anymore and i was telling my friend about it but she says that she takes fluoxetine and she recommended that i come talk to my doctor about it okay and this has been going on for some time yeah a couple months now

Okay well fluoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and that works uh by preventing the brain from reabsorbing those naturally occurring serotonin neurotransmitters and um so your brain is able to get more of that and it improves your mood that sounds great so um how long do i have to take it before i start feeling better it’ll take about a month

Before you get the full effects um some people do notice results sooner but the majority of people uh don’t start seeing results until after a month in your case we’re going to be using this for major depression but it can also be effective for opposite people with disorder panic disorder um and are there some off-label uses such as social phobia generalized

Anxiety disorder ptsd alcoholism adhd and even tourettes so um there’s some major symptoms that i’ll need to see about immediately more um one of them is serotonin syndrome um and that can start from two to seventy two hours after beginning the medication and uh some of those symptoms are like some agitation confusion disorientation anxiety hallucinations um

Information um myofonus hyperreflexia excessive sweating tremors fever and those usually go away as soon as you stop the drug um but if you don’t get treatment i can result in death another thing um if you start having any suicidal thoughts um we really need you to contact us and um seek medical attention because those are that’s a very serious situation

Fluoxetine is administered orally as either a solution or tablet it can be taken either daily starting at 20 milligrams or weekly as a delayed release in taric coated capsules starting at 90 milligrams patients for whom daily fluoxetine dosing is successful are often switched to weekly dosing around 13 weeks fluoxetine may be taken with or without food in the

Morning to avoid sleep impairment common side effects of fluoxetine include sexual dysfunction in 70 of users weight loss may occur in early use due to nausea and vomiting but weight is gained back with long-term treatment with one third of patients continuing to gain more weight serotonin syndrome is a potentially deadly side effect that can occur 2-24 hours

After beginning treatment contact your doctor if you begin to experience agitation confusion disorientation hallucinations or poor concentration along with incoordination myoclonus hyperreflexia excessive sweating tremor or fever withdrawal syndrome can occur if medication is stopped abruptly be sure to taper off properly consult a doctor if you are pregnant

Or plan to become pregnant before taking suicide risk may be increased especially in children and young adults when first starting to treat depression do not take with mao eyes as this may increase risk of serotonin syndrome taking with tricyclic antidepressants and lithium may increase the levels of these drugs taking out antiplatelets or antiquarians gi bleeding you

Transcribed from video
Fluoxetine Commercial By Alexis Geiszler