February 8, 2023

Hej, everybody!

Ah what’s up everybody it’s jasmine god the sun is on its way down but it is so beautiful oh anyway hey guys i wanted to do a l’occitane update because i screwed up so basically for a couple of weeks i i like i do take my pills regularly like i’m pretty sure i’m pulling mist 12 days out of 14 so that was really bad over christmas time though i sort of realized that

I had been really bad at taking them and then i was like okay let’s get to it let’s you know do it every day so for five days six days i’ve been taking them regularly again over the period where i wasn’t taking them regularly i was having not significantly more anxiety but like i was feeling up and down and sometimes getting really upset and at the time i wouldn’t

Have thought that i was to do with the medication but now that i’ve been taking the pills really i’ve only been upset once and that was only for like an hour and a half maybe two hours and obviously with christmas i thought that i would be really upset because you know i spent christmas by myself so i thought that it was likely that i would be and not such a

Great place but i actually was and i think that taking the pills regularly helped that’s gonna be my goal for 2019 is to take my pills every day one thing that i feel is that mmm when you take antidepressants sometimes people think that that you take them and then you feel bitter and then life is great but like with depression and anxiety and stuff you have to

Work on it along with the pills that’s why some people don’t even take medication because they choose to work on it without that so and if you take medication it’s gonna be really it’s gonna disadvantage you a lot if you only take the medication and you don’t do other things you know you don’t do really because there’s relaxation exercises you don’t do mindfulness

You don’t push your boundaries and things that’s you know it’s just you’re probably gonna like get to a point where you stop improving um so yeah so what i like with taking the pills regularly is that it feels like the first step to getting better and then it’s like well you know i take my medication and what else can i do today oh well you know maybe i can also

Do this other thing on top of that so it feels like a starting point and then that kind of motivates me to do other things because i was over the christmas period i went out every single day and i walked for hours and exercise is really good for you and i think one really good thing about exercise is that for me i don’t i don’t know like i don’t get super excited

About doing exercise but like when you go for a walk and you’re out there walking you are doing something and i think that there helps your mind to sort of move the energy like the negative energy to somewhere else because i know that oftentimes when i do get upset basically all the time that’s when i’m sitting down and not doing stuff but i can walk around and

I can be upset but it doesn’t use it doesn’t usually overflow it usually like gets expended with the walking or the running energy you know i like if i feel upset i run hard you know so yeah that’s my plans for the next year so yeah i screwed up i wasn’t taking my pills regularly and i think it did need typically affect me i’m taking the pills regularly now even

Though it’s only been one week it’s start of something good that’s gonna be it for me today guys please leave a comment down below letting me know how you guys are getting on and let me know if you have any tips for remembering to take my medication please subscribe to my youtube channel and give this video a thumbs up and share it with anyone that you might think

That you think might be interested i’m gonna continue enjoying the sun over my lunch break but i will see you all next time hey door

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Fluoxetine/Prozac Anxiety Diary | Month 9 By Jasmine Away From Home