June 4, 2023

Hey, everybody!

Hey everybody what’s up it’s jasmine and if i looked a little bit too fashionable today it’s because i’m still working and i would just check this on top of my work uniform i guess so today i’m going to talk to you guys about my third week on flops a team / prozac okay so we are we finished off with the second week because they i had had a panic attack and then i

Stayed at my boyfriend’s house for the weekend and then i got picked up by my friend and we got we went back to my apartment and picked up some stuff so i could stay at her house for the week so for that whole week i stayed at her house with their family and everything and i i was really tired and i was still really scared and i had a lot of intrusive thoughts and

It was really difficult to concentrate on things and i spent my week go to doctors appointments and blood tests and things like that so i like even though i had the whole week off i still had things to do and i went to a concert at gröna lund and i went to school so i still did that sort of thing and it i don’t know i mean it was difficult but it was kind of also

Better to not go to work in some way on the thursday and friday i think i had like a really difficult time i just i got really upset about things like because basically if something happens it’s kind of really difficult to control my emotions that’s kind of how it feels so if there’s a bump in the road or something you know like everybody has normal confrontations

And whatever it doesn’t have to be big or anything but i just can’t handle it in any sort of way so they were like a few times where i was just i broke down and i was crying and everything was really awful and that happened in the weekend as well i just i was feeling down when i work happening things didn’t get any better and then yeah i just freaked out so then

On the monday i had my first day back at work and that went really not super great either you know i was really scared about going back to work you know i had a lot of a lot of anxiety about that and then i went to work and i basically cried most of the day and i just found it so incredibly difficult and so i had thought that maybe i would stay the night at my

Apartment that night but it’s such a difficult day that i went back and stay at my friend’s house that night as well and the weirdest thing was was that i had even more difficulty sleeping then i had ever had on this journey like i would go to sleep and i would wake up during the night panicking and him my thoughts racing and then i would go back to sleep and i

Would wake up again and everything like it was just so crazy and uncomfortable and just not good at all so then the last day for the third week on 413 i actually hid i actually had a better day on the tuesday because i’m the monday when i asked him in such an awful difficult time i did sort of find some clarity i had some ideas about how to feel better and then

That sort of helped me sort of cope and then sitting on the tuesday that sort of carried on but then things just got more difficult again and i felt really awful because i had like this feeling come up and then i felt really awful that i had that feeling so it’s been a difficult third week and i really hope that it gets bitten because it’s so that it’s just no way

To live but yeah and i really want to get a good night’s sleep yeah that’s gonna be it for me today guys i hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful i’m on 20 milligrams of fluoxetine and yeah see you guys all next time hey

Transcribed from video
Fluoxetine/Prozac Diary | Week 3 By Jasmine Away From Home