March 28, 2023

Hi.. Just a short video about the effects of Prozac / fluoxetine in the first few days of starting the drug and also my experience on it.

Hey guys bottled s little video the reason why i’m doing this video is because i’ve recently been put on the luke’s a teen or commonly known as prozac i wanted to do that’s not very old because of the symptoms that i’m currently suffering from the effects of the drug and i wanted to make this video so as anybody who wanted to reference as i have been doing over

The last few days on youtube on the internet to see what the side effects are like and why i feel like i feel basically i’m a a 45 year old man obviously and eleven northern ireland and i have been suffering on off the past few years with with a very painful condition an arthritic condition and i ended up with a knee replacement in 2005 the knee replacement never

Was a success i had five operations on the knee and basically each operation after scar left his mark so much so that the neighbors replaced problem was after the operation the knee never fully probably probably bent and limit its treatment and band but i noticed that over time i was like a swelling or a growth within the inside of the knee and i always knew there

Was something inside the knee but event illegal into doctors and stuff from a long preamble with the medical fraternity was diagnosed and i have a condition of are through fibrosis on the knee whereby so much scar tissue and inflammation and swelling during the years and the operations basically the whole and say that money was all grown over surgeon to only that he

Couldn’t cut that all right because it would have just left me with a flap of skin over metal knee and the only way really to do that the limitation and the and was to amputated above the knee obviously i don’t want to do that but pin i love np and 24 hours a day seven days a week and that pian as deeply debilitating physically but also mentally it has taken me to

The point of suicide on a few occasions the last of which just over 18 months ago i went messing and had been sleeping for several days with piano mean ii couldn’t sleep at night couldn’t get much sleep during day to say that to basically all my life long story police were informed that went messin ended up at the seaside near where i live the north antrim coast

Very beautiful place by the way and i then decided to go into the sea and a storm when i went into the sea there was two police officers that happened to find me at the scene and i’m deeply humbled because one of those officers actually came into the water to get me i will never ever forget that month’s bravery ever way beyond the call of his duty to come in after

Me and when i was rescued and abandon into hospital and a psychiatric unit for assessment and all the various things something changed to me and i realized at that point i will never ever ever turn my own hands and against me myself again to take my own life partly because i felt rich him and that i had endangered the life of someone else through in danger in my

Whole life i’m partly because at that time something changed on me i realized that i was meant to live mental have had several attempts before i didn’t die and they were serious attempts they where anyone that says suicides not a cry for help i i beg to differ i think internally you broke down that fire you’re crying for help you may want today and i have really

Wanted to date with pen i have wanted today so many times but and say they would also have that part will cry and say somebody please take the pain away the physical pain p no money so if someone has suicidal usually it’s because they have found other rip another option to take away than the mental piano by wishing and break there in their mind or physical pain

From the body or whatever their circumstance but i decided not to turn my hands and again and again myself again i decided that i would love so the last year teen months have been hellish i have been on a rollercoaster ride of depression and anxiety and pn and struggling to cope basically struggling to make decisions in life but her bursts of motivation and energy

Which would then be sapped by depression i to go write 1012 days ago went to see psychiatrist once see my doctor first and was referred to mr. kite wrist and have a lot of trauma that’s been in my life i’ve suffered a lot trauma so i’ve had to be referred to cbt therapists for trauma therapy but i’ve also got a lot of peein physical pain and it’s so difficult to

Stick up at times with a pen none was my hair i can it cannot even think it times over not much pin but the reason for this video is i had to go see the psychiatrist on that was digging down to put me on to this drug called flutter thing a free looks 18 more commonly known as prozac no the first two to three days attacking it was not bad i kind of thought placebo

Effect i thought let but bear but i thought has to be placebo where there is no way that were drugged that faster ss ra and there are notorious for being slow to help but i took it first two days again not too bad third day mmm bat of a mixed feelin fourth day fifth day in the secretariat hat and on the sixth day i i really did feel for my salad a feelin sec violent

Shocking nausea actually threw one up lying abed sweatin waking up piercing the floors i’m tired a like yeah i actually i believe i would have had less stress and a football fight in the terraces that’s just how i feel at times sat in my own room not that would rather keep fate on the terraces and a football patch or anywhere else but just that level of adrenaline

Surging through my body setting on my room i have a lows and highs and a gun but of emotions and i’m knowing on day ten and today this is a saturday that 25th of april 2015 and today the the panic attacks are quite having quite frequent and depression i am getting lows and highs well the haze are not really hey that i would say you feel okay but then a lot of lows

But while you’re making this again is to say to you guys that you know i’ve been told and i can only go but what i have read online and sing on youtube and listen to the medical fraternity that this is what these antidepressant drugs seem to do particularly prozac that it’s designed to you know help you but it also exacerbates the condition for a period of time i’m

Hoping that by the two-week period which everybody seems to call the two weeks a hail of rose ak that after that and maybe get some kind of relief of the loping tool that takes up between four and six weeks to get a good effect so i’m going to stick my site i’m going to do it i’m going to firing on and i’m going to try and make a little video every couple of days

Or so to keep you guys updated as to my progress and also for my own sort of looking back and been able to say well that’s what it was like at day 10 and this is what i’m like now at day 15 or day 20 and i hopefully will be able to say well i felt like that but then at the moment i’ve just had to you know take a day as upon 2 milligram to slow down the heartbeat

And to slow down the panic attack because just that just goes on steady however with this drug i am also told that can be a fibrous drug when it works can really change your life for the better and i’m open that happens because i have planned in my life i i want to do a charity event which have been piling over the last year just because of the state of depression

That i cannot seem to left that at all my plans are just basically somewhere out there in the ether they’re not i can’t really get in touch with them because one i’m tired because i don’t sleep with pan – you have this invasive depression which makes me lose all hope and motivation and drive so i’m really hoping that this drug helps me turn the corner because i am

Determined to make something of my life i don’t want to be 11 just to survive i need a decision that i would love to love not just love to survive lying on the state of pee and i’m bad all day or are coping with opiate drugs – kelp in i was on morphine patches and trauma dolls and you name all the opiate drugs i have basically heard them all i stopped all of those

Because i couldn’t function in daily life i couldn’t drive my car i couldn’t get out so i had to stop all of those and go on to the heavy doses of – and paracetamol and stuff to try and control the pain so that’s why i’m in a lot of pain and i would rather trade that off and have the drugged effect of the opiates because that in itself nearly destroyed me one thing

I wanted to point out on the the flux atene which is a big problem is weight loss i’m finding i haven’t probably eaten though in 10 days find it exceptionally difficult to have an appetite have to force myself to and when i eat it’s it’s very very difficult to actually swallow and keep the food down but i’m hopeful that we’ll get better too with the progression of

The drug as it starts to maybe become more tolerant and said my body and saver system so i as i said here have made a decision to live unloved i will come hell or high water i will get through this i will complete my charity challenge which i will neom what i’m going to do and i think it’s appropriate on the 11th of may i believe that’s mental word mental health

Week i think it is so i’ll update you guys down as to what i’m planning on doing for charlotte for a charity event to raise awareness about depression and suicide i’m just told quickly it can invade your life and destroy your life from the destroy the life of all those around like i have tried suicide on several occasions and i have really genuinely tried and some

Of you will say well why we not successful i suppose the reality is i really didn’t want to day no one i think really wants today i think they want people to understand how much pain they’re in that they want today and they were just saying that’s not a video a few right there wherever you’re in the time zones over part of the world around of your see in this video

If you’re feeling suicidal please please please please please reach out to someone even if it’s a stranger in the street go out and ask them to get you help because there is good people out there under as help you just have to ask for it and you sometimes have to keep asking because there’s an old saying that he who shows latest on the football terrace is the one

That gets haired and you sometimes and life have to show closer than everybody else just to get help it’s not a deal you shouldn’t have to in society shape your lungs i think to get help but sometimes you have to and i would urge you tonight or today whatever it aims on your end you feel that if you feel onto that serious pressure reach out speak to someone tell

Them how you feel but just don’t do what you’re planning in your head to do tonight or today put that off for another day try it try it sound to yourself i’ll give up one more day and i’ll speak to people and i’ll see if there’s another option because there’s always other options i have find out myself i want when i thought there was no options and i tried to do

What i tried to do when i got help and wasn’t successful and the attempt i found there was help there was other people looking at it in a different way and i’ve i had has seen it at the time i wouldn’t have endangered my life so i would say to you please please please reach out and speak out so i’ll call it on over these dog videos and i’ll update them every couple

Of days to let you know how the flux of teens working and hopefully this has been a some benefit for you and that you’ll maybe get something from it as i say i’m just an ordinary guy trying to deal with depression and anxiety from mostly a lot of pain in my life a lot of trauma – which have to go through trauma therapy but you know i’m trying i’m fighting and i’m

Not going to give up i am going to love to properly live my life with enjoyment and power and happiness in it because i deserve it and so does everybody else deserve that life it’s a basic it’s a basic right basically of the human species to enjoy their life and relative peace and health and i want to do my best to enjoy my life i’ve tried several times to end it

Now i’m going to try to really love it thanks guys

Transcribed from video
Fluoxetine / Prozac Experiences By r66life challenge