June 4, 2023

Fluoxetine/prozac regimen update week 8, bad day, fatigue, indigestion, hot flashed.

Hey everybody going to be playing a little bit of battlefield one while i talk to you about my update i have an updated ineffable day but i wanted to talk about what it’s like to have a free bad day with no opportunity not all days or bad days but today i’m having broken beef i get qualified it’s been day for me what a bad day on fluoxetine is is hot flashes fatigue

Dizziness dry mouth and indigestion and that’s just telling me that medicine still trying to work for me nothing negative to worry about nothing that i’m trying to i’m not trying to scare anybody about you know your regimen and how it may affect you but it seems as though some people are affected they’re more sensitive than others to the fluoxetine that’s gonna

Get to the fluoxetine regimental so what’s happening with me is um pretty much went to sleep we’re late i’m still taking it around evening time because i feel like it helps me sleep but at the same time it kind of doesn’t comfy sleep because even though i go to sleep pretty comfortably i wake up in the early hours and i can’t just seem to get a complete 8 hours and

I’m always on bad days it seems like i’ll get maybe three to five hours and then another three to five hours after that so it just depends i always aim for about a good seven eight hours of sleep but sometimes you just can’t get that much sleep but yeah other than that i’m sticking with the regimen i think it’s already week it’s going on week 8 or week 9 but it

Seems as though that the fluoxetine that might be working like i said this is a bad day just feeling real fatigue and whatnot i’m taking hydroxyzine beaumont or pom oh i don’t know how to say it it’s hot job scene i don’t know though i think it’s bits a true or something like that take 25 milligrams anytime i feel like i’m having a panic attack which today i took

Was to go back to sleep because i felt like i just couldn’t relax and then i took one earlier after i ate because i felt like the eating was making maybe my blood pressure go up because you know your heart pumps harder to be able to list here stomach make sure that your make sure you’re digesting the food so i kind of had a little panic attack with that bluster

And a hard way the heart rate i felt like my heart rate was going up it was because i was eating and i was digesting on who was my body was starting to metabolize the food but so that gave me kind of a panic attack i still i’m waiting for my doctors to i’m waiting for my insurance to kick in so i can go to my doctor’s and be next month but what we’re going to do

Is they’re going to put some kind of all they’re going to give me a standard a holter monitor test like they always do for people with our related issues and they’re also going to put me on this other time monitor that they that they didn’t really go into specifics about they just said it was a different type of monitor that they want to put on me i don’t think

It’s anything special but it needs to be tough in words like uh more than just a week maybe it’s going to be two to three weeks but other than that like i said you’re going to have bad days on your regimen you’re gonna have good days on your regiment today i’m having a bad day but you just you go through the rest of your day and he’s taking today as it comes and

You try not to ask questions too much especially to yourself if there was a doctor around for every time i needed a doctor i probably owe the medical field a lot of money and i dunno because but yeah hopefully anybody on their prozac or fluoxetine recommends on bahama fluoxetine if you’re having bad days we share your stories in the comments and let me know go bf1

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Fluoxetine week 8 update, hot flashes, By maddy boi