November 29, 2022

Following up from my review video a year ago.

Hey guys so i wanted to make a follow-up video for my last video that i posted about a year ago i think now um talking about like how this medication has impacted my life like what has it done for me in the past year um you know is it still working all these things i’m gonna kind of try to answer in this video so yeah um so to get started like obviously like i’m

Still on it um i’m not sure what dose i was taking when i made that last video but um i’m taking 10 milligrams um three times a day now um so i think that’s actually increased from a year ago but i’m not really sure um and on top of that like i take it as needed so like most of the time i honestly only take it twice a day um but if i feel more stressed out i

Might take it three times a day it honestly just kind of depends on like how i’m feeling and what’s going on um so it’s definitely like changed my attitude and changed like my perspective um and it’s it lessens my anxiety i’m for sure and um i i don’t think it does a good job of keeping my anxiety though level um if i miss like one dose i feel like like i i

Definitely can feel it like i can feel when i miss one dose so honestly like the anxiety medicine like boost part in my opinion like it it helps it does help but you have to take it consistently the same time every single day in order for it to really make a difference in like your life and you have to not only do that but you have to do a lot of other things

Like to make your anxiety better um it is a very good drug to like help you maintain and help you get to a point where your anxiety is manageable but at the end of the day is it like a really good option for someone that has like chronic anxiety that’s like always going to be on something like i don’t really know at this point because for me like it’s not just

Like a one pill and like it’s all my anxiety is gone like it’s still there there’s still things i have to do to manage it like i started taking yoga classes you know i definitely don’t think i should be working night shift right now because it makes my anxiety worse um just like a bunch of different things you know are very like i know the things that trigger my

Anxiety and and i know the things that help it um boostbar does a good job with like being there to help along with all the other interventions that i’ve been doing um but you know some things that i’ve noticed that it doesn’t do for me like like i said it doesn’t really level out my anxiety like it probably should be and honestly it’s probably my fault because

I don’t take it as it’s written on the bottle like i just take it um whenever i can because i work night shifts so like if i work night shift i’ll take my meds like at 2 am and then again when i get home in the morning when i’m not working night shift like on day shift i’ll take it in the morning and then take it at 2 p.m like it’s it’s very inconsistent with like

My lifestyle honestly it really is um so that’s really the only thing that’s like really it’s not been helpful with um let’s see i’m trying to think of anything else that it’s not been helpful with so like it has caused me to gain a little bit of weight i’m not sure if that’s like exactly from that i feel like it is though because it was about six months after

I had started taking boost part and i noticed my weight gain um so that kind of is something but it makes me have more of an appetite when i when i take that medicine though sometimes and honestly that could be a good thing for some people because anxiety can cause you a lot of a lot of things one being like nausea and you know when you’re nauseous you really

Don’t feel like eating so you have no appetite so that could help a lot of people with that issue however if you eat because you’re anxious and then you take this medicine i feel like that is only helping that problem um kind of because um then now you’re now your medicine is like making you hungry as well another thing i’ve noticed and this isn’t really a con

But like this is more like a pro um is that like libido is increased and honestly that’s a really good thing for most people like they want their libido to be increased so like it’s a really awesome drug honestly like i’ve been on it for a year obviously like it’s done a lot for me you know and i hope that this helps um you know everyone else out there that’s

Like been wondering like how i’ve been doing on it and not only how i’ve been doing on it but also just like to give you some perspective of like how this treats you in a year or whatever um i don’t really know if i plan to be on this long term i actually just found out that i have um a chronic disorder that may be causing all of this anxiety in the first place

So hopefully another medication will help that and um i won’t have to be on booth far forever um however it really does help your anxiety like like for the time being whatever you’re stressed about whatever you have you’re having anxiety about it does help so like and it’s really not that harmful to your body like you just have to watch what you’re eating and

Like you know do all the things like you do all the things that you’re supposed to be doing anyway all right so that’s all i got for you hope this was helpful

Transcribed from video
Follow up on Buspirone review By Liv the Vegan