January 26, 2023


Dr. megan prednisone pharmacist here i’ve been trying to go live on the computer and it won’t work so here we go live on my phone we had great slides to show you on my computer but we’ll have to go without it today today as a prednisone pharmacist i’m going to continue the weight gain series in the past we’ve talked about how prednisone causes weight gain we’ve also

Talked about the consequences of that weight gain today we’re going to talk about which foods we need to avoid to prevent prednisone tweaking and next week so follow up with that we’ll talk about which foods we need while on prednisone so first of all if you remember from the last few weeks the number one problem that prednisone is causing the metabolic change the

Changing your metabolism is that prenez ohm is causing your sugar to be retained lots of different ways but the number one problem is high blood sugar and that is what is causing the waking so what do we do to prevent that first of all we focus on sugar and avoiding it sugar is basically poison to people taking from his own especially simple sugar like white sugar

White rice white flour those refined carbohydrates that your great-great-great grandmother has never heard of she’d never seen things like that we need to focus on foods that she would recognize need to stay out of the middle of the grocery store and focus on only the traditional foods that people have eaten for millennia only the real food whole foods and that

Is how we can avoid having too much sugar so what exactly aside from you know flour and sugar or am i talking about i’m talking about things that come out of the bakery like bread and rolls and bagels and doughnuts and all those good delicious things especially when they’re made with white flour they’re really bad for us when we’re on prednisone they turn right

Into sugar which goes straight into fat and all of those horrible consequences of high blood sugar and that’s the number one problem with sugar then there’s candy and soda pop caffeinated beverages syrup and jelly especially jelly that’s made with high fructose corn syrup that’s one of the worst offenders because our bodies really have a hard time dealing with the

Fructose we weren’t meant to consume this much fruit juice as we do when we are eating foods high in in with high fructose corn syrup chips and crackers instant boxed dinners and some more examples include cereal and pasta and basically anything that says fat-free on it because the way they made it fat-free was by taking out all of the fat and replacing it with

Sugar so just avoid those there’s no good to be had from those next is sodium sodium is another word for what we usually call salt or table salt it can also be found in mono like if you see the ingredient monosodium glutamate or msg those foods are really hard for our kidneys when we’re on prednisone our kidneys are being told by the prednisone to hold on to the

Sodium and when we eat more sodium it makes it even harder to get rid of enough sodium and the corresponding having enough high potassium because our body is getting rid of potassium or holding on to the sodium so things that are high in sodium are we’re back to bread it’s high in sodium so if you have a sandwich with cured meats on it like which means that’s a

Really high sodium meal oh pizza canned soups and back to the instant box dinners basically instant anything is pretty high in sodium let’s see pizza i already mentioned and frozen meals those are pretty high in sodium too because a lot of the tasty stuff disappears when it’s frozen and so they have to add a lot of salt to make it taste good again so if possible

Avoid those things the next two categories of foods there’s not as high of evidence for them so you can take it with a grain of salt if you will the first of these is caffeine and the reason these both are mentioned is because they can both increase your risk for osteoporosis and prednisone is the number one drug cause of osteoporosis and there were only a few

Side effects to prednisone that are permanent and prednisone osteoporosis is a permanent side effect that bone loss doesn’t ever come back hmm so it’s best to prevent it and so having high caffeine like coffee or caffeinated soda pop is likely detrimental to your bone health the next one is alcohol now alcohol has two problems it can lead to that decreased bone

Mass as well and then the second problem is if you’ve ever seen a beer belly it’s because many alcoholic beverages are high in sugar like beer it’s high in maltose and so it can lead to that weight gain from the retaining those sugars and those sugars turning into fats so it’s best to avoid caffeine and alcohol on prednisone now for the good news the good news is

That fat is not the enemy dietary does not make you fat i know it’s a surprise i i’d grown up my whole life that that was the gospel truth that dhoni i thought things because it’ll make you fat but that’s not what it is it’s high sugar things that’s what we need to worry about that’s the enemy prednisone leads to high blood sugars imperil our abilities body to

Get rid of extra sugar so we need to be careful with sugar and not worry so much about the fact next week we’ll talk about what we should eat so that we can have good health talk to you later

Transcribed from video
Foods to Avoid while on Prednisone By Dr. Megan – Prednisone Pharmacist