March 28, 2023

PTSD – S, by changing a war memory a natural side affect he could sleep better!

My name is david mcdowell i met robert gene smith approximately about a week ago and he contacted me on some items that me and susie had for sale and it was a desk and a cadanza at cordanza and he wanted to deliver it and so we delivered it out to your property and uh and once we delivered it out to his property and everything he um he said he showed us his property

Took us around on a golf cart and showed us his property and everything and showed us his cows and and then he i i somehow it was mentioned that i had been in the military and i had ptsds and we had some kind of conversation on that i don’t know exactly how all that got started but it got started and so he said he could help me out with his uh my uh sleep pattern

Because i i wasn’t able to sleep over two hours a night without waking up and with nightmares and seeing a constant face in my memories and uh so once we got back he started proceeding with uh his uh uh his so he brought me up to his office and everything and uh uh we were he was uh he has a technique that he uses to help people that has ptsds and other uh things

That may be wrong and to allow them to sleep to adjust and to re do their memory now this was the very first time i’ve ever met robert and uh so i was skeptical i mean he’s telling me he’d been doing it for 23 years or so and i was kind of skeptical but you know i’m the type of person i’ll try anything once uh well not anything but most everything in this world

I’ll try once but it has been a problem of mine and i’ve been going to uh uh ptsds classes on the va and everything else and you know all of that stuff is there but their techniques is like you know you have a disease you and it’s going to take forever and ever and ever and ever and ever before we can get you through this and i’m like i don’t have forever i want to

Get over it now you know today sometime today but i don’t know because nothing seems to be working and and so uh before we began he told me he he could change a memory and i don’t even have to tell him what it is he can help me with that memory before i even say what it is and so now i was kind of okay magic’s going on here you know uh but you know i’ll humor him

I’ll humor him i go he was nice and courteous and he showed us around his place and everything and i’ll see i’ll see where he’s coming from and uh i’ll see if it’s a joke or not so he told me he told me how the mind works and what’s real and what’s not real and and uh he told me he basically told me the steps he was going to take in order to make this one memory

One memory not as if i was there but if i was looking at it from a movie screen and i said okay i didn’t really understand it at that time of how he would do uh this procedure and this technique but i was intrigued and i i wanted to find out the more and more i got into it the more i wanted to find out how this worked uh because i’ve tried everything and i for

Years i have not slept over two hours uh a night without waking up maybe once in a great while if i’m just totally wasted and i pass out probably not even then i usually wake up in two hours too so everything i’ve tried in my life has never worked so of course yes i want to try something and if it works man all power to it i mean that’s all i see because my prayer

Has been so much so that i can get over this because if i could get over this and get some sleep i know i’m going to be more active and i’m going to be wanting to do more things and my mind’s going to be clear my body’s not going to be tired all the time and so yeah i was interested in this very much so one session of about 35 to 45 minutes and he didn’t even know

What it was and then afterwards we went back through it and talked it over and he found out what it was about but it was one session the next night after that one session i slept for four hours over four hours straight and the only reason i got up is because i had to use the bathroom that in itself was just amazing but the next night i got up three times to use

A bathroom but each time i was able to go back to bed and go right back to sleep it wasn’t like it was before before i toss and turn toss and turn toss and turn and it would be a long time before i passed back out and i’d pass out for a few an hour to two hours and then i’d wake up and start my day and sometimes it would be real late in the morning so it would

Uh that would drive me nuts um it brought me out of where i was and brought me to where i am and it allowed me to see it like a movie picture it allowed me to even visit back to myself and tell myself that i did everything i could at the time and it allows me to see it and the paces that i see the faces i see now they’re they’re they’re a little fuzzy it’s not

As clear it’s not like i i’m there it’s like i’m looking at it from a different perspective and it’s it it’s definitely like a seeing a big movie screen uh in many ways it doesn’t feel like i know what happened i know it was real but i’m not there anymore i’m living here now in this time and before it seems like to me that i was living in that time and i was

Constantly living in that time and i couldn’t shake it and you know robert brought up something about my sleep problem was did i ever sleep back then during that time no i didn’t i i never went to sleep during that time i was scared to go to sleep during that time so i did sleep during that time and one of the reasons it may have had effect on my sleep is because

Of that and i can see that but i do know that i’ve moved from there to here and i’m no longer in the past i’m in the present i’m in today and that has already happened and i can’t do nothing about it it’s over it’s done with and now i’m sleeping and i like that i like that very much um and i i’ve noticed in the past three days that my energy level is real uh

Okay i’m here i’m not there i’m not in no jungles i’m not i’m not fighting anybody uh good things are going to happen and uh i don’t feel as nervous i don’t feel as on edge i don’t feel like i’m something’s about to uh happen that i have to go into survival mode and i’m glad of that um so i’m really uh the technique that robert knows and uses on people is just

It’s amazing yeah i would recommend it i’d recommend it for all veterans i really would recommend it in fact i was in class the other day and i told him that i had slept that was the first night that i had slept and i said it was it was because of robert gene smith and i told him that and they’re going well what kind of therapy is that and i go well you’d have to

Try to believe it that’s all i can tell you i can’t really i don’t know the name of it i don’t know any of that i just know he gave me a free course in it and it changed my life and it changed my sleeping habit and i can sleep now and i go and i don’t know how long it’s going to last maybe only a week i don’t know but i’ll get back with you and and and you know i

I the morning after i had the session and i had slept for over four hours and i tried to go back to the memory to make it make me upset to get me back i couldn’t i couldn’t go back to that memory i i wasn’t anxious i wasn’t i was uh i wasn’t as nervous and i was happy i was happy because i slept and and i slept without it it being induced uh i tried trazodone

I’ve tried all types of stuff and that the va has given me and it just doesn’t work none of it works and drinking yourself till you pass out that doesn’t work that it doesn’t work it does not work um you still wake up in two hours so i do know that i over the years i’ve tried everything i’ve tried so many many other techniques and um it just doesn’t work this was

Simple it lasted again about 45 minutes and uh it really changed it changed my sleeping habits and it’s it’s it’s it’s made me the the key point with me is i’m not there i’m not there anymore i’m here i’m here today i’m not there anymore and for 40 something years i believed i was still there somehow in my mind i still believed i was there and i could see those

Faces so clearly in my mind that i was there but now i don’t see it like that i don’t see those faces like that as before as before it felt like i was still there i was still trapped in that time and i couldn’t move out of it i couldn’t get past it so yeah his technique works robert’s technique does work i do recommend it uh for veterans especially war veterans

Uh he’s uh sincere he’s honest and he wants to help people and he’s he’s he’s got a gift he’s got a gift and he knows what he’s doing it’s not just made up stuff it was straight to the point and it changed me changed my lifestyle

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For 43 years a veteran was tormented with one major memory but now I can sleep! By Limbic Retraining Neuroplastic Changes FasterEFT