March 24, 2023

You are just drifting off to sleep when you realise something – you haven’t taken your antidepressants! But, what happens if you forgot to take your medication and should you be worried?

If you watching this video you’ve probably forgotten to take your antidepressants and you wondering what the heck to do it’s really straightforward let’s find out welcome back to a happy change my name is alex if you don’t already know this is a channel all about mental health and mental illness recovery if you haven’t liked and subscribed already please do it

It means a lot it means more people can get the help that they need so take two seconds of your day however we’re here to solve a problem for you you’ve forgot to take your antidepressants so firstly anyone who takes an antidepressant whether that’s an ssri and snri or any other form of antidepressants will have at one point unless they are like some sort of robot

When it comes to scheduling forgotten to have taken their dose there were loads of times where i just forgot to take my dough so it happens it’s something that we need to respond to in this video i want to talk about what steps should you take and maybe what the repercussions gonna be for you that wasn’t supposed to sound like threatening at all so clearly if you’re

Watching this video you’re a bit anxious about what should you do what’s the next step to take what’s the best course of action so the first thing to do is look at the leaflet that comes with your medication was that like a seamless transition somewhere on here there’ll be information about missing the dose so for example with my search or lean it tells me if you

Miss a dose just take the next dose straightforward as that let’s say you normally wake up seven o’clock you take your search limb now imagine it’s 10 o’clock you’ve just got to work or school and you’ve realised i’ve not taken it you’ve got a pill in your bag wherever it’s a good decision or not to have it i would say go for it i think if it’s within the kind of

Parameters of a few hours you’re gonna be fine if it’s the evening and your next dose is due in say 12 hours time don’t bother just wait for that next dose to happen but what about side effects if you miss one dose it’s unlikely gonna have any issues to be honest for me there’s been times where i’ve forgotten for a couple of days and actually on those times when

I’ve taken it i have had a bit of an upset stomach or particularly like a dry mouth coming back so i suppose do expect if it’s been a couple of days perhaps some sort of repercussion let’s say you’ve forgotten for a week and it could happen okay so maybe you’re feeling particularly down maybe you just don’t want to take it but you know you should and you come back

To it a week later at that stage it’s potential that you’ll feel something called discontinuation syndrome and essentially that’s your body preparing to go cold turkey with the medication if it’s been like four or five days and you haven’t taken it what your body assumes is right alex isn’t taken sertraline anymore prepare yourself and that means my body goes

Into a bit of a shock i suppose of recovery and that can include flu-like symptoms it might include an upset stomach and similar side effects that you would have experienced at the start once you start taking it again that should dissipate and in fact your body will be familiar with the feeling of starting sertraline and will be able to kind of tune in a little

Bit quick it’s unlikely you’re gonna go through that kind of two-week period of side effect you probably just gonna have a couple of days where things start to regulate again you’re gonna forget from time to time that don’t panic wait for the next dose take it as normal everything will be okay you’re doing great i’m alex i’ll see you next time

Transcribed from video
Forgot to Take Medication! SSRI SNRI advice By Alex Robb