January 26, 2023

Hey guys welcome back to another story time and today i’m going to be telling about the first time i did i don’t know how to pronounce it but it’s called like flex or i don’t know it’s another muscle relaxer um i’ll show it uh on um probably on the thumbnail you’ll probably see it on the thumbnail but anyways so it’s gonna be talking about the first time i did

That but anyways let’s get into it so my friend told my friend hit me up he told me to get over to his house because he got some pills that really nice and this is my first actually my second third time doing that she pills and um i was like i bet and i got over there and he’s like hey um i got these muscle relaxers but they’re so strong that me and you can’t

Feel our face off off of them so i was like what you can’t feel her face he’s like yeah i was like i’ll bet let me get one so i pop one i’m waiting he’s like hey you wanna you wanna help me drink some weed real quick i’m trimming some weed real quick with him it’s about 20 minutes and he’s like hey you want to go make food i’m like oh hell yeah uh we go in

The kitchen we’re around there for about another 20 minutes this hits me i start like getting all up like i couldn’t stand i wanted to sit i i and was like oh my god i’m so up i couldn’t feel my face oh my god was he right god damn i couldn’t feel my face it was so numb i loved it but i was like bro i gotta sit down and i was just like i’m so relaxed

I wanted to like sleep and and my friend’s like come on let’s go in my room he brought my food and then i went on his couch and i just kind of wanted to like pass out and then i kind of like ate the food so this one’s short because um nothing really major happen but um anyway so i take it and um all right the food sorry um i eat the food and i was just

Sleeping out again i had this urge to throw up and i was so relaxed about time i had to throw up um about time i got up to go i i already threw up like what the like i threw up already on the floor when i was trying to go out and i was just really up and and i was like oh sorry sorry sorry i cleaned it up for i cleaned up my throw up in the shade room and

Um i went home but then i was like oh hold up i got five dollars i was like let me get two more and uh he let me get tomorrow went home and passed the out that’s the end of the story time the two other ones are actually um actually pretty cool so um i’ll tell them in the next two one so bye catch you on the next one

Transcribed from video
Frist time trying flexeril By It’s your Boi Goon