March 24, 2023

This is episode 32 in a series of videos cataloguing the post retirement adventures of Kath and Sue and their two dogs Archie and Fudge as they travel the UK in their Burstner Elegance Motorhome. The pair have given up conventional living for a new van-life, enjoying the freedom of the road and plenty of time outdoors taking in the beautiful countryside the UK has to offer.

Sue and i are traveling in our post-retirement adventures with our two dogs archie and fudge and trying lots of new things just thought i’d let you know that whilst i’m sitting here waiting for sue i’m getting really really more and more frustrated and actually they’ll be angry at the moment and i’m going to tell you why later or at least sue will tell you why

Later sue wanted to visit cambridge saw the camping and caravan club site there was perfect just off the site as a bus stop for the number seven bus route which takes you straight into the city center so this morning we’re in a totally different landscape to usual um a a stray away from her normal woodland walk because we have quite flat land around here we’re

Not far from cambridge but we found these great fields with lots of walks down the side so dogs are happy foreign just stopped to look back it’s going back guys once he’s done a route once he knows it and now he knows it was coming back here now because i’ve stopped he’s such a clever boy our first mission when we arrived at cambridge was to get to the

Pharmacy to try and source archie’s next prescription first impressions a nice vibrant city still sitting outside booze sue hasn’t just wrong to say they’ve taken the prescription they’re going to do it now but it’ll be another 10 or 15 minutes so um we’re still being serenaded so it’s not a bad place to stop that was our first trip to cambridge and we were

Successful at managing to get archies and matters in um and also that the pharmacist was happy for us to get the vet to email them with his prescription for gabapentin and we could come in and collect it the next day the eagle is famous for the discovery of dna and was first a coaching house in 1667. the city is full of historical buildings this church great

Saint mary’s a grade one listing building is a church for the university of cambridge famous corpus clock also known as the grasshopper clock is entirely mechanical and was officially unveiled to the public by the cambridge physicist stephen hawking on the 19th of september 2008. generally cambridge has a really nice vibe to it there’s a real cafe culture there

Are bicycles and scooters everywhere interesting place to visit it’s a beautiful day we’re here in cambridge taking in all the sights of colleges that neither sue or i would ever have been clever enough to go to we took a walk to trinity college where king charles iii went to there is a beautiful tree-lined view of the college king henry vii apparently banned

Dogs from all the colleges in cambridge and we heard a story that one of the principals then bought himself a bear cub to compensate foreign the river cam runs through cambridge and of course cambridge is famous for ponting we were offered a ride but we decided against it on the basis that we were fairly confident archie would end up in the water rather than in

The boat amongst the historical buildings in cambridge we came across one with a sundial on the top it turns out that this is the gate of honor to keys college and it’s one where students are allowed to go through finally when collecting their degrees okay because we had to go into cambridge for a second day we decided that we would have a tour around some of the

Old buildings and walk along the river before we actually went to the pharmacy to get pick up archie’s medication so when i got in there i explained what had happened the day before and the pharmacist was about to start looking to see if she could find the email before one of the other members of staff came over and wrote something down on a bit of paper and then

The pharmacist said that um we couldn’t dispense gabapentin without our prescription that had a wet signature foreign today um in its cinematic mode which means i think i’m going to be in focus and the background isn’t i’m not sure then that’s good um and i’ve not got the gimbal or anything so this is just raw iphone 13 pro footage uh it’s move on day today so

I always like move on days because i like driving the van and we’re off to for someone here rutland water so maybe some swimming not sure uh what else well again the new iphone uh has had a few little stresses because i had to reset up my banking app this morning and it wasn’t accepting my photo id um but anyway it’s all sorted now and uh ready for the day ahead

Beautiful little camping and caravan club cs site is by rutland water there is loads of space in all of the pitches i would definitely recommend it one we will come back to by surface area rotten water is the largest reservoir in england in construction two villages never hambleton and middle hamilton were demolished as part of the ground preparation sit back

And enjoy the views look at that deaf dog that’s the stick in the water she doesn’t know what it is the bounce back in a minute since we’ve set off traveling getting archie’s gabapentin has caused all sorts of problems every time we go to try and get it from a pharmacist they’ve all got different rules and regulations around what they need on the prescription

And to allow them to dispense it i mean even we’ve had needs to be in a pink paper and it needs to have a wet signature and some have been quite accommodating in that they’ll accept the email print it off and then maybe just give the vets a call just to make sure it’s um legitimate and but yes it’s been very frustrating so there you have it that’s why i was so

Cross at the start of the video and in fact sue went to three pharmacies in oakham before she finally managed to get one that was willing to dispense the gabapentin so if there’s any pharmacists out there who are pet loving dog loving who are listening to this can you please get together with your professional body and come up with a standard system that will

Work for everybody because the quality of life of of our animals is really important to us and without the drugs that arch is on that would seriously impact on his quality of life because he’d be in a lot more pain so uh i feel like i’m i’m having a bit of a whinge but um hopefully you’ll understand why but anyway hopefully everything else has been good fun on

This another couple of sites that we’ve been to in interesting places so if you uh if you like this please give us the big thing thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you’re not subscribed already uh clang that little bell so you get the weekly notifications or in fact all the notifications because i’ve done a couple of shorts this week and thank you so much for

Watching we really appreciate it see you next time

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FRUSTRATION – WE NEED HELP. Our old boy has a prescription for Gabapentin, so Pharmacists get with! By Motorhome Mums