January 26, 2023

WSU Nursing Students educate you on the facts of furosemide

You know so it does involve an tiger gasps nom the lack aids twin decrease the ticket zulu guess with skiing sunglasses you notice any on structured i wonder just i was lose nothing to be like i’ll be shirt good muscle yes yoshi light is indicated he might need your heart failure well liver failure cousin ascites and pulmonary edema caused by a bad heart that’s

Not a good reason that’s a bad thing fortunately in mr. long’s case he only had acute renal failure due to taking too much ibuprofen because he’s been recognized by getting sepsis and then unfortunately ruin his kidneys that causes blood to back up around the system returning all the extra fluid causing what we know as fatty elephant legs or we can also call it

Cankles furosemide yeah we fix cankles that’s okay we’ll take care of your legs in a minute but before that here’s a warm washcloth for your face oh it’s like in the airplane my face okay let’s check out your life okay whoa this is bad yeah it looks like you have earned fema for perot and it’s fitting for edema and it makes some sense yeah it looks like you need

Some puros mud wow that is some serious fortunately i have four rows amide row so mine is going to help remove this this this oh my big leg yes dr. polk call it edema a team yeah so i want you to take this how does that work well let me have a family in sicily no people increase administration of water sodium for in the medium safa and calcium so basically if your

Smile get rid of any open lines detangles get your heart back strong against keep you one from crackling and get you a medal record sypek may include blurred vision dizziness headache to forego hearing loss tinnitus hypertension anorexia constipation diarrhea right now dyspepsia nausea simplified as from any excess your knees in focus and i found radical mcmanus

Recycle jigna angry me instead about alkalosis atopic immune agranulocytosis moment amino pseudo penis promote on tina’s public ramp car seats and fever secret even another popping up this phone in certain cases the side effects may combine and you may die if any of these occur please be a health care find a provider immediately your health care team will provide

You with the best possible care they may’ve poked at your feet feel and listen your pulses karate chop your back our house tuesday ii all over you may also receive a batsman tosh for your personal enjoyment remember many hands make light work do you guys need to check morale i think 120 whoa he’s definitely not 120 right now that’s definitely not one that’s big

Oh wait i think my neighbors gave me some digoxin the other day so get the doctor your doctor is trained for years in years it’s properly assess the situation diagnose your condition and then effectively prescribe a medication which we hope is for us might oh right yeah that’s in part next slide okay the goal is to return you to your former active self removing

The pain inflammation and loss of energy that you experience excess fluids my medications awaken the makers of furosemide wants you to know we care about you and your help so next time you’re with your doctor ask him about her rosa my

Transcribed from video
Fun with Furosemide By Levi Jordan