November 29, 2022

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Hi my name is brian i’ve been a medicare supplement agent for over 10 years i hope you enjoy the video you’re about to watch if you have additional questions you can click on my name below which will take you to my youtube channel page and you can watch any additional video that you like there also at the end of my videos will be my name my website address and

My phone number where you can contact me and ask me any questions that you might have furosemide and medicare part d furosemide was the eighth largest prescribed drug in 2021 with approximately 65 million prescriptions written what are the reasons people take furosemide the top reason for taking furosemide is fluid retention and swelling caused by congestive

Heart failure liver disease kidney disease and other medical conditions so what is furosemide furosemide is a diuretic it is the type of drug often known as a water pill it stimulates urine production to flush water and salt from the body damage to major organs from fluid retention and blood pressure may cause heart disease a heart attack heart failure

Stroke kidney failure loss of vision and other problems furosemide is also used in the treatment of high blood pressure along with other hypertension medications diuretics have been recommended as the first line or preferred therapy for hypertension along with other hypertension drugs approximately 100 million adults suffer from high blood pressure in the

United states that’s one in three adults what does high blood pressure do to a person high blood pressure also known as hypertension causes strokes and heart attacks chest pain and memory loss lowering your blood pressure can reduce the risk of these conditions immensely this is why so many people take furosemide with lacinopril furosamide also helps clear

Out the kidneys high blood pressure liver disease and kidney disease can be caused by several different things such as smoking being overweight too much salt too much alcohol stress age lack of exercise diabetes and other things is furosemide a brand drug or generic purosamide is a generic for the brand lasiks why is medicare mentioned with furosemide in this

Video a common cause of high blood pressure liver disease and kidney disease is age and being overweight as we age we tend to gain weight and exercise less with many adults having high blood pressure and diabetes medicare is covering them for these illnesses how much does furosemide cost with a medicare part d plan well depends on which company you choose for

Your medicare part d plan but furosemide is a generic drug and should not cost more than ten dollars for a 30-day supply do the medicare part d plans charge the same amount to purchase furosemide the answer is no the part d plans copayments and deductibles will vary like i said if it is more than ten dollars for a 30-day supply you should talk to a medicare

Supplement specialist for help so are the prices for furosemide different at each pharmacy the answer is yes the price will vary by pharmacy so ask how much it will cost before filling the prescription if you need additional information or help please visit my website at medicare or call me at 1-844-5555 you

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Furosemide and Medicare Part D #1 By Brian Medicare