March 24, 2023

Hi maddie my name is dr osborne how are you doing today i’m doing good how about yourself i’m doing great from your last visit it looks like you were diagnosed with heart failure how are you feeling today well i’m not doing so good i’ve been having this cough and some swelling in my ankles and um i get really fatigued when i go on walks and well sometimes i

Get shortness of breath okay let’s take a listen okay i’m hearing some fluid in your lungs that’s not good and you’re right about the swelling there is some edema in the lower extremities don’t worry these are common side effects of heart failure but there is a plan we can start you on furosemide also known as lasix what’s that furosemide’s a diuretic it’s

Going to help get rid of the extra fluid in your body this will also help with the swelling in your ankles as well as your shortness of breath i’ll have the nurse come in and speak to you and answer any questions that you might have awesome thank you you’re welcome maddie hi maddie i’m ashlynn it sounds like you’re going to be started on some furosemide is that

Correct yeah okay well i want to go over a few things for you to keep in mind while you’re taking the medication it’s going to sound like a lot at first but i think you’re going to be okay so you want to make sure you take the medication at the same time every morning and that will help you avoid having to get up and go to the bathroom do you have a scale at

Home no okay well it’s important that you weigh yourself daily at the same time as well you also want to let us know if you experience any headaches chest calf or pelvic pain and give us a call immediately as it could indicate a blood clot if you notice any ringing in your ears or any hearing loss or even significant weight loss please give us a call you want

To be aware that you could be light-headed or dizzy so you want to make sure when you get up from any position like sitting or standing to do so slowly this medication can also cause some gi distress so you can take it with or without food depending on how you feel okay you want to avoid alcohol as well as beverages that are high in acidity oh no i know it can

Be difficult but it’s really important okay if you have any concerns or questions you can always contact our office awesome thank you so much of course here is a brochure that goes over everything i talked about okay and here is your new medication awesome another another medication do you have any questions for me not that i can think of all right well good luck

Furosemide 40 milligrams by mouth taking the am well it’s 8 am so i should probably take it okay oh my god i need to go to the bathroom oh my gosh i feel really dizzy okay she must be on furosemide i’m so thirsty i was scared when i was diagnosed with heart failure but since taking furosemide my life has changed and i’m able to go on my walks with my dog and

Um i’m starting to live my normal life again other side effects of furosemide include dehydration hyponatremia hypochloremia hypotension hypokalemia hyperglycemia hypomagnesemia decrease in hdl cholesterol increase in ldl cholesterol and autotoxicity be cautious when taking digoxin as ventricular dysrhythmias can occur in the presence of low potassium be cautious

With concurrent use of antihypertensives as they can have an additive hypotensive effect lithium blood levels can increase which can lead to toxicity if hyponatremia occurs nsaids decrease blood flow to the kidneys which reduces the diuretic effect notify your provider if you are pregnant or become pregnant

Transcribed from video
Furosemide Commercial By Mariah Potts