June 3, 2023

All right so i am in the med room and i noticed my patient has an order for 40 milligrams of furosemide give an iv we have a bottle that is 10 milligrams per milliliter so i’m going to need to draw up 4 milliliters for them so to get started i’m going to take my syringe and open up a needle attach it to there so i’m going to draw up some air i’m gonna draw it up

To 4 and inject that into my vial that hasn’t been used before or else i would or else i would wipe it off with an alcohol swab alright alright there we have 4 milliliters that is 40 milligrams okay so now i’m going to take this needle and i’ve got a new syringe i’m just going to squirt out some of that into this garbage can so that i have room to put my rose

Tonight in it i’m just going to stick that in there now that would block my needle take it off and just close it in the sharps container so it’s in the sharps container now we’re gonna label so we know what this med is when we go to give it to the patient so i’m going to write the medication and dosage and then i’m going to put it on here we’re not going to put

Any identifying patient information because in case we get distracted we don’t want that on our patient okay that’s labeled all right hi my name is stephanie i’m gonna be your nurse today before we get started can i get your name and date of birth my name is susan white january 10th 1989 all right so i’ve washed my hands i have an order i checked your wristband

I can see that you are who you say you are i have an order for a year for us am i today do you know what that is i don’t okay so it is a medication that’s used to get the excess fluid off of you so in your case i see you have heart failure so you’re building up a lot of fluid that makes it difficult for you to breathe sometimes maybe you have some edema so this

Is going to help with that some side effects are gonna be that you are gonna have to use the bathroom oh you’re gonna feel the urge to urinate and you also could get hypotensive which means your blood pressure’s low you might get dizzy standing up so i want you to use this call i and call someone whenever you’re getting up to go to the bathroom we’ll just be here

Just to make sure you’re safe okay okay all right before we put this in this medication and i gotta verify do you have any allergies that you’re aware of no all right so that is good we can continue at or and so i’ve washed my hands i have all my supplies here get those set down i’m going to stop your pump that’s running right now you get that stopped clamped off

All right so that’s shut right now we’re gonna oh and this got an alcohol swab to clean it off and a scrub for 30 seconds make sure we get that good and clean and then let it dry cuz we don’t want any stinging when that happens so first before we put the medication in i’ve got a flush i’m just gonna hook that up and flush that and make sure there’s no infiltration

It’s going where it’s supposed to go all right we’re good now that we’ve got that we’ve got your medication here again this is your furosemide 40 milligrams is what we have ordered for you so we’re going to hook that up and we’re gonna put this in over two minutes so it’s gonna feel like a long time i know that i’m just standing here talking to you but we want to

Go in slowly to make sure we don’t have any rapid side effects just want to assess how the medication is affecting you as we put it in so two minutes have passed the medication is in i’m gonna take that off and we’re going to do one more flush before we get you hooked back up to your maintenance fluids so that blood all right and then i’m gonna wipe off this also

Before we get you a test because i just have that laying down and make sure we get that good and clean okay i’ll get back up all right how are you feeling right now i’m feeling okay so i’m gonna unclamp this too and start your fluids again all right so again you have your call light within reach i want you to call me when you feel like you need to go the bathroom

We just want to be here to make sure you’re not getting too dizzy when you stand up okay okay all right so i would document what that was given all the fluids given with it cuz we want to get keep strict eye and i was with heart failure patients and then i would come back and reassess and wash my hands on my way out after i just start all this garbage

Transcribed from video
Furosemide IV push By Stephanie Holland