June 3, 2023

Furosemide, AKA Lasix, helps treat high blood pressure, heart failure and oedema. This video will break down all the important questions you may have about this medication. In this video, Dr Hart-Pinto answers the most common questions on Furosemide (LASIX) including:

Furosemide is effective in treating high blood pressure heart failure and edema in this video we’ll break down all the important questions you may have about this medication frozamide belongs to a group of medications called diuretics these medications work on your kidneys increasing urine production and reducing fluid retention hence why these medications

Are also known as water tablets frisomide is therefore prescribed to alleviate symptoms of fluid retention caused by heart failure liver and kidney disease furizamide is also commonly used to help manage high blood pressure often in combination with other medications is there anyone who shouldn’t take furozomide it’s best to speak to your doctor before taking

This medication if you have any of the following conditions you’ve experienced a prior allergic reaction to ferozamide or other water tablets you experience postural hypertension where your blood pressure drops significantly when you stand some diabetics and also those who suffer from gout patients with significant electrolyte abnormalities such as low blood

Potassium or sodium and additionally patients with a history of liver or kidney disease in these cases additional care monitoring or an alternative medication may be what’s required is ferozamide safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding ferusamide is not thought to be harmful during pregnancy but should only be prescribed if really necessary for breastfeeding mothers

The amount of frismai present in your milk is small and not likely to cause any harm to a healthy baby in both cases your doctor will need to weigh up the risk versus the benefit of taking this medication before continuing your prescription what is the correct dose of frozen mine ferrumide is available in a variety of strengths most commonly in 20 and 40 milligram

Tablets your prescribed dose will be dependent on why your medication has been prescribed and your response to treatment the starting dose for fluid retention also known as edema is usually around 40 milligrams those with resistant fluid retention can see their daily dosing increase to 120 milligrams per day occasionally higher doses are needed but this requires

Specialist input for high blood pressure on the other hand 40 to 80 milligrams is usually sufficient your prescribing doctor will reassess your response to treatment usually after two to three weeks and consider any dose adjustment it’s common practice for your doctor to monitor your kidney function whilst taking this medication and blood tests are typically arranged

Before and after making any changes to your dosing how to take frozen mine frozen may be prescribed as a once daily or twice daily regime if you’re taking it once daily it’s best to take it in the morning for twice daily regimes take your first dose first thing in the morning followed by a second dose at midday taking forzamide in the afternoon or evenings is not

Recommended and may result in disturbed sleep frozamide will continue working overnight meaning you’ll need to pass urine several times during the night how long will i need to take my medication most individuals prescribed fraurismide will usually continue this medication lifelong stopping this medication will result in the return of your fluid retention or high

Blood pressure how long does it take for furosemide to work furisamide will start working soon after you start taking this medication however it takes a week or so of regular dosing to reach its optimum effects if you’re taking furizamide to help manage your high blood pressure it’s unlikely you’ve ever experienced any symptoms of that condition therefore even

Though you’re taking the medication it’s unlikely you’ll feel any different but it is still important to keep taking it are there any foods i should avoid there are no food restrictions whilst taking forismide however excessive salt intake or consuming salty foods promotes water retention in patients with salty diets higher doses of furosemide may be needed to

Achieve the desired effect therefore limiting your salt intake is probably beneficial can i drink alcohol with this medication drinking alcohol alongside this medication is safe providing you do so in moderation however in the minority the combination can cause episodes of dizziness therefore it’s commonly advised to avoid alcohol for the first few days of taking

Frozonite and slowly reintroduce it those individuals experiencing symptoms when taking this combination should limit their alcohol intake i’ve missed my dose what should i do if you forget to take your furosemide on time don’t worry take it as soon as you remember however if you only remember the following day skip the missed dose please remember to take your next

Dose at the regular time of course taking that missed dose late in the afternoon may mean you have to wake up several times during the night to pass urine do not double dose to make up for a missed one i’ve accidentally taken too much medication frozamide in overdose can be dangerous symptoms of overdose can include drowsiness and dizziness if you believe you’ve

Taken an overdose of this medication please seek emergency assessment are there any side effects fortunately most will not experience any side effects however as with all medications side effects can occur common side effects are passing more urine than usual thirst and the episodes of dry mouth dehydration causing alteration in blood salt balance specifically the

Sodium and the potassium levels dizziness nausea and headaches and even muscle spasms rarely people may experience more concerning side effects if you experience any of the following please consult with your doctor urgently unusual bruising bleeding fever or sore throat which may indicate the development of a blood disorder chest pain or unusual tightness flank

Or abdominal pain passing small volumes of urine being confused or even drowsy may indicate severe dehydration and potential injury to your kidneys plus a change in your hearing or tinnitus may show damage to your ears allergic reactions are concerning as they may be life-threatening fortunately life-threatening allergic reactions are rare those with serious

Alleged reactions should call emergency services for assistance symptoms of severe allergic reaction can include swelling of the face lips mouth and throat difficulty breathing wheezing or chest tightness and even an allergic skin rash of course this list is not exhaustive for a full list of side effects refer to the drug information leaflet that comes with your

Medications i hope this video has supplied the answers you were looking for thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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FUROSEMIDE (Lasix) | Medication for Fluid Retention & High Blood Pressure | What You Need to Know By JHP Medical UK