February 1, 2023

What is this drug used for?

Welcome back to meds made easy my name is tarun verma at l4 specialty pharmacy today let’s talk about lasix also known as furosemide it is a potent diuretic used for edema or hypertension or really a lot of cv issues that you probably only see in hospitals but for our purposes edema and hypertension what is edema edema is fluid buildup so if you are in congestive

Heart failure or you have cirrhosis or any sort of renal disease you have fluid that backs up into your system now when that happens usually what happens is that fluid due to gravity goes down and you’ll see it in your feet your feet will swell up that’s a number one sign of edema you can see in your hands and stuff too if it’s really severe but normally it goes

Right into the feet and one of the biggest things about that is is if you take your thumb or any sort of finger and you press into your foot and you let it go and it that imprint stays there you know you have fluid buildup because normal skin kind of like mine if you do this the skin bounces right back because it has the appropriate amount of like tissue to but

Water to whatever ratio but in edema you just have a lot of excess fluid sitting there it’s just stuck and so this medication causes you to diurese which is to urinate so that’s how you get rid of that fluid which is a very very good way to reduce hypertension as well hypertension it lowers your blood pressure by forcing you to kind of pee out the fluid so the

Pressure doesn’t build up into your pipes so what else can we go into other than that mik thing is is that always make sure that you don’t adjust your own dosages or anything like that don’t be like oh i have my feet are extra small and today let me take two don’t do that this can be a potentially dangerous medication if you’re not taking it under this proper

Supervision of your doctor you generally are supposed to take it in the however there’s so many different ways to take this it’s such a versatile medication that i don’t want to go into how to take it generally i’ll just tell you just take it on an empty stomach cuz if you take it with food it’ll kind of impact how much gets absorbed in your body etc etc etc so

Try to take it on an empty stomach unless your doctor says otherwise you can take it you know one to three times a day again all depending on how your doctor wants to treat whatever it is that you have so beyond that if you have a sulphur allergy there could be a possible interaction that this medication could cause so if you do have a sulphur allergy make sure

That your doctor knows so that they don’t prescribe you this medication or if they prescribe it to you you are under careful supervision this thing also suffers from you can also have photosensitivity happen to you photosensitivity is while you’re on this medication if you’re out in the sun a lot you will see yourself ten very very quickly and so for most people

It’s not a big issue but they will notice i hey what’s going on i’m a lot darker than i usually am because it’s it’s while you’re on this medication once you’re off the medication the color will revert again but just keep that in mind this way you can put sunscreen on you can keep a hat and whatever to just you know preventative measures from from getting darker

And more exposure to sun if you have any sort of liver or renal issues make sure your doctor knows because there’s a lot of caveats with how this works i’d rather kind of just leave this area to your doctor just because there’s so much to go over depending on what you have i don’t think it would it’s not it’s not basics so so that’s what we cover here’s the

Basics that’s not basic so that’s that most of the time people who take lasix they need potassium supplementation because if this drug works by making you pee think about what’s in your pee it’s salts its vitamins its minerals it if you’re peeing a lot more you’re flushing all of that stuff out of your body so you constantly need supplementation so you need to

Make sure that you do drink enough water when you’re on this medication you may need vitamin supplementation all of those things are things you should definitely talk to your doctor about and your local pharmacist whenever you go to pick up the medication because if it’s not take in the right way can definitely cause some harm but generally it’s a pretty benign

Medication i’ll put the list of side effects right here it’s usually kind of the usual and then beyond that again consult your doctor about it because the side effects could could could get into the extremes could get into so many different types but it all depends on what you have because you can use this medication for a lot of different things so guys i think

That kind of does it with lasix one other caveat for a lot of people that do bodybuilding competitions they generally take diuretics to kind of deplete their body of water so that they can look the part which is why they look so dehydrated if you’ve ever seen you know pictures of people i have bodybuilding competitions please make sure and i know most of you

Guys i have a lot of friends that do this stuff they don’t take this stuff understand doctor’s supervision you need to make sure you do that because if you dehydrate yourself beyond a certain point you will damage your kidneys you will cause harm to yourself so please please please make sure that you don’t just take it willy-nilly okay no willy-nilly enjoys okay

All right guys as usual if you have knee and def con questions make sure you direct them to your pharmacist to your doctors they can give you a lot more in-depth information on it but i hope the one-on-ones on this was was helpful and as always if you have any questions please give us a call here at telfer specialty pharmacy to be more than happy to talk to you

About it otherwise we’ll see you on the next meds made easy take care

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