February 8, 2023

Medication Presentation

Hi my name is angie guns and i’m doing my medication presentation on furosemide and i am in school to be a alright so again i’m doing furosemide which is a the generic name is pros made for a loop diuretic the brand name and trade name is called lasix which we all meet maybe a little bit more familiar with most common most common loop diet the most common

Loop diuretics are furosemide bumetanide torse amide and at the critic acid now at the critic acid is the only loop diuretic that is not a sulfonamide based loop diuretic all the other three of the four that i listed our sulfa base so they may have patients may have allergies to that you know you’ve heard of sulfa allergies just something to be aware of so the

Mechanism of action of furosemide is it as a loop diuretic now loop diuretics inhibit the sodium chloride reabsorption in the thick segments of the ace in a sending loop of henle and more specifically they inhibit the nk cc too cold transporter and kcc 2 stands for sodium potassium so it’s one sodium one potassium in two chloride ions and typically your n kcc to

Co transporters on the lumen side and then you have that co transport in of the sodium potassium and chloride ions intracellularly so then intracellularly you have an excess of potassium so you actually have back diffusion of potassium out back into the lumen and this creates a positive electrical milkin for electrical potential in the lumen side and that’s what

Normally happens so when we inhibit this end see see – we inhibit the sodium-potassium oh don’t touch that job we inhibit the sodium potassium and chloride from entering the cell so you don’t get that so you don’t get that access intracellularly therefore you don’t have that back to fusion therefore you don’t have that back diffusion of potassium into the lumen side

Which gives you your increased urinary excretion your increased sodium chloride and potassium magnesium and calcium excretion in here now a secondary mechanism of action of the loop diuretic furosemide is also that it induces the expression of cyclooxygenase cox – and so what cox-2 does is you have synthesis of prostaglandins so this prostaglandins specifically

Pge2 inhibits all transport as well in the thick segment of the ascending loop of henle so so it does the same thing that your loop diuretic is already doing in kind of its primary mechanism of action so that’s just an additional so something so something to be aware of is that you don’t want to mix with nsaids because nsaids inhibit cox – so you’ll you know they

Could potentially completely inhibit what your loop diuretic is trying to do in the first place so just absorption and excretion so increase the absorption and excretion of the loop diuretic furosemide it’s rapidly absorbed i’m an extruded by the kidney the egg lamellar filtration and tubular secretion and you can see more of that on my slideshow and powerpoint

Because my they’re getting a little antsy so then just a question that i have for you just skip ahead here is what is for also my secondary mechanism of action in relation to the cyclooxygenase cox-2 and what medications should potentially be avoided with the use of loop diuretics and why and to answer that furosemide and loop diuretics aid with expression of

Cyclooxygenase particularly cox – and thus prostaglandin pge2 specifically synthesis so the pge2 inhibits salt transport in the thick ascending loop of henle which gives an alternative mechanism of the diaeresis action of the loop diuretic family so you’re going to use with caution and ed says for example as their mechanism of action our cyclooxygenase enzyme

Inhibition and they interfere with and possibly completely blunt the loop diuretic drug effects get out so joe here is a nurse anesthetist right stand up and blakey here is the patient joe is just gonna give blake a little feroze tonight here are you not going to anymore okay you want mama – okay all right thank you can i have your arm all right ready give it to

Her iv there how does that feel pretty good you feel normal okay and that’s our presentation

Transcribed from video
Furosemide Loop Diuretic By Angie Devroy