March 28, 2023

Hi guys welcome back to another video channel so today we will be discussing about a drug which is a very famous drug and very much used in clinical conditions in case of edema so from the word itself you can see it’s redeemer so it’s something related with edema so if you haven’t subscribed this channel yet feel free to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more

Updates so redeemer injection is actually composed of furosemide which is a diuretic which helps in clearing edema so in the pharmacology lessons we have studied about the diuretics which belongs to the excretory system drug or renal system drug or hypertensive drugs so it comes under the class of diuretics so this is actually the structure of eurozomine so

The mechanism of action they will be blocking the sodium potassium two chloride or transporter located in the ascending limb of the looper family in the renal tubule which is derived by jackson 1996 so inhibition of sodium potassium two chloride co transporter located in the thick ascending so it’s classed as a loop diuretic because it’s act on the eu because

Of the marble efficacy and has a high ceiling diuretic so this is actually the mechanism of action so it will be blocked here that is sodium potassium blue chloride importer so they belong to the class diuretics or excretory system drug or they are commonly called as edema clear so the indications where or can we go for edema injection that is actually in case

Of pulmonary edema which is very much efficient or which is very much visible in case of talariosis renal failure whereas it can be ar for crf or hypertension that is simple hypertension or fluid retention due to any abnormalities of the kidney or any abnormalities of the tubular system or any abnormalities with the external orifices etcetera in case of acute

Heart failure or anion overdose or hyperkelly so in these seven conditions which is a very important condition very important clinical conditions we can go for the radio injection so each ml of the erythema will be containing furosemide as 50 mg so each ml will be having 50 empty and alcohol will be the procedure so dosage and administration will go for catalan

Buffalo that is 0.5 to 190 per kg body weight by im root uh we can remember it actually as this is this is the same as the pandemic result dose so we will be generally going for pandora’s 100 kg bodyweight but pada paso is strict iv and this can be given as a slow av or even as i am root so in case of dog and cat it’s better higher dose that is 2.5 to 5 mg per kg

Weight and two times daily actually needed so in case of horse there’s amnes that is 100 kg and m so the main adverse effects is actually auto toxicity hyperuricemia hypovolemia potassium depletion and hypomagnesemia allergies hypokalinic metabolic alkalosis so hypokalemic metabolic alkyl is a very important feature of this vedima because there will be potassium

Depleted there will not be absorption of potassium so there will be very less potassium in case of blood that will lead to metabolic alkalosis that can lead to ventilatory problems the presentation is 10 ml while you can see the 10 ml while that is 50 mg per ml that is furosemide injection so marketed by your token the price is actually for 10 ml nearly rupees 55 thank you

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