January 27, 2023

Hi my name is hayden vaughn and today we’re going to be giving our patient the drug for rosamide and the trade name for that is lasix it’s classification is a diuretic and it’s used to treat fluid or tension and swelling the mechanism of action for this drug is it works by blocking the absorption of sodium chloride and water from the filtered fluid in the kidney

Tubules which then causes an increase in the output of urine or commonly called diuresis it’s route of administration is po and it’s usually used in patients with chf liver disease or kidney disease some of the contraindications for this drug are low magnesium calcium sodium and potassium levels in the blood and those are the kind of the same lab values i want

To be checking before you give the patient this drug some special considerations for the nurse to think about when she’s giving this is you always want to assess the fluid status of the patient which involves their intake and output it’s usually given in patients as i said before um with edema related to heart failure to try and kind of treat that fluid retention

In those kind of patients uh some of the side effects are obviously urinating more than usual headaches confusion or dizziness some of the incompatibilities for this drug would be patients that have pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes cirrhosis renal dysfunction um auto toxicity uh things like that so now we’re gonna be giving our patient the drug

And the first thing we’re gonna do is check our two patient identifiers which is name and date of birth so can you give me your name and date of birth michelle vaughn my date of birth is 4 10 69 all right the next thing we’re going to do is take the drug that we’ve pulled out of the pixels already and took to the patient’s room and we’re just going to confirm all

The information so we’re going to confirm it’s the right medication the right dose the right time and the right route that the medication should be given at so we’re going to scan our patient’s wristband to confirm that that’s her real name and date of birth and then this matches with the one in our computer system next we’re going to scan our medication to see

If it correlates with the medications that the doctor has ordered that are in the computer system already so we’re going to take our lasix package that we pulled out we’re going to scan it with our barcode scanner and we’re going to see that it says lasix 20 milligrams to be given at 9 o’clock po so now that we’ve identified that and confirmed it we’re going to

Give our patient the medication now the onset of diuresis when taking lasix is usually within the hour the peak is usually seen within one to two hours of taking it and the duration of it usually lasts for about six to eight hours and some of the things you want to be considering and watching out for as a nurse is you always want to assess their fluid status

Periodically from that six to eight hours um you also want to assess those lab values that i stated earlier earlier the magnesium calcium sodium and potassium in the blood

Transcribed from video
Furosemide.Vaughn By Haden Vaughn