March 28, 2023

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Hi everyone i want to talk about flu cemre thanks for watching my videos and i hope that you subscribe because if you do you’ll be able to get all these presentations minute later published our first semi is a loop or isolate diuretic some people call it war appeal are you familiar with for semi if not just sit back and you’ve got yourself educated in a few minutes

Okay with that let’s go from semi-cool be known depending on the file cuticle company with brand names in your jurisdiction but worldwide blazes is a common issue it will know it to be laces or appaloosa might opm i loose my bow through 7th october rousseff belongs the class of medications called diuresis and specifically is one of the loop or isalean decorated

Is commonly known to be anti obsessive what a members in the group that is i said in there it is or loop diuretic would be bumetanide sim id and it had chronic acid we use at a pretty classy when someone is allergic to follow my and the allergy is preventing to use all four seven because anyone as a lady to sulfonamide cannot use true so my therefore we choose

At a clinic acid because belong to the same class uses of fruits mi in our situs that is secondary to liver cirrhosis or any party failure situation and in lots of fluid into south wales in the abdomen there or pramana a team prefer a demon generalized edema that is in a circle acute renal failure and of course our attention this is of semi who be in fear forms

Form of tablet as tralee militia for ammonium aluminum and of course generic prepared in tooth disease forms also and to go fine for semi in a resolution for example would be able example mil or tamra round camille who also give for semite intravenously or intramuscular injection and to appear in form of tener ihram on mail so you do your calculation when you need

To administer in ascites secondary to liver cirrhosis liver failure would happen you give through semi and for the fear of potassium loss you are panel option that actually you named spinal option because if the ascites is secondly to fatigue failure with poor septation you have to give a dose iran and taiwan’s and the dust alone at argonne instead reversal eight

Here will be swung on a laptop and with that you’ll be able to save the level of potassium when you use persimmon that is going to send out potassium as from a lot zone that is as inspiring who reduce the rate at which the potato will be lost but if you are dealing with ascites and apart allah meeya you are free to use for semi only because in that case you are not

Gonna add it’s when a lot on now worry temperatures are in the face of i park olivia if not and politics deficient to a park olymic see it with no associated career the iranian and we lead to fatality for absolutes alcone or great calm you can actually start with natural a zone it is 30 minutes before you abs from lhasa and then a do flu semi saudi three medications

Would be great in handing your ascites looser mind could be at the dues of 40 milligram as well at home at 100 milligram and mutulu zone at 2.5 million that the value of potassium we determine how far you can go and the dosage of the respective diet is here example for example aura was delhi would be fine pay to who go as high as 160 milligrams per day pulmonary

Edema then give in to a balanced ready to follow milligram start and he typed rate as needed by oral route is less available 200 aprama nary edema so in other words if your diagnosis is tentative deal with pulmonary edema and you are thinking as by the usage of loose irvine go for intravenous route from aura to iv you can start as twice the total or a daily dose an

Iv infusion should be at five milligram per hour if the glomerular filtration rate is led and 30 days for meaning then gave 20 milligram per hour start can increase that to 40 milligram per hour and watch out as by society face waiting a conversion from iv route to per aura you can use 1 to 2 dose of the heavy dosage arina impairment like acute kidney injury but

Mountain or agree cases you can use one gram daily to start the initial desire response in the passive impairment you can give a disease of true semi that will lead to increase topical area and volume depletion sensitivity there will be diminished that averted effect so be watchful in a party confirm impurities you are free to give as i house wants to meter per

Kilogram for a start and you can increase with one atom per kilogram per dose every eight hours to get it desired effect it’s you know you have to be watching or keeping an eye on the level of potassium you can give the roof on fire to two milligram per coulomb per tooth i am or iv every six to two a powers may increase the dose by one reader and per kilogram my

Ribs the mass condos allow it’s this milligram per kilogram per dose for infusion you can give iv bolus 0.1 milligram per kilogram followed by continuous iv infusion of 0.05 to zero point four milligrams per kilogram per hour then you try to raise to the desired effect the possible adverse reactions hypotension remember when i started i said you can use through

Sir mine to treat updation so it goes without saying that any agent you use to deal without tension we give you hypotension because as it go to bring the be peter but when we say i petition it means you’ve gone below the optimum parameter the dizziness of course went through this loss and as a predation as likelihood of dissonance paresthesia preciousness vertigo

Trauma phlebitis vasculitis critizing and jay-z’s and figure a chihuahua tafoni and deafness but let me impose a spa deafness forum emma is narrow when i was in school for the medical school we had young man that was brought with nephrotic syndrome and the young man was properly treated and it lost the ana soccer as generalized very swelling but he came in they

Would talk to ross and able to respond many eco here if you conquer the body tile were down man he was deaf and though we got to fleet out that he freed in the hair also gone fairly underneath still an adverse effects or adverse reactions glycosuria and i-5 glycemia so you need to watch it in any video with diabetes mellitus a polycythemia so you have to be careful

In people with gout saving johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis so you need to be sure there’s more of a sensitivity constipation is possible blood a spasm terminal crumbs pancreatitis it can recite to seize and of course a name still on adverse reactions could be aplastic anemia signal failure more lytic anemia thrombocytopenia and party passive low party

Jaundice and raise fuzzy enzymes you know on adverse effect or adverse reactions someone might be whispering to you why give any medication if they evolve be faced with this the amount of reactions well it is what it is tinnitus dressing room that is drug rush with is no failure as the semi symptoms mazal weakness fever logic interstitial nephritis nephrotoxicity

Photosensitivity and of course we always explain to the patient the probability of ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity and that is where you need to watch out drove the reaction so so on is on for semi and means to undo actual infection be careful with aminoglycoside one to hire for sim i will lead to severe flee and literally loss so be dealing with the adoration and

Electra i lost more significantly potassium level i for kareem a persimmon can give a pooka semien leading to arrhythmia a polycythemia is possible from what i’ve said as far as defense that will need to come don’t give in patients with severe allergy because the obsessive we’ve just said sips of silver and then you use at a clinic acid in that case don’t use in

Adrenal insufficiency in cirrhosis dome light particles follow fatigue cook or to electrolyte and acids based imbalances so you’ll get you a tear of blood gases and you’ll be monitoring the ph and the level of the lateral be cautious diabetic patients cause of turkish riviera and possibility of a polycythemia you don’t give through survive and bp when i approach 30

‘ Or benign prostatic hyperplasia in systemic lupus erythematosus to serve a minority best choice because it can cause increased flow as per draw droid in russian i will limit myself to the piece of advice here contacted pharmacists because a lot of medications that semi-cool we are way bed and we just leave these when you are many stream through semi you want

To have some futures back of a mind that is nephrotoxicity ototoxicity if i that there could be dehydration and possibility of abu kolima so with that you’ll be able to guide the choices that will make as far other half of medications to undo whatever the patient may be burning with concomitant contract equations our sensitivity to so phone online derived ross

Who made through say my own welcome and completely shut down whoa exclude the use of fruits mi party kumar from hepatic encephalopathy you have to keep two semi of the table in a virtual a depletion particularly chasm level please don’t use for semi and don’t arch the problem if there’s a polka leimia and you still need to use any form of type ready agent you

Are free to use a dose your own antagonist and at least to be able to pigs for an erratum a miller ride or tram train in a pope living situations please keep to semi off the table because for semi on his own who sends read out and now the individual is hypovolemic then i want to do more harm than good in individual already dehydrated you don’t need to say mind

Anymore because you are going to was in the situation fatima course and you do many fluid out for the system anjali’s baby or chemicals please kill flu semite off the table and of course in breastfeeding models because then actually made the fluid to help him make letdown reflex and the child be able to be fed appropriately so when you give them for some money you

Dry off everything and we does a come to the end of this presentation if you have any comments you can leave comment at a comment session thank you for listening can leave remember to subscribe to my channel so that you can get representations immediately they’re published thank you appreciate

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