June 4, 2023

Gaba vs Clonazepam (Klonopin) Sleep Better Without The Fatigue

What the difference is between gaba versus clot up in clonix blurring vision drowsiness dizziness and so when i switched him to gaba he’s feeling incredibly better so either you take a multivitamin that’s like welcome everybody this is dr beck from kosher functional nutrition so i had a patient recently that i have been treating for fatigue one of the most common

Reasons why patients go to doctors especially women is for fatigue chronic fatigue even if they do sleep pretty well they wake up and they don’t feel great so some of the things that i offer are iodine for the thyroid or checking iron levels for anemia and viral loads but i learned something again from this patient that i want to share with you i did not ask or

Take into consideration the medications that the patient was taking and so i found out last week that the patient was taking two medications to relax the comp to help sleep one of them was called klonopin which um in this country is called clonix but they’re both the same thing it’s called clonazepam and he was taking also a sleeping pill one of the side effects

Of taking this medication is blurring vision drowsiness dizziness and so when i switched him to gaba he’s feeling incredibly better and we’re also working with things like l-tryptophan and melatonin to get him off the sleeping pill but i felt it was very important to share with you what the difference is between gaba versus clown up in clinics now when you look

At the pdr the physicians desk reference which references all the medications basically in the world so it says that the action of clinics is to increase gaba so why would you take a medication that has so many side effects addictiveness dependence and very difficult withdrawal symptoms if you can go to the health food store or online or to your local functional

Medicine doctor and purchase gaba which is a natural amino acid it’s a neurotransmitter and it’s safe it doesn’t have any addiction so there’s no withdrawal symptoms and basically what i’ve been telling patients for many years is it decreases excitable brain activity so when you have a patient who goes to bed and is kind of looking up at the ceiling and their mind

Is working a mile a minute and they’re not being able to fall asleep for a couple of hours so when they take gaba it’s incredibly helpful and i’ve been using gamma for many many years on my patients and also i recommended that some of my patients would open the capsule of the gaba and the pounder would be on a piece of paper next to their bedside and if they woke

Up let’s say two in the morning and they said what am i doing up or something woke them up and they were having difficulty falling back to sleep again or they would just take a dab of gaba put it in their mouths and most certainly within a couple of minutes be able to fall back into a nice deep sleep so it’s an incredible thing to realize how many patients are on

Medication that have very difficult side effects respiratory distress leading to coma and death which is pretty radical and so if you have a natural substance in this case it’s just incredible that the medical verbiage is that it makes gaba so again it’s a no-brainer to go by gaba and not take a medication that has addictiveness and very difficult to get off of

It and a lot of side effects so now gaba comes in capsules uh happens to be also a lowers blood pressure it lowers it can reduce an enlarged prostate it helps in add and other anxiety panic attack type uh situations and it’s very good to take gaba with b complex especially b3 that’s another thing to note that the b complex is the anti-stress formula and it goes

Together in the production and creation of these amino acids and neurotransmitters in our brain like gaba and like tryptophan and like serotonin etc so either you take a multivitamin that’s like four a day not a one a day so that you get a decent amount of b complex or you can buy b complex separately relatively inexpensive gaba is relatively inexpensive and then

You won’t have to take medication that has so many side effects and harmfulness so thank you for listening and this is dr beck please hit the subscribe button and also like i said i did this video from a patient’s needs so when you tell me what you what you’d like to hear about it helps me create these videos so press the like button press the subscribe button and have a great day

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