June 9, 2023

Another article on the gabapentinoids and their associated risks in abuse, overdose, and risk of suicide, particularly among younger people.

Hey everyone i’m back with another article on gabapentanoids this one comes from pat anson pnn editor that’s pain news network they seem to have some really good stuff coming out here this one is titled gabapentanoids raise risk of suicide and overdose in younger people it’s a short article and it reads gabapentinoids a class of nerve medication widely prescribed to

Treat chronic pain increase the risk of suicide overdose traffic accidents and head or body injuries in younger people according to a large new study published in the british medical journal cells of the two main gabapentinoids pregabalin lyrica and gabapentin neurotin have tripled in recent years in the united states where they are often promoted in prescribing

Guidelines as safer alternatives to opioids and i can tell you in the united states they’re being widely used in addition to benzodiazepines sometimes to help treat anxiety and help people come off benzodiazepines as i’ve said in other videos this can have really bad effects i mean you can become completely strung out on these gabapentin and even after you come

Off the benzo you’re just left in a wretched state that’s very similar to post uh withdrawal in benzos a team of research followed nearly 192 000 people enrolled in the swedish prescribed drug register who filled prescriptions for gabapentoids on at least two consecutive occasions from 2006 to 2013. that information was compared to data in the swedish patient

Register which collects information on hospital admissions and outpatient care as well as the swedish cause of death register over the study period researchers found that patients taking gabapentoids had higher rates of suicide or suicidal behavior 5.2 percent unintentional overdose 8.9 traffic accident 6.3 increase and head and body injuries 36.7 than the general

Population uh the the head and body injuries that’s an interesting one i mean here you would think just people getting you know messed up on the drug and falling and hitting their head on something right the risks were stronger for people who were prescribed pregabalin and were most pronounced among adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24. patients aged 55

And older taking gabapentoids were not at a greater risk so that’s interesting maybe they’re just more responsible researchers believe the drug may have more impact on younger people because they have faster metabolisms which could lead to which all problems that affect their impulsivity and emotions researchers believe the drug may have more impact on younger

People because they have faster metabolisms which could lead to withdrawal problems that affect their impulsivity and emotions overall gabapentinoids seem to be safe for a range of outcomes in older people however the increased risks found in adolescents and young adults prescribed gammapentanoids particularly for suicidal behavior and unintentional overdoses

Warrant further research said lead author cena fazel medical doctor of the university of oxford in england so they want to look into this more if our findings are triangulated with other forms of evidence clinical guidelines may need reviewing regarding prescriptions for young people and those with substance use disorders i agree with that absolutely further

Restrictions for off-label prescriptions may need consideration 100 agree with that again they’re using it for benzo and these guys are not very educated on what benzo withdrawal is what it looks like and what it can do to people i mean it’s a it’s it’s amazing to me that somehow benzodiazepine withdrawal still seems to be the elephant in the room or just some

Kind it’s bigfoot you ask any doctor they oh it doesn’t do that we’ve never seen it it’s unbelievable pregabalin is approved by the fda to treat diabetic nerve pain fibromyalgia post herpetic neurologia caused by shingles and spine core spinal cord injuries while gabapentin is approved for epilepsy and post herpetic neurologia both drugs are widely prescribed off

Label to treat back pain depression migraine and other chronic conditions i personally was prescribed it for back pain and i wouldn’t take it gabapent noise are increasingly being used recreationally by addicts who have found that the medication enhance the effects of heroin and other opioids the drugs were recently classified as controlled substances in the uk

Gabapentin is not currently scheduled as a controlled substance by the dea while lyrica is classified as a schedule 5 controlled substance meaning it has a low potential for addiction and abuse again i disagree with that a recent clinical review found little evidence that drugs should be used off label to treat pain and that prescribing guidelines often exaggerate

Their effectiveness we heard this in the other article the cd cdc’s controversial opioid guideline for example cause calls gabapen and pregabalin first-line drugs for neuropathic pain despite documentation that these drugs were promoted improperly for off-label treatment of pain the recent rapid increase in prescribing of gabapentinoids suggests a persisting sense

Among clinic clinicians that gabapentinoids are highly effective pain medications wrote christopher goodman medical doctor and alan brett medical doctor of the university of south carolina school of medicine guidelines review articles have contributed to this perception by often uncritical extrapolation from fda approved indication to off label use so you see

The the medical community is having a disagreement a little bit here uh risk versus reward it seems that the prescription protocol needs to be reevaluated absolutely especially amongst younger people and uh you know doctors use a lot of offhand uh liberties with drugs you know and when you’re dealing with stuff like that these offhand stuff that a lot of times

They’re not most times they’re not undergone the great testing and research that the drug was intended for you know we just go huh let’s try uh gabapentin now let’s try for depression what why yeah you know back pain and correlation and do it and in doctors they’re they’re kind of exempt from being sued or tried uh in court of law during these situations i mean

A psychologist we have so much guidelines i mean we have to prove that we have to have a lot of times we have to have clients fill out forms so we can show the the insurance companies look they came in reporting an anxiety level at eight and now i got them to six and even then you know insurance companies only want to pay for a limited number of sessions they don’t

Deal with the freudian union psychodynamic models anymore they just want cbt and behavioral and you know fix them in six weeks and this is all scrutiny and pressure that came down from the medical uh you know the psychiatric associations um not to demonize them i think psychiatric medicine is wonderful and has a lot of value but it’s also in a way still kind of

The wild west in a lot of this stuff you know they’re just throwing stuff against the wall and let’s see if it sticks and then everybody’s got an agenda so if something doesn’t work we don’t want to admit that it doesn’t work if something works better in psychology you see a lot of trends where psychiatrists don’t want to refer people to psychology they downplay

The effects of psychology they overplay the effects of mental illness and as being a chemical solely a chemical phenomenon you’ve got a chemical deficit you know while at the same time admitting in other journals that talk therapy mindfulness cbt all these things can reprogram the thoughts and therefore the behavior and therefore by extension the chemistry and

What i’m saying is talk therapy works in a similar way that it can reprogram our chemistry they acknowledge this but this isn’t what they do i talked to a psychiatrist and i asked him why don’t you prescribe i mean why don’t you refer your clients more to psychologists and why do you over prescribe so much and he said well when they come into my office they expect

To leave with a script i mean simply put i mean he didn’t argue about it he said it with 100 confidence that’s what they come for and that’s what they’re going to get and why would i refer business away i don’t you know i mean sometimes maybe i’ll tell them if it’s you know something minor a lot of people don’t and you have situations where people are just

Going through something a divorce change a life and it’s really crappy for lack of a better word to see them get put on a drug that could really affect their their life you know and and something they probably will take for the rest of their life so anyway uh yeah there’s a lot of disagreement going on right now in the psychological association and psychiatric

Associated medical association regarding gamma pentanoids and i suspect we’re going to continue to see more articles like this come out more research come out like this and the push for better protocol prescription protocols and tapers and and whatnot again if you guys have any thoughts let me know in the comments click like subscribe and i’ll talk to you soon

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