June 1, 2023

Misson gentlemen there are opioid substitutes that they’re trying and they’re hoping that this will replace so much high opioid usage well the drugs are causing people to attempt suicide sorry about that so the drugs are causing people to attempt suicide and that’s a problem so this came out in newsweek december 2nd 2019 so we know that they have been trying

To encourage many doctors to write less opioid prescriptions because the country has been in a plague for twenty years now so they had tried substitute drugs and it’s now causing a whole new problem so a study was published in the journal clinical toxicology looked at the effects of drugs called gaba penton and backe othon both of which are used as opioid

Substitutes researchers analyzed data collected by the u.s. poison center for the national poison data system and noted cases involving gabapentin between 2013 and 2017 and beki ofyn between 2014 and 2017 both drugs are given to patients dealing with kim additions that cause long-term or chronic pain chronic pain affects around 20% of the us population or about

50 million adults after the number of drug overdose deaths hit the u.s. seventy thousand two hundred thirty-seven in 2017 largely caused by opioids doctors started turning to other drugs to treat the condition gabapentin is an anti epileptic drug which is also used to treat nerve pain as well as migraines mental illness and fibromyalgia between 2012 and 2016

The number of prescriptions for the drug in the u.s. rose by 64 percent to 64 million the drug can make users feel relaxed calm experience a marijuana like high and even euphoria according to the arthur’s back baclofen i think that’s baclofen meanwhile is a muscle relaxant and an antispasmodic medication used to treat spasm pain and stiffness including those

With spinal and central nervous system disorders it is also given to people with lower back pain despite evidence of adverse effects without long-term benefit the scientist wrote regular use has been linked to dependency and withdrawal and overdose of the drug to respiratory depression seizures and heart the drug did not include data from baclofen prescription

Rates but the researchers said use has been rising suicidal thoughts are among the potential side effects of both drugs and chronic pain itself is linked to suicide attempts this comes against a background a backdrop of suicide rates in the u.s. rising by 30 percent between 1999 and 2016 according to research cited by the scientists over the period the drugs

Were studied suicide attempts after people took the gabapentin rose by 80.5% damn oh my goodness and 43% for the baclofen wow whoo that’s high temperately reynolds of the university of pittsburgh who lead the study told newsweek the research relied on reports submitted to poison control centers to a national database so the study may not include the total cases

In the us during the period of study we are seeing a worry an increase in harmful exposures to gabapentin and baclofen in us adults over recent years which may be unintended consequences of the move away from opioid prescriptions for pain management said reynolds building a better understanding of the risk carried by these non opioid medications is necessary

So that providers and patients can make better informed decisions about their role in pain management and could also lead to the introduction of new public health measures asks for the best course of action for patients taking the drugs who might be worried by the findings rennell said patients should discuss their concerns about taking these medications with

Their health care provider this research can build a better understanding of the risk so that providers and patients can make decisions regarding the role of these medications in their pain management based upon and evidence informed risk benefit analysis you know you know what y’all you know what this tells me this tells me that these drugs are so dangerous

Maybe people should look for more natural alternatives you know what i mean i mean you’re going from one dangerous drug to another and i don’t care what anyone say all of these lab-created pills are dangerous they are all dangerous even i believe even some of the over-the-counter meds are dangerous too you know just look back in time our ancestors did not have

Pharmacies you know they had their own remedies to cure whatever was ailing them and just looking at some of these drugs and a drug that’s giving you suicide tendencies all right that was that a good thing as far as replacing it with opioids oh we already know how deadly opioids have become now one thing it did not say in this article because you know opioids are

Very addictive it didn’t really talk about the other two drugs as being a dead you know they didn’t really get into that at all but ladies and gentlemen this just go to show you even the alternative pain pills out here can have some horrible side effects wow it looks like no matter what they do it is just kicking their ass either way if you stay on the opioids

You know you run the risk of dying if you tried these other drugs you may end up dying anyway by committing suicide man what kind of y’all please tell me what you think i mean i can understand why they may be trying to get away with you know get away from opioids being that it’s been such a big killer of many people in this country but man the alternatives are

Not looking so good but y’all please tell me what you think this is deep this is really deep please leave your comment and subscribe don’t forget to hit on the notification bell and i’ll see you on the next video peace family

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