March 24, 2023

People want to know if Gabapentin or Neurontin can cause uncontrollable movements. –

Hi my name is beth on april 11th 2008 my doctor recorded in my medical records failed on neurontin caused up and tremors the patient comes in today for following up on her pain and she only took a couple of the neurontin and so she does not know whether it helped her or not she perceived that when she took the neurontin that it greatly aggravated her tremor and in

Fact the tremor has been persisting and she has been a little upset by that and so she has just stopped it i had a slight hand tremor at the time but i have searched for years and i finally found on a wonderful site called answers someone posed this question and there are many answers including mine those of you on gabapentin have you noticed tremors

And ticks in his face or arms my doctor recently increased me from 1,800 milligrams to 2700 milligrams due to my neuropathy giving worse from the fibromyalgia i’ve recently noticed some tremors and tics in my eyes based on arms i’m not sure if this is from the fibro or the increase of the gabapentin it might be i’m just having a fibro flare and i’m not sure the

Increase was just done two weeks ago any help would be great machan thomas she says hi tea i have noticed an increase in twitching when i increase my gabapentin as well now that i’ve tapered down to 900 milligrams a day almost off the twitching isn’t as bad i hate to give you that news it may be your gabapentin the nerves and my legs were mostly the twitchy ones

But once in a while i’d get one on an eyelid making me appear to be winking at strange men in the grocery store the next one is me and i go by boshy i would like to encourage people like you to report your complaint to medwatch i was very sensitive to this drug it only took two consecutive 300 milligram doses to cause me to develop many strange symptoms i was 59

Years old when i took gabapentin for nerve pain in my back and legs i didn’t get drowsy i saw many dots of colorful lights and burning in one hand with rapid hand flapping and uncontrollable movements spread quickly the strangest symptom that didn’t fit the situation was uncontrollable laughing spells my friend came and called the pharmacist of doctor in my behalf

My husband was also present but he was just too upset the nurse said its side effects where huh this shrugging shoulders starting late that night and i knew it wasn’t going to wear off i don’t think i had a common side-effect some people do okay on this drug but i have uncontrollable movements from my head to my feet in my right thumb and fingers locked up two months

After onset while i was sleeping on september 28 2015 a new movement began when my mouth started opening and closing rapidly i was not given any prescription for my movement disorder i’ve never taken any illegal drugs and never smoked i had lost about 90 pounds before this occurred a neurosurgeon did a brain and neck mri on me six months after the adverse reaction

But i was never given the results when i finally went to ask for my records my brain mri showed that i had a five millimeter lesion on my hypothalamus gland at the entrance to the pituitary stalk i learned the hard way that a person should never allow humiliating symptoms to prevent you from going to the emergency room since an inversed reaction to a drug needs

To be documented while it’s still in your system i hope that you have had better success than i did and you should always report any uncomfortable side effects to your doctor there wasn’t the answer also to my post my pharmacologist bashi that is good all that you did like i said it is in the very rare section and most doctors don’t even know about some of these

Side effects because they are listed much later after it is on the market for a while and many more people are taking it instead of just in the studies what are put in so thanks for many that have no idea these side effects this traci says i just went up in dosage this week and feel more twitches in my face and all over weaning myself down starting today salon

79 says my doctor was in the process of weaning me off my gabapentin it was down to 300 milligrams a day i had back fusion surgery two weeks ago with complications resulting in another surgery the following day to move a screw that made one of my nerves very angry as a result i’m now taking 1200 milligrams a day and i’m twitching all over the place especially in

My face i’m glad i’m not alone mitch mill says i’ve been taking 600 milligrams of gabapentin for 13 years over the past two years i have developed muscle spasms in my neck and muscle weakness in my arm and some jerking i have no idea if it is related to the gabapentin or not if not it is probably dystonia or essential tremor i’m going to start weaning myself off

The gabapentin jodyjean hi there i’m on my third month of neuron i’m up to 1,800 milligrams a day now in the last few weeks my eyelids are twitching i take it from back pain from a car crash thank you all for your responses to tea and thank you i felt like i was going crazy every month the doctor increases it i sleep for 20 hours straight now my eyes twitch glad

I’m not alone burgandy says i have been taking gabapentin 600 milligrams three times daily i noticed the tics and twitches in my hands and arms when they up me too from two times a day to three i take mine to help with my severe neuropathy from diabetes i noticed the twitches mostly right before i take my morning dose it was very disconcerting to me because it

Almost feels like parkinson’s disease it’s great to know i’m not alone i have so so many medical issues lately hope you feel better soon trish says if my eyes develop tics and tremors i would certainly talk to my doctor gabapentin can be used for many things but it is quite a few after-effects i am on only 600 milligrams and i take the first 300 milligrams in the

Morning and the other one at night i have found that i get short-term memory loss and dizziness or clumsiness and have had many falls due to it i have an autoimmune disease and gaba helps with the intense itching and helped here’s the sores jj prayed says sorry to hear the twitching with the gabapentin i also have fibro and have had tics since they increased my

Dosage from three three hundred milligrams a day to four three hundred milligrams three times a day but to be honest i have never put two and two together after reading everyone’s responses i realized it was related to the increase also within the last 18 months i lost a lot of weight but started putting weight back on and i couldn’t figure out why after reading the

Responses you got i never realized that gabapentin could be responsible for that too now i can try and wean back on them and see if i get rid of the tics and the way hopefully it will and i will still have some pain relief there was one other one that i had to write down because she was a little bit confused but i think i figured it out hi i have been on neurontin

1,800 milligrams a day my guess is it is a side effect to twitch it is all over it’s freaking me out i can see the muscles pulsing help there was one more on the second page that i liked and i’d like to show you a picture of me just two years before my movement disorders started i was in alaska with my son and his family we went halibut fishing this is anna oh

My gosh i just talked to my pnp about this yesterday i also have that same issue it’s been going on for quite a while i finally brought it to her attention she said gaba pin could cause ticks also waking i hope your ticks just they’re very annoying and make me nervous i’m embarrassed when someone brings it to my attention i don’t like the memory loss the ticks

Nor the weight gain the ticks are painful after a while i can’t even write legibly because my arms and hands fly up to wish i had kept my typewriter loved anna as you can see people are having these problems it’s very difficult to live with and that’s all i have to save for today thank you very much for listening

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Gabapentin causes twitching and jerking. Credits: By koolhand Boshie