June 1, 2023

This video explains the dangers of using Gabapentin for neuropathy symptoms.

Hello i’m dr daniel libar i’m a doctor chiropractic in houston texas and i want to speak to you about the dangers of gabapentin this medication is an anti-convulsant medication which doctors prescribe as a epilepsy treatment to prevent partial seizures gabapentin cannot cure epilepsy but it helps the brain prevent seizures this drug can also act as a pain reliever

For various conditions which affect the nervous system such as peripheral neuropathy a pain that occurs due to nerve damage diabetes chemotherapy and other causes it could also treat symptoms of the restless leg syndrome the standard dose for gabapentin for adults is 300 milligram capsules to be taken three times a day but it takes two to three hours for that much

Medication to get into your bloodstream and further the medication can take up to two weeks to relieve the symptoms gabapentin reaches maximum effect in four weeks and it is recommended that this therapy should not go past five months of use now the downside of gabapentin is that it causes drowsiness dizziness nausea vomiting diarrhea mood changes blur division

Weight gain memory problems headaches erection problems and dry mouths sometimes people who take gabapentin have suicidal thoughts high temperatures muscle pain muscle weakness hallucinations and even an allergic reaction to the medication so the long-term use of gabapentin can actually cause a change of the patient’s mental state which can cause anxiety and

Depression restlessness panic attacks impulsive behaviors aggressive behaviors mania isolation from other people preoccupation with death and dying and suicidal thoughts other side effects of long-term use can be a decrease in white blood cell count widespread chemical muscle damage and even seizures it’s possible to overdose and gave a and doing so results in

Ataxia which is simply poor muscle control and it causes clumsy movements it can cause profound sedation where the person falls into an intense state of sleep and it’s just hard to wake them up they can actually have lesser g which is a state which the person lacks energy and any interest or enjoyment of life depressed respiration which is a slow and ineffective

Breathing being in a coma which is a state of being in a deep unconsciousness that lasts for an indefinite period of time the current medical protocol to treat neuropathy is simply to manage your symptoms not to heal the damaged nerves or the blood vessels now the worst thing about gabapentin is the longer you take this medication to manage your systems the more

Damage is done to your body eventually the neuropathy gets worse as the blood vessels and the nerves fail resulting in a condition where you may need to have to amputate your legs so think about all the things you can’t do now because of the nerve pain getting in your way such as walking without pain sleeping through the night without being woke up by the pain

How about enjoying family gatherings or even just driving the car yourself now consider what activities you would like to do if you could get rid of your nerve pain then ask yourself why is it important for you to return to these activities aren’t you just tired of taking medications all the time and wouldn’t you rather spend your money time and energy healing

Your blood vessels and nerves using a simple safe and natural treatment process so instead of masking over your symptoms with chemicals that do nothing to stop the destruction of your nerves and blood vessels regrow your blood vessels and nerves in your hands legs and feet using a proven and safe multiple prong approach to healing this treatment program uses low

Level light therapy electrotherapy vibration therapy nutrition and time this treatment process is 97 effective in relieving the pain numbness and tingling and neuropathy when it’s used consistently best of all this therapy program is done in the convenience and comfort of your home now depending on the extent of the nerve and blood vessel damage this treatment

Could take up to 18 months to regrow your blood vessels and nerves but many patients find relief within 68 weeks of beginning this treatment so let me ask these questions so you can decide if you need this simple safe naturally effective treatment are you aware that you have a problem with numbness pain and balance loss have you realized that you can’t stand very

Long have you noticed that you are losing your balance frequently and have you grasped how often these symptoms interfere with your life have you detected your happiness the quality of life diminishing and are you ready to get rid of the pain numbness and tingling so what price are you willing to pay to recover your life you see there’s always two payments you

Have to pay when you change your life the easiest part is simply the money the second payment is the hardest because it requires action from you because this treatment program is performed at home you direct your recovery and the more consistent you are keeping to the treatment and nutrition plan the better your blood vessels and nerves can heal so how motivated

Are you to get your life back let me help you answer this question get a fork from your kitchen and just follow these instructions you want to hold the fork gently in your right hand and with the tines of the fork i want you to gently touch the cheek of your left side then use the fork to touch the palm of your left hand and then the bottom of your left foot now

Notice if the fork doesn’t feel the same on your hand your foot as it does in your face then you have nerve damage in your left hand or foot now use your left hand to hold the fork and gently touch the tines to your cheek on the right side then touch the fork against the palm of your right hand then on the bottom of your right foot once again if the fork doesn’t

Feel the same on your hand or foot as it did on your face then you have nerve damage in your right hand or foot if you find any difference in your hands or feet from the sensation on your cheeks call me to send a 49 consultation visit for us to discuss your condition call me at 713-853-9428

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin Dangers V4 captions By The Neuropathy King Center