June 4, 2023

More and more research is emerging on gabapentinoids, which are used to treat nerve pain, depression and now are increasingly used to “help” with benzodiazepine withdrawal. Here’s some information from an article taken from Scotland on the dangers of this drug.

Hey guys i want to read an article that came out recently on gabapentin um many of you are familiar with gabapentin some of you a lot of you have reached out and asked me you know is this something that could help me come off benzos i knew someone that said they used it to come off benzos and i always caution everyone because i’ve seen some really negative stuff

Come from it now i have heard some positive stories to be fair i have heard people say they use gabapent and help them come off benzos it’s something to consider i would say that perhaps but it seems like i’m seeing more negative than positive on this stuff and if anything i think probably using it it you would need to do it very delicately very safely and under

A short period of time i mean it would have to be the right circumstances to take gabapentin while coming off benzos otherwise i’ve seen it just wreck people i mean i’ve had clients that came off benzo and then they were stuck on gabapentin and they suffered like you would not believe trying to come off gabapentin i mean the witcher from gabapentin at that point

Seemed to be just as bad if not worse than benzo so so here’s an article i found recently july 15 2020. it’s gabapentinoids involved in a third of overdoses in scotland and i’ll just read you some of it a new study in scotland is shining more light on the risk of over-prescribing gabapentin neurotin and pregabalin lyrica the two drugs belong to a class of nerve

Medication called gabapentinoids which are increasingly prescribed in western nations to treat chronic pain and now for benzo uh withdrawal in 2008 there was 1187 accidental drug related deaths in scotland the highest overdose overdose rate in the european union and gabapentinoids were involved in about a third of them so we got 11 almost 1200 accidental drug

Related deaths and gabapentin were accounted for a third of them that’s incredible that’s what 400 400 deaths to gabapentinoid i mean who’s hearing about stuff like this according to research published in the british journal of anesthesia gabapentin was implicated in 15.2 percent of fatal overdoses in scotland while pre-gavilan was linked to 16.5 percent of drug

Deaths that’s up three percent and one percent of fatal overdoses respectively in 2012 so this is a this is a trend that’s been going on this is not just something new that’s rising researchers say deaths involving gabapentinoid are rising because they are frequently co-prescribed with other opioids and other medications that depress the central nervous system

And raise the risk of overdose drug diversion also plays a role gabapentinoid prescribing has increased dramatically since 2006 as have dangerous co-prescribing and death older people women and those living in deprived areas were particularly particularly likely to receive prescriptions their contribution to drug overdose deaths may be more related to illegal

Use with diversion of prescribed medication wrote lead author nicola terence torrance phd senior research fellow at the school of nursing and midwifery from 2006 and 2016 the number of pre-gabilan prescriptions in scotland rose by an astounding sixteen hundred percent so in ten year period sixteen hundred percent prescription uh increase while prescriptions

For gabapentinoid quadrupled about sixty percent of the time gabapentin was prescribed with an opioid benzodiazepines or both i’ll say that again about 60 of the time gabapentin was prescribed with an opioid or benzodiazepine or both gabapentinoids are also showing up in scotland’s illicit drug supply drug users have found that they can heighten the effect of

Heroin marijuana cocaine and other substances while taking gabapentin and the scottish region of tayside gabapentinoids were involved in 39 of drug deaths about 3 out of 4 of those overdose victims did not have a prescription for the drug so that’s pretty high nine percent drug death three out of four seventy five percent of people didn’t have a prescription in

Addition to overdose gabapentoids have also been associated with increased risk of suicidal behavior accidental injuries traffic accidents and violent crime uk health officials were so alarmed by misuse of the drug and the rising numbers of deaths that gabapentin and pre-gabilan were class reclassified as controlled substances in 2019. so there you go these guys

Are starting to recognize oh wait something is this drug isn’t so safe at all so there you go reclassified as controlled substances in 2019. article goes on gabapent is not currently scheduled as a federally controlled substance in the united states but for gabilan is classified as a schedule 5 controlled substance meaning it has a low potential for addiction

And abuse i i don’t agree with that schedule 5 controls substance meaning it has a low potential addiction abuse i mean look at at look at the findings in scotland what the hell are you talking about right 2019 clinical review found little evidence that gabapentinoids should be used off label to treat pain and that prescribing guidelines often exaggerate their

Effectiveness a clinical 2009 review found that little evidence that gabapentinoids should be used off label to treat pain and that prescribing guidelines often exaggerate their effectiveness and yet that’s where we see most of the the prescription being used here in the states right u.s food and drug administration also recently warned that serious breathing

Problems can occur in patients who take gabapentin or pregabalin with opioids or other drugs that depress the central nervous system this is true with benzoyl diazepines by the way so there’s an interesting article um gone gabapentanoids and uh curious to what you guys think what what have been your experiences and some of your stories please leave a comment like

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