March 24, 2023

Gabapentin aus Sicht des Pharmazeuten: in meinen Video gehe ich auf die wichtigsten Aspekte zu Ihrem Wirkstoff Gabapentin ein. Unter Anderem informiere ich Sie über mögliche Nebenwirkung, erkläre den Vorteil des Gabapentins bzgl. Wechselwirkungen, spreche über ein mögliches Abhängigkeitspotential und die mögliche Neigung zu Suizid (-gedanken) und vieles mehr. Nehmen Sie sich ein wenig Zeit und informieren Sie sich über Ihr Arzneimittel.

I’m happy that i’m checking out my ‘arzneizeit’ channel my name is maren torkler i’m a pharmacist and my vision is that you know the most important things about your medication today it’s about the active ingredient gabapentin epilepsy or painkillers i’ll talk about possible side effects and tell you exactly what side effects you should see a doctor for as soon as possible. i

Will explain to you exactly out for when taking other medication at the same time already mentioned briefly, gabapentin is used in the treatment of epilepsy and also in the case of peripheral neuropathic pain. the pain that develops, for example, as a result of diabetes or even after shingles has gone through. when using gabapentin slow ouch fdosed and then comes to a

Minimum dosage of 900 milligrams per day the reason for this is that clinical studies have shown that the effect only starts from 900 milligrams per day if you now recognize in yourself oh i’m lying under there then it may be that you doctor has chosen a lower dosage because you may have a slight renal insufficiency because the gabapenthin is excreted via the kidneys and

If they are no longer fully functional then you go to lower dosages but if you don’t know about it just talk to your doctor about it just like you should creep in at the beginning of the therapy, it is also very important not to stop gabapentin abruptly because in that case there is a very high chance that seizures will suddenly occur so i would like to appeal to you again

That you don’t just do it maybe say one day oh i’ll leave it out because it’s quite dangerous n please always take your doctor on board if you do not feel well with the medication, but please do not, under any circumstances, abruptly discontinue it yourself due to this fact, the maximum dose of gabapentin is around 3,600 milligrams per day, as just briefly mentioned it

Is important that if you know that your kidney performance is limited, that this information must also be available to the doctor, because you have to adjust the gabapentin dose to it in any case , there is not much to consider when taking it, and you can take the gabapentin independently of the meal that means no matter whether you are now sober or have eaten something

That has no effect on absorption into the body always remember to drink a large glass of water so that the active ingredient dissolves immediately and then you can achieve the maximum plasma levels and therefore also the maximum effect can be expected after about two to three hours of the active ingredient g abapenthin is an active ingredient that can have quite a few side

Effects on the other hand it is also a very important active ingredient that is indispensable in the treatment of epilepsy, please always remember that you also have a great benefit from the active ingredient, but i still feel it it is important to briefly address the side effects here as well, because they should not be neglected when i say that one in 100 patients has the

Side effects on average. please also remember that the 99 of the 100 patients do not have these side effects. on average, at least one in ten suffers patient suffering from increased viral infections or even fever more than one in ten people may experience restricted movement tiredness drowsiness also dizziness last-mentioned side effects are also the reason why you should

Not drive while taking the penthine dose if possible no dangerous should operate normal machines or should not pursue a job that has anything to do with height. these side effects can occur particularly at the beginning of therapy and even with an increase in the dose as epilepsy patients, you must of course be careful anyway if you if you, as a patient, now notice that

You suffer from dizziness or this fatigue or also the weakness or movement disorders, then please speak to your doctor so that you can decide together to what extent you can now drive a car, for example, or not particularly older people suffer from the gabapentin intake is often due to edema, i.e. water retention or also to this degree of drowsiness or fatigue, so that is

Particularly pronounced in this group of patients, otherwise there are also side effects from which at least every 100 person suffers, including typical gastrointestinal complaints or else general my infections the eating behavior can be changed there can be an increased appetite as well as a tendency to eat much much less which in the worst case even goes in the direction

Of anorexia it can also lead to depression it can lead to states of confusion the range of side effects is the gabapentin we just mentioned is quite large if i were you, i would always keep a close eye on myself and if you have the feeling that something seems strange to you or if you suddenly experience any symptoms that you did not notice before taking gabapentin or even

If you were less if you have n’t determined the dose then take a look at the leaflet and see if it’s listed there and if that’s the case then please consult your doctor one of the major side effects that i would like to address at this point is a hypersensitivity reaction on the gabapentin you can ch rights express many things are very typical, for example swelling

Of the throat or tongue it can lead to a drop in blood pressure or also to a swelling of the lymph nodes or breathing problems in general if that is the case it is very important here that you can rule out these hypersensitivity reactions that means for you if you discover these symptoms in yourself, which also includes the fever, that you then pause the gabapentin for a

Short time and see a doctor immediately because it is very important that this is clarified once i would like to address the advantage that gabapentin does it compared to pregabalin taken the advantage of gabapentin is that there is almost no interaction , these are effects on other medications that you are taking in parallel or that other medications affect your gabapentin,

The reason for this is that gabapentin is broken down via the kidneys, as just mentioned and for one or the other my videos sch as you have seen, they gradually know if the degradation pathway is purely via the kidneys then there is little interaction, i.e. interactions with other medications because many interactions take place via the liver only two active ingredients or

Classes of active ingredients should be mentioned here, the first thing you should remember is that if for example, if you have heartburn and buy medication in the pharmacy that works immediately against heartburn, so i’m not talking about pantoprazole or omeprazole, but about the other active ingredients that can neutralize stomach acid within a few seconds or minutes. with

These active ingredients, gabapentin can interaction to rule this out, you can simply remember that you keep a two-hour distance from these so-called antacids. then you can rule out this interaction for yourself. the second interaction that gabapentin can have is based on a study with an incredibly low number of participants of 12 was carried out that is then always the

Matter of the strong weighting this study has at all and it is about the active ingredient morphine a so-called opioid an active ingredient that is used for severe pain when taken at the same time it came to the increased level of the active ingredient of gabapentin occurred which was increased by 44% that is an insanely large increase that means for you if you take strong

Painkillers such as opioids these are the painkillers that you get on this btm prescription on such a yellow prescription or also belong to the example tramadol tilidin and codeine also like this, then make sure that you do not develop any side effects from gabapentin and have the gabapentin level checked as best as possible, but since the study was only made on morphine,

It cannot be extended to the other substances but in that case i would always be a little more careful than it this can then also lead to increased respiratory depression, which of course can quickly lead in a direction that would be life-threatening, i.e. pay particular attention to your breathing if you are taking an opioid while taking gabapentin because i am talking

About respiratory depression , remember this if you now if you are, for example, an asthma patient or a copd patient , you should always watch your breathing very carefully while taking gabapentin because notice this, then contact your family doctor and talk about this side effect there two points i would like to mention at this point in an evaluation of several studies it

Was found that taking antiepileptic drugs in general led to an increased suicide rate or that suicidal thoughts occurred suddenly that is very important to me on to mention at this point if you notice it yourself or if you see this video now for a relative that you always keep it in the back of your mind that if any statements are made in this direction that all alarm bells

Should go off first and then you should you or your relatives should contact a doctor because this fact should then of course be monitored more closely secondly i would like to address the risk of dependency, which cannot be ruled out with gabapentin if you notice a tolerance effect in yourself, i.e. you have the feeling that gabapentin is working not so good anymore and you

Have to take more and more of it then please take your doctor with you because that could be the first sign of it and if you intervene quite early then you can avert it very well i don’t want to scare you with that but only to enlighten them that it cannot be ruled out eye on it. if, for example, there has already been an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction in the past,

The doctor must assess the benefit risk potential of gabapentin very, very strictly i also think it is always important that you have a small idea of ​​how the drug actually works in the body. with gabapentin, the mode of action has not yet been 100 percent proven, but you assume that it is the way it that is a bit more activating and one that is a bit more dampening, for

Example in the case of epilepsy or neuropathic pain, this activating system is also a little stronger and you want to slow it down a bit the dampening system consists of inhibitory neurons, as the sic call it h and that activates the system of excitatory neurons, even if the active ingredient gabapentin structurally if you look at the molecule has a very great similarity to

Gaba, which is gamma amino butyric acid, and it is an inhibitory messenger substance , so it actually has a dampening effect, but you have it found that the effect does not come from the fact that this damping is activated, but one assumes that the gabapenthin suppresses the release of excitatory messenger substances, i.e. the messenger substances that lead to an activation of

The system , which is very interesting if you get into it a little closer i would like to assume that gabapentin was developed due to its structural similarity to gamma amino butyric acid, but ultimately it was found inhibits the release of these activating messenger substances slim secondary transmission is also dampened, which then leads to the application for peripheral

Neuropathic pain. at the end, i would like to briefly summarize again that gabapentin is an active ingredient that had quite a few side effects, just like all the drugs that are used against epilepsy, which is the advantage of gabapentin a big one is that it has almost no interactions with other medications, you see that very rarely and it is very important, especially

When it is used as an anti-epileptic drug, because other medications are usually taken at the same time, please always remember this when you if you have kidney insufficiency , you know that gabapentin intake should be adjusted accordingly, even if kidney performance deteriorates over time, for example, that you always think about adjusting the dose and last but not least,

Please remember that gabapentin never stop abruptly ever i just saw that my gabapentin video is a bit longer, actually i wanted to combine basic and intensive this time, but i see a basic video is necessary again, so i hope that you could do something with my information if you like what i have up as always you are welcome to subscribe to my channel and otherwise i just

Hope that you are doing well and that you stay healthy or get healthy and always remember that being happy is the best medicine until next time

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