February 8, 2023

Gabapentin, a drug previously labeled as Schedule VI or “drug of concern” (wasn’t considered to be a big-time scary kind of drug), has now moved up to the scale to Schedule V in the State of Virginia. This means that Gabapentin will now be carefully monitored by doctors and the DEA. What does it mean for you? What are the implications? What do we need to do?

Hey everybody its dr. brian practice here chronic care charlottesville with some very very important news coming out of the virginia board of medicine gabapentin is the is the subject line here and gabapentin for a long time was considered a class six drug on the schedule and a class six drug essentially means it’s a drug of concern let’s let’s watch this thing

Let’s kind of have it out there it wasn’t considered to be a big time scary sort of drug but effective july 1st 2019 they actually voted to move gabapentin up the scale of drug of concern it’s now labeled as a schedule five so what does that mean for you it means that they’re the doctors and the dea is going to be certainly monitoring gabapentin much more carefully

And why is that one is because it has a higher addictive addictive properties than they thought and the second is that it’s the potential for harm they say is much much higher so what’s important for you is that you need to know what gabapentin is i’ll list down below a link to my other video that shows research from stanford research from stanford and pretty sure

That where it was from but the point is all elisa here i talked about research and how gabapentin has or is thought to have negative potential effects on the synapses inside of the brain and i actually get a lot of patients that come in and report that and they feel like they’re not themselves they don’t feel like they’re a sharp it makes them feel dumb and stupid

And now to say that i’ve had a lot of people say oh it’s the only thing that really helps with my neuropathic pain but these are just things that you need to know so the most important thing with a class six at least in virginia is it’s being carefully monitored but you should also know that you your prescription are only going to last for six months and this is

New you can only have a maximum of five prescriptions why would they do that because it’s it’s more of a concern it’s addictive and it’s doing harm so i just want to zoom in here for you so you can read the script as well and i will attach a link to this as well so virginia general assembly recently passed a bill will classify gabapentin as a schedule 5 starting

July 1st currently is a level 6 drug of concern this change will require gabapentin to be reported by the virginia prescription monitoring program as a schedule 5 prescriptions for gabapentin will expire after six months and may have a maximum of five refills so we join several other states here as well so what can we take away from this is wow what what next what

What is out there i get patients and even people on youtube asking me what else can i do is the only thing that helps i wrote a book on reversing neuropathy and i’m not here trying to peddle my book or anything but there is my book there are several books of alternatives out there that you can look into and again i’ll put a link below but there’s lots of things

That you can do i want you to start looking into cbd oils we’re about ready to order some here i find them personally to be incredible helpful with pain plus they’re natural so that’ll be coming up soon as well i’ll share some information on cbd oils there’s other things that you can do specific for pain and in particular for neuropathy go ahead and look at some

Of my videos there there’s there’s all natural things like vibration you’ll if you watch any of my videos you’ll see me just really harping on nutrition nutrition nutrition eating a really really good diet really is as void or as low sugar and low refined carbohydrate possibly can because the number one cause of neuropathic pain and neuropathy is diabetes and you

Don’t have to wait until you get diabetes in order to for it to start damaging nerves so diet is really important cbd there’s vibration i have videos on vibration therapy which is all-natural that can help out gentle walking anyway i just wanted to report this to you that one of the things that was most commonly really by far as gabapentin and i’m sure next will

Be its cousin which would be pre gabble and also known as lyrica so let’s start thinking in advance when your prescription runs out what are you going to do so we’ve got to really start looking at some other alternatives so subscribe to my emails or subscribe to this channel and i’ll make sure that i give you some more alternatives coming up soon hope that helps

And we’ll talk to you soon thank you for watching this video if you liked the content i would ask you to hit the thumbs up button to like it you can share it with the friend subscribe to my channel and please comment below i will read it and i will respond thank you and have a nice day

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Gabapentin is now being watched carefully | Dr. Prax Health Talks By Brian A. Prax DC