June 1, 2023

Hi guys! In this video I review Gabapentin. The video cut out at the end I had no more storage remaining. Overall, I found gabapentin in my case is better taken short term vs long term! If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe thanks!

Hey guys it’s arya here welcome back to my channel today i’m going to be talking to you guys about gabapentin uh also known as neurontin um it’s a medication that’s you know usually given for nerve pain along other you know conditions for me it was given for my complex regional pain syndrome of my hand and with crps i have a lot of burning swelling and severe pain

In my hand and arm daily and it can get really bad so i first started on gabapentin last year i was on it for maybe four months or so you know i was given it for the first time when i went to the er because of my severe pain and at the time they told me that it it worked for nerve pain and so i started off at 600 milligrams a day uh so i would take 300 milligrams

In the morning 300 milligrams in the afternoon and each time it will last maybe four or five hours so it was a pretty good medication and i was really happy with the results because um it actually really did work for my pain but after a couple of months um probably about two three months in i started noticing that it was making my hands swell i had a swelling in

My legs i had swelling in my face and um also it was giving me really bad headaches and at the time i was trying wellbutrin and i was on adderall too well i am now too so i was on different medications so i don’t know if the gabapenter was interacting with these other medications um but something was going on right and and then i was also getting really irritable

I was feeling a lot more irritable than usual um so after talking with my doctor about this you know he agreed that i should get off of gabapentin so um you know i was on gabapentin for a while and i would say like for me it was very common to have a lot of drowsiness that’s the other thing is that i couldn’t i couldn’t handle the drowsiness anymore and one of

My doctors did tell me that gabapentin builds up in your system over time so it’s not like you know you just excrete it like if you’re taking it daily it’s going to build build up and that’s why in the beginning i didn’t really feel drowsy from it i was really happy i was able to do more things but then after a while it was just constant drowsiness brain fog

Unable to think sometimes i felt like a zombie and then my memory i had a lot of memory problems my memory was really bad and before it was you know it was mediocre but now it was really bad so those are the side effects that i had from gabapentin and also the swelling um i would say this medication for me was really good short term um using it like short term

Like i don’t know like maybe a week or two

Transcribed from video
Gabapentin (Neurontin) Medication review By Utopi Aria